The Antarctic – Cold Disclosure

Kilka ciekawych informacji dotyczacych Antarktydy z ostatniego czasu:

A Mysterious Tweet by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin


Tweeted astronaut Buzz Aldrin had a mysterious tweet. “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”
After some time it was removed, but a few people have managed to make a screenshot.
Do you think that he wants to say Buzz Aldrin and what to warn us?
Why he attached a photo of the pyramids found in Antarctica.

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Buzz Aldrin Leaves New Zealand Hospital After South Pole Scare

yeah, something strange happened on antarctica….

From Sphere Being Aliance

CG: Endgame Part II:

The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient Alien Ruins


Have recent discoveries of a “Pompeii on Ice” in Antarctica just proven the existence of Atlantis? Ancient Alien Ruins have been secretly excavated and the Elite are going on tours. Please read our latest update on the recent Intelligence surrounding this and other mysteries. David Wilcock and Corey Goode released a joint article that covers this suppressed discovery as well as other related topics.


Now let’s return to our scene where I am now on the MIC SSP craft, hearing what Sigmund was telling me. Sigmund revealed that he had been stationed at several classified military installations in Antarctica. He had spent time in the very area where the Anshar (inner earth group) had taken me on a reconnaissance flight.

He stated that an extremely ancient series of cities had been discovered flash-frozen deep under the ice-shelf.

He confirmed that there were also many animals and “Pre-Adamites” preserved in the ice.

He described the Pre-Adamites as beings with elongated skulls, with strangely proportioned bodies that were obviously not designed for Earth’s gravity and atmospheric pressure.

When we combine this with what Gonzales told me earlier, and the academic research David compiled in The Ascension Mysteries, it does appear that some of these groups were giants by our standards.

Other hybrid groups may have been bred to have more conventional heights, and/ or adapted to Earth’s gravity over time by becoming shorter.


According to Sigmund, this Pre-Adamite group had apparently arrived here from another planet in our solar system that was no longer hospitable.

They arrived here approximately 55,000 to 65,000 years ago, and began to create hybrids of their species and the developing human population.

This fit beautifully with what Gonzales and others had already disclosed, which in turn became the central narrative of the second half of David’s The Ascension Mysteries.

What we now see as Antarctica was the seemingly mythical “lost island” of Atlantis.

The Buache map from 1754 depicts accurate sub-glacial topography of Antarctica.

No one in modern times even saw the continent itself until 1820.

Insiders tell us the Buache, Orontaeus Finaeus and other maps were copied over from ancient scrolls in the Vatican Library.

The earth shifted on its rotational axis, perhaps due to a nuclear war, and the water that inundated the continent quickly flash-froze into a gigantic ice shelf.

Sigmund stated that the hybrid survivors of this catastrophe — who were living on other continents at the time of the great flood – completely lost access to their ancient cities for over 10,000 years.

These beings then began to breed with the human populations in the regions they were stationed in at the time of the disaster.

One major faction of Pre-Adamites was constrained to the Americas, while the other survived in Europe, Africa and Asia.


The 29 embedded German spies Tompkins interviewed during WWII confirmed the Nazis were working with a violent, aggressive reptilian race.

This group is humanoid, but with reptilian features. They have been called the Saurians or the Draco, and pose the biggest problem for everyone in our region of the galaxy.

Surprisingly, the Draco have a central base of operations in our solar system – including huge under-ice facilities in Antarctica.

Hypothetical examples only. No one we know has seen the inside of these bases.

This makes Buzz Aldrin’s latest alleged tweet extremely interesting. We do now know that this tweet was disinformation, but the contents are still important to analyze.

We can prove that he had just visited Antarctica while wearing a shirt encouraging us to get to Mars ASAP.

We did hear that he was there to tour the Pre-Adamite ruins that are now on the verge of being disclosed to us, as part of this transition plan.

Aldrin fell ill and had to be returned home.

The disinfo begins with him allegedly tweeting a pic of an alleged Antarctic pyramid, with the words, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”

If this had actually been real and not another internet hoax, it strongly suggested that he was briefed on the existence of the Draco, perhaps “off the record,” and it nearly gave him a heart attack.


My contacts in the SSP Alliance revealed that the Draco have finally allowed the US to excavate new Pre-Adamite archeological sites under the Antarctic ice.

[underground base image]

They have also granted permission for the small number of surviving Pre-Adamites to access these areas once again.

These Pre-Adamite people look and sound just like us, except that they have elongated skulls that they must keep hidden if they are ever seen in public.

David asked me how many of these people still live on earth. As of now I do not have any clear intel on their numbers, but it is likely in the thousands, if not more.

The amount of ancient technology and information that has been found preserved in huge libraries under the Antarctic ice is staggering.

full text:


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22 maart 2015


w tej powyzszej notce pisalam m,in ”co ciekawe te zgnile antarktyczne trawy znow mi przypomnialy o moldawicie” .. data zapisu – 22 marca 2015, a wiec na wiele miesiecy przed ogloszeniem Cobry misji Chintamani





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  1. Antarctica UFOs or ELEs Coming? — PROJECT CAMELOT PORTAL


    by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

    LOS ANGELES – December 13, 2016 – Antarctica visiting dignitaries spurred controversy that either ‘extraterrestrial’ ( E.T. ) celestial based biological alien entities and / or ‘archeo-archaic terrestrial’ “Inner Earth” ( Lemuria, etc. ) based alien entities engaged since at-least World War II with ‘human biological entities’ involving ‘mutual treaties’ with not only the former Nazi political party military Third Reich of der Faterland ( Germany ) but also the United States of America ( USA ).

    Treaties, between ‘ruling nation powers’ and ‘alien entities’ are ‘not new notions’, and as-such controversies appear only whispered according to rumors surrounding secret societies ( e.g. Vril, et. al. ) to-date where so-far no hard-copy evidence appears without at-least some flaws forcing forensic document experts ( including myself ) to cancel the remaining document set legitimacies ( e.g. MJ-12 documents, etc. ) lumped in-to fraud.

    I must state, that knowing what I do, and what must be truthfully presented to the public, such documentations must not contain any indications of forgery, counterfeiting of stampings, seals, signatures or production marks whatsoever if ‘the real truth’ is ever to be known publicly.

    Being a retired intelligence analyst, operations specialist, document expert and global information private consultant, I am plagued with also having personally experienced ( on far too many occasions ) not only clandestine foreign and domestic government intelligence studies and observations and handled enquiries as well as personally having experienced but not publicly elaborated upon what governments and other entities sought to keep away-from public knowledge…

    via Antarctica UFOs or ELEs Coming? — PROJECT CAMELOT PORTAL

    The Lost City of Antarctica: Shock claims massive CIVILISATION exists beneath mile of ice — The Event Chronicle



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    • American Kabuki: ”Terran: I got that one city, possibly the one I saw had a tent like cover/dome with spires, is made from fused diamond of different shades (shades from deep green, lime to clear). Does this match anything you know about? [I’m not guaranteeing the diamond data as a construction material, as these abilities to pick this stuff up without assistance are just days old in me… I will try to give a rough sketch of the city from the top later…perhaps tomororow….]”

      its really interesting, beacuse i saw on antarctica yellow gold diamond.. very close shade to lime.. FUSED DIAMOND.. yeah.. its what i described.. i think its absolutely this same!

      Livia Ether Flow says:
      April 30, 2016 at 10:21

      ponad rok temu, na wiele miesiecy przed tym zanim Cobra napisal o Antarktydzie i Misji CHINTAMANI mialam sen o Antarktydzie, zwiazany z moldawitem:

      Crystal Energy Flow and.. South Pole

      22 maart 2015

      Wracajac jednak do ostatniego snu… pamietam, ze patrzylam przez szklane sciany na zewnatrz i widzialam jak lody Antarktyki zaczynaja sie roztapiac… kurczyc.. i jak stopniowo odslania sie ukryty dotad lad… choc teraz jednak o zupelnie odmienionym zarysie.. najbardziej poruszyl mnie widok tak jakby zgnilej trawy… bylo w tym nawet cos bardzo poruszajacego… gleboko serce dotykajacego… w ogole caly sen wydawal sie taki bardzo realistyczny.. ten widok odmienionej Antarktyki.. jakby bardziej deja vu… déjà visité.. déjà vécu?

      co ciekawe te zgnile antarktyczne trawy znow mi przypomnialy o moldawicie, o ktorym wspominalam ostatnio w takich notkach jak Szmaragdowe Wibracje oraz 20 maart 2015 — Total Solar Eclipse Time ten specyficzny zielonkawy kolor, za ktorym akurat szczegolnie nie przepadam.. choc pamietam bardzo ciekawa dyskusje nt moldawitu, ktora wywiazala sie jeszcze na ST pod notka o moich doswiadczeniach z kamieniem faraonow:

      to oczywiscie cos wiecej niz przypadek.. w ogole ciekawe to co wtedy zanotowalam.. bo zdazylam o sporej czesci zapomniec… i tu chocby ten niezwykly DIAMENT.. Zwlaszcza a propos wydarzen z minionej nocy jak i ogolniej

      Sny o 30 kwietnia, Antarktyda i Parrarel

      Chintamani i Wrota Antarktydy

      widzialam jak ”Diament” zostal ulozony na wlasciwej pozycji, ale poki co nie moga aktywowac.. kolor diamentu – zlotawy, a moze raczej naturalny, mniej wiecej taki

      choc w sumie przypomina tez troche szklo.. ksztalt oczywiscie inny.. ulozony jest w dziwnej tak jakby zlotej oprawie, stanowiacej jakby czesc jakiejs maszyny… znam to skads.. przede wszystkim podobny diament widzialam kiedys w snie o podziemiach tybetu.. tamten diament potrafil lewitowac i zmieniac barwy….


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