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17 july 2016

Ledwo co dodalam moj komentarz, a zauwazylam info na temat smierci Maxa Spiersa..

tu nie ma mowy o przypadku – to sie stalo tej samej nocy!!!

kopiuje moj komentarz:

mialam o tym w sumie nie pisac, ale postanowilam cos sprawdzic i – okazuje, sie ze Max Spiers, z ktorym Alex mial niedawno dwa wywiady – niezyje! to zupelnie swieze info i jestem w szoku!!! tym bardziej, ze minionej nocy po dluzszym czasie mialam silny atak na moja osobe i byl on zwiazany wlasnie z ta grupa A….

Z samego rana opowiedzialam Ra co sie wydarzylo w nocy.. postanawiajac mu tez pokazac jak wyglada A.. otworzylam wiec Porozmawiajmy Tv I pierwszy lepszy wywiad, ale wtedy przypomnialam sobie ze sa dwa wywiady Alexa z Maxem po angielsku i tak.. szok… zauwazylam informacje, ze Max Spiers nie zyje.. doprawdy nie wiem dlaczego akurat tej nocy widzialam twarz tej osoby znajdujaca sie tak jakby w czarnym orbie… a tuz przed tym w snie doszlo do jakiegos ogromnego ataku jednej osoby na druga i wowczas bardzo gwaltownie sie obudzilam… wtedy tez zauwazylam ze (xxxx)…  jak mam wiec nie byc w szoku… tym bardziej, ze Alex byl z Maxem w tych ostatnich chwilach.. oczywiscie zawsze trzeba wziasc pod uwage fakt, ze ktos sie pod kogos podszyl i to trzeba wyjasnic… przede wszystkim dlaczego ten ktos, badz jego uzurpator zjawil sie u mnie wlasnie tej nocy kiedy umieral  Max…



18 july 2016



19 july 2016


20 july 2016


The Last (SHOCKING) Interview with Max Spiers


zalecam duza ostroznosc z tym nagraniem.. dlaczego? przeczytaj:


Both the doctor who examined Max and Police who came to the villa… Left the body behind in spite of the fact that they believed Max had died.  What kind of officials do this?  The entire circumstances are suspicious and I urge everyone to encourage Monica to release the details about what really happened to the public and call for an autopsy.

Published on 21 Jul 2016

The Death of Max Spiers Not the first casualty of war and not the last. The Sheep have lost , those aware must fight. We are at War. Appeal for Monika to give her side in English. We are now at War.. Pending the due process of law, and the investigation of his death by proper authorities, all is just speculation. The War is now in this domain. Weapons hot,fire at will

tigermoon44 1 day ago

ith Max Spiers and I must say I am shocked and horrified at the indifference with the interviewer. The times Max talked about his throat feeling numb or strange and his inability to get words out at times because he was sleepy, the interviewer pretty much ignored him and carried on with the interview. There was a break only because Max just couldn’t get out any words but Max was still the same when they continued later on. Where the hell was the interviewers humanity and why didn’t he stop the interview to get Max help?
You can check out the interview here:













Death Of A Super Soldier

I have sadly just received a text from Poland, that Max Spiers, British-American supersoldier, has been found dead. He had been staying with mutual friends outside of Warsaw. He was found in his room unconscious and with no pulse. Emergency crew was unable to revive him.

Max was a friend. He was troubled and when I saw him last month in Poland, he did not seem right. I am sad to report on his passing. But, he is free of Earthly pains now. Our deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Max.



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333 thoughts on “RIP MAX SPIERS

  1. RussAimz7 hours ago
    Did that lady inject Max with something? At 23:06 you hear Max say “Ahhh, that’s good though………? knife was in my back…….?…got stabbed in my back there”. Then at 23:20 you hear the lady laughing. Up untill this point Max is still quite coherent. But after that, sounds wheezy then Max coherency drops really fast. Listen carefully Then at 23:33 you hear what sounds like rubbing of clothes, as if possibley the lady is rubbing his back after sticking something into Max. You can hear her whispering a lot. Then after that at 24:30 you hear the interviewer ask question’s about Max’s throat. As if the interviewer is aware that whatever they put into Max will affect his throat? Strangely Max seems to pick back up and become coherent again. Seriousley wtf would you continue to interview another human being in this condition?? These ppl are sickening, where is the compassion. Just cancel it, reschedule for another date. Or you leave Poland and come over to England or the States and finish the interview there.

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  2. M.J Feb 25, 2017 @ 10:05

    ” The BBC film about Max will be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday 25th February. It’s called “Fractured: The Death of Max Spiers”. It will be out on iPlayer, on the BBC website and on the BBC Stories Facebook page. It’s in 4 episodes, or one big one on the iplayer, and I have just been told available on YouTube ”

    i don’t expect much from BBC….

    British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Poland in July 2016.

    The mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers – BBC News
    25 February 2017 Last updated at 00:48 GMT

    Could Max Spiers’s last interview help explain his death?
    25 February 2017 Last updated at 01:02 GMT

    How fear and suspicion haunted the last days of Max Spiers
    25 February 2017 Last updated at 01:03 GMT

    Death of a conspiracy theorist: ‘What happened to my son?’
    25 February 2017 Last updated at 01:03 GMT


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  6. Hej, dawno nie odpisywałem, też mnie zainteresowały tematy o których mówił Max, sam też zaangażuje się w tworzenie strony o tych tematykach którymi zajmują się tacy ludzie jak Simon Parkes, Max Spiers, Ashayana Deane itp, wydaje mi się że powinniśmy to robić i docierać z tymi tematami do jak największej grupy ludzi na różne sposoby.


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