Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness – 03 January 2016


Simon answers questions from chat:
His show is on the  1st Sunday of Every Month on @WSR

The books mentioned by Simon are:
“His Dark Materials” Trilogy by Philip Pullman.
“The Golden Compass” is one part of the trilogy.

( Note: @screen: the 6th Dec is a old image used for/to 
attach to mp3 recording for making the video, date is  3 Jan 2016 )


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3 thoughts on “Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness – 03 January 2016

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  2. My name is Rebecca. I am a member of a Native American tribe in the United States. Thank you for your service to others. I continue to learn so much from you. You are a blessing! My question is this. Can you describe some of the ways that UFO’s cloak themselves in the skies? I ask this because saucer shaped clouds have come to my awareness. I don’t get to see them every day. But when I do, I see them in great numbers. And their vibrational frequency is very high. I recognize them as the good guys. I light up when I see them! Could this also mean that I have been abducted? I have been circled by a UFO once. When my older brother and I were in the mountains of our reservation, enjoying an evening visit with the wild mustangs who live there. I wasn’t comfortable with that particular UFO and had my brother get us out of there. Thank you for your time! Blessings on you and yours!


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