Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonise Mars


Cultocracy note :

Elon Musk’s central vision has always been to form a colony on Mars , he has made no secret of his ambitions , all of his other projects are key to this grand grand design . Elon Musk also has very close ties to various US government departments , he would not be where he is today without help from certain quarters . It is estimated that Musk’s various ventures have received around $5 billion in government incentives , in addition to this figure Musk has received around $5.5 billion in government contracts from NASA and the U.S. Air Force .

Assuming a space craft is eventually constructed that is able to travel to Mars , any colonists would face harsh and deadly atmospheric conditions . There are several ways to overcome these hurdles .

a) Transform the magnetosphere & create a more human friendly atmosphere via…

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