Elon Musk , Transhumanism & Telepathy

Elon Musk is part of COBRA’s “Resistance Movement” and big NAA agenda.. Please, read and think ~ like HUMAN!!!


Cultocracy note :

More evidence of the plan that technophiles & transhumanists have for the evolution of humanity . This news follows hot on the heels of the announcement that Facebook is researching similar technologies . Neural networks are already here and are currently controlled by shadow military & intelligence organisations , they have been secretly tested & developed using hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting victims . More worryingly current research is directed towards the silent & invisible deployment of nano particles en masse to facilitate the growth of these networks .

As usual the keyword is control .


This week the mainstream media reported that Elon Musk is forming a startup company called Neuralink . The new venture is dedicated to developing neural networks & brain computer interfaces (BCI’s) , this is despite Musk warning about the dangers that AI & B.C.I technology pose to humanity . Musk intends…

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