Ra “Emerald Guardian” STALKER & Black Sun Bitches – Sarah R Adams etc

My comment about:

Sarah R Adams


Now, after bleaching looks like creepy clown…


Another Black Sun Bitches:

Goddess of Tetris & G like Gorilla & Guantanamo:

black, dirty & stinky bodies and black, dirty & stinky souls…

All 3 Black Sun Queen parasite & trolls


Ra “Emerald Guardian” now = Black Sun Guard & my STALKER… We spend together almost 8 years & have a amazing child but he turned our life into living hell so i decided to separate and get away from him… He is an Borderline and narcisst, addicted to games, alcohol and drugs… Just Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde… Predator Mind… With lack of empathy & lack f responsibility… He is spreading about me the most horrible rumors, especially in the social medias, calling me bitch/his bitch etc so this post is my reaction to his actions = STALKING… I am not the bitch, i am mother of his chilld and i spend this almost 8 years only with him, not interested in other men, even when other men – many men – was and still is interested in me… But he as King of Tyranny don’t apprecciate kind women, he appreciate real bitches… He calls himself Emerald Guardian of just Guardian but he can” t protect even own family, even own woman and child because addictions and lack of self control… It’s sad but true…

keywords: black energy/black goo, hijack, king of tyranny..