The Jesuit-Nazi Political Conspiracy

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1. Antysystemowi (nie popieramy okupacyjnych władz tzw. III RP – PRL-bis)

2. Legalistyczni (popieramy obecnego Prezydenta II RP – linia prezydentów “londyńskich” oraz nigdy niezniesioną prawnie konstytucję kwietniową z 1935 roku)

3. Gospodarczo antykapitalistyczni i antykomunistyczni (popieramy katolicki solidaryzm społeczny)

4. Antymodernistyczni (popieramy tradycyjny katolicyzm integralny)

5. Antysyjonistyczni i antymasońscy (za rządami silnego Katolickiego Autorytetu)

6. Antydemokratyczni (docelowo popieramy monarchię katolicką i dziedziczną)

7. Antyrewolucyjni (rewolucja to obecny syjonistyczny System – chcemy kontrrewolucji!)

8. Antyliberalni (w sferze duchowej, gospodarczej i politycznej)

9. Antykosmopolityczni (jesteśmy narodowcami – elity Narodu dla Narodu)

10. Antyglobalistyczni (za uniwersalizmem katolickim)

Arystokracja ducha to nowa elita przyszłej wolnej Polski, która wykształci się w ogniu walki o polskie państwo katolickie, które to stanie się fundamentem odrodzenia krajów chrześcijańskiej Europy.

Ludwik de Bonald: „Kompromis jest kompromitacją”.



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The Jesuit-Nazi Political Conspiracy

I have written a number of articles which document very well how the emerging New World Order and Illuminati are a creation of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order were also responsible for creating the: Nazi Socialist Party, Nazi SS and the Nazi Gestapo. The rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler in Germany was planned and propelled by the Jesuit Order.

The Nazi SS was built and structured like the Jesuit Order. Heinrich Himmler (Nazi SS leader) copied the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order) for training his SS elite in Nazi colleges. The highest level Nazi intelligence officers were members of the Thule Society, a secret occult society most likely created and supervised by the Jesuit Order. According to some experts, the Nazi SS itself, was directed by the Jesuit Order at its inner core. Adolf Hitler himself referred to Heinrich Himmler as his Ignatius Loyola.

The Thule Society was a secret occult society that was part of the Illuminati (the Illuminati itself is made up of numerous international secret occult groups). An inner core part of the Thule society was the Vril Society and according to Wikipedia, the Vril Society had a relationship with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a primarily British organisation, and comprises of extremely high level Illuminati members. Despite the war between England and Nazi Germany, these occult elitists maintained cordial relationships while commoners were slaughtered on both sides. The Jesuit Order who controlled both the Thule Society and Golden Dawn, used the war to exterminate as many Jews and Biblical Protestants as they could (English and Germans). Occult elitists in Nazi Germany were given safe passage by the allies (controlled by the Jesuits and Illuminati) to escape, and some Nazi’s were even absorbed into the allied military intelligence sectors. According to the grand daughter of a former Nazi concentration camp guard, many elite Nazi’s changed their names and became politicians in countries like Australia. Operation Paperclip in the United States absorbed large numbers of Nazi scientists and officers into the: CIA, NSA and US Military Intelligence sectors.

“Eventually over 3000 Nazi S.S. agents entered the U.S. in this manner. NOT former Nazi’s but ACTIVE Nazi SS who still maintained the national socialist philosophy and agendas which they intended to carry through on to their planned conclusion. They were given refuge within the military-industrial complex with the help of members of the Bavarian-based black gnostic — serpent worshipping — lodges in America, such as the Jesuit-spawned Scottish Rite and related lodges who control the oil-military-industrial complex. The leaders of the Military-Industrial Complex or M.I.C. not only gave these fascists refuge following the war, but also had financed the Nazi war machine itself during the second world war. – Branton, The Dulce Book).

The comments from Branton above are intriguing and seem consistent with the testimony of the offspring of Nazi elite who immigrated to the US and Australia. Its also worth noting that the Bush political family have strong Nazi links. Prescott Bush (the father of George H W Bush) was a business partner of a well known Nazi steel tycoon named Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen was instrumental in the uprising of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine. Fritz Thyssen actually funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

The Guardian Newspaper had this to say about Precott Bush:

“George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany…The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.” (The Guardian)

Other Nazi’s absorbed into the US military intelligence network were Nazi scientists. Many Nazi scientists who had developed anti-gravity flying saucers in Germany were brought to America to continue their work. This may be why there is such a strong Nazi presence and influence within the secret military installations in the US (Dulce Base etc). Former Mi6 contractor and American soldier, James Casbolt (mind controlled super soldier), claims he was trained by Nazi’s at a Canadian military base. Casbolt also claims he was indoctrinated with Nazi philosophies and trained to help usher in the Nazi fourth Reich. I have spoken with other mind controlled security operatives who guarded secret military bases (which involved anti-gravity flying saucers), and they also stated they were forced to watch Adolf Hitler speeches on a television as part of their training. Notorious Nazi scientist, Dr Joseph Mengele, is also reported as being a key mind control programmer within the CIA and Illuminati. The MKULTRA and Monarch mind control programs in the CIA, were mainly based on Nazi mind control research conducted at Nazi concentration camps by Nazi scientists such as Mengele. Dr Mengele worked at Auschwitz in Germany and was an SS captain and physician. According to my research, Dr Mengele lived in Paraguay, but was also flown to military installations in the US (among other countries) to conduct mind control experiments for secret CIA departments. Dr Mengele would have been protected by the strong Jesuit intelligence network within South America, and would have been given protected travel around the world by the occult secret societies embedded within the US military intelligence network.

“Josef Mengele, a notorious Nazi death camp doctor and until now a naturalized citizen of Paraguay, still spends much of his time there, according to sources in the Israeli community here…He lived openly in Bavaria until the early 1950s when he traveled to Argentina where the late Gen. Juan D. Peron had offered asylum to a host of Nazis on the run…Mengele continued to live under his own name here until the mid-1960s, representing Karl Mengele & Sons, a Bavarian farm machinery firm managed by his brother. But he took the precaution of acquiring Paraguayan citizenship after a West German court issued a warrant for his arrest in July 1959.” (Washington Post, 1979)

The Washington Post story on Mengele is curious. It seems Mengele was protected in Bavaria by the Bavarian Illuminati after the war (as he lived in Bavaria openly), and then he went to live in Paraguay after things become too hot for him in Europe. It seems as though Mengele always seemed to evade capture, as he was probably too valuable to the Jesuit Order and Illuminati for them to give him up. Mengele had extensive knowledge on trauma based mind control which he had perfected in Nazi concentration camps on human subjects (many of whom died at his hands). This trauma based mind control would form the basis of a mind controlled army (mind controlled fifth column) that would be embedded in American politics and the American intelligence network (in addition to most other countries worldwide). Paul Bonacci (a teenage homosexual prostitute) was the victim of such programming which was perfected by the Jesuit Order and Mengele. Bonacci was programmed by Michael Aquino in the CIA Monarch program through Jesuit/Nazi techniques. Bonacci was a mind controlled Manchurian candidate who was used for a variety of purposes which included: military super soldier missions, homosexual child prostitution, child snuff films, satanic rituals, assisting CIA/NSA operatives in kidnapping children (The CIA program called “The Finders” was a CIA group that specialised in kidnapping children) and Bonacci was eventually going to be put into congress as a politician. Due to Bonacci being under the complete control of the Jesuits and Michael Aquino through mind control, the Temple of Set and Jesuit Order would have another mind controlled politician at their disposal in congress; all they would have to do was program him to do their bidding in congress (Jesuit/Nazi mind control allows handlers to completely control the minds and actions of their subjects). Paul Bonacci actually went public with what certain departments in the CIA did to him, and former Nebraska Senator John DeCamp helped Bonacci win a $1,000,000 court settlement, because of the mind control and Nazi torture Bonacci endured. Former CIA director, William Colby, died in a suspicious canoe accident after he began investigating Bonacci’s claims. Former Senator, John DeCamp, believed that Colby’s death was an assassination made to look like an accident. John DeCamp was a long term friend of Colby, and when he advised Colby of Bonnaci’s claims, Colby advised DeCamp that it was dangerous to look into such things. It seemed Colby knew that a secret shadow group was controlling large parts of the CIA. According to Branton, a group known as Aquarius has taken over large parts of the CIA and NSA. The Aquarius group is most definitely made up of various interlocking secret societies controlled by the Jesuit Order (The Temple of Set is definitely one of these groups in addition to various Nazi sympathizers). Senator Loran Schmidt of Nebraska hired an independent investigator named Gary Caradori to investigate Bonacci’s claims of: CIA mind control, CIA child kidnapping, child snuff films etc, and after Caradori began collecting evidence he died in a suspicious aeroplane explosion. Former FBI regional chief, Ted Gunderson, believes Caradori was assasinated. According to researchers, the Aquarius group (controls much of the NSA/CIA) is seeking to turn the United States into a fascist non-libertarian dictatorship submitted to the United Nations. According to Branton, elements within US Naval intelligence have been leaking information and exposing the Aquarius group who control much of the CIA/NSA. There is allegedly a group in US Naval Intelligence who want to preserve the constitutional values and sovereignty of the United States, as opposed to the world government the black nobility want to bring the US into. This could possibly be true, as William Cooper (former Naval Intelligence officer) wrote documentation and gave talks, about a secret group attempting to take over the United States through secret societies and flying saucers. Former Navy Seal and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, is well aware that there is a shadow government made up of secret societies attempting to take over and destroy the United States. Jesse Ventura even had his own conspiracy TV show at one point, and investigated the disturbing mural at Denver airport. It should be noted though that its possible Naval intelligence isn’t fully aware that the Jesuits are controlling the shadow government and secret societies from behind the scenes. The Jesuits insulate themselves very well within the secret societies they control, and try to work as deeply within the shadows as they can.

Its also worth noting that the Bush family have a history of being members of the Skull and Bones society at Yale University. The Skull and Bones society is confirmed to be a Jesuit/Satanic/occult secret society similar to the Thule Society (German occult society for Nazi intelligence). Its also been suggested by some researchers that the Thule Society and Skull and Bones were in contact with each other (this seems feasible due to Prescott Bush’s Nazi connections).

Other notable members of the Skull and Bones society include Chairman Mao who founded the communist Chinese party which still rules China today. The Chinese communist revolution saw millions slaughtered including many innocents. Skull and Bones produces fascist government leaders and fascist government operatives who are submitted to the Jesuit Order and Illuminati. It seems to be a Nazi national socialist and Marxist Communist training centre, that equips future leaders on how to manage and manipulate the world Jesuit empire.

“See, sir, from this chamber I govern not only to Paris, but to China, not only to China, but to all the world, without any one to know how I do it.” Michaelangelo Tamburini 14th Jesuit General, 1706-1730

The Jesuit Order also direct a communist organisation in Chicago called the Gamaliel Foundation which is an American communist revolutionary group. A Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo is a former director of this group, and the group produced literature which included a plan on how to foment a communist revolution within the United States. Part of this groups objective was to disarm the American population, so that the Jesuits could implement their holocaust and inquisition through their communist/Nazi socialist agents in America. The Gamaliel Foundation trained President Obama in communist tactics. Karl Marx was no doubt a Jesuit agent. I think a lot of these mass shooting sprees are carried out by mind controlled patsy’s controlled by the Jesuit Order, and in many cases these patsy’s are assisted by super soldier black ops operatives. The recent Florida shooting in the United States allegedly only involved one shooter according to mainstream media reports, but a number of witnesses have testified that there was more than one shooter. These mass school shootings will serve as an excuse to erase the second amendment, and we must remember that the abolishment of firearms was a key part of starting the holocaust in Nazi Germany.

When and if a “U.N. Police Action” is taken against America, the first order of business will be to confiscate all personal weapons (take away the right to bear arms — in fact the Gun Control Act of 1968 was lifted in its entirety from the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, which was supposed to curb “gang activity” between Nazi and Communist Party thugs). (-Branton, Underground Nazi Invasion)

Jesuit groups like Skull and Bones in the United States are pushing Marxist communist and Nazi national socialism ideologies in the United States to bring the US in line with a UN fascist world government. They are also training fascist leaders on American soil and sending them overseas to run countries for them (Chairman Mao etc). The one world UN government will probably be a mixture of Nazi socialism and Communism with regard to its political ideology, and the climate change treaties and gun treaties may be enforced by UN troops on American soil. Some US politicians (Jesuit controlled) are already calling for UN troops to police Chicago’s streets. Chairman Mao of China would have had to kiss the slipper of the Pope at the Skull and Bones Society (in submission to the Jesuit controlled Pope), and also chant devil equals death while pledging allegiance to the group.

Researchers such as Eric Jon Phelps have suggested that there is a secret department in the NSA that tracks Jews, and will be used to coordinate a second holocaust against Jews in the United States. Although some people might think this is ridiculous (I too thought this was a bit far fetched when I first heard it), it should be noted that the Temple of Set occult group in the United States controls a large part of the NSA. The Temple of Set is definitely a Nazi occult group similar to the Thule Society. The former leader of The Temple of Set, Michael Aquino, was a high level NSA officer who owned Heinrich Himmler’s occult ceremonial dagger. Aquino has been caught on film explaining how he owns Heinrich Himmler’s ceremonial dagger, and how he travels to Germany to hold black magic Nazi rituals at Heinrich Himmler’s former office. Aquino seems to want to summon the spiritual power of the Nazi’s so he too can slaughter Jews and other innocents, so he can fulfil his religious goals of being the anti-thesis of scripture (old and new testament of the Bible). These interlocking secret societies that form the Illuminati are instructed to live as opposites. They oppose their very consciences and Judeao/Christian principles to do evil rather than good. They worship evil and a dark entity known as Lucifer.

Below is a video of former NSA officer Michael Aquino explaining how he owns Heinrich Himmlers ceremonial dagger, and how he summons Nazi powers at former Nazi headquarters in Germany.

This proves to me that the Temple of Set is most likely an offshoot of the Thule Society and Vril Society, and is being used to raise up a Nazi Socialist army through the NSA that will persecute Jews and other innocents (Biblical based reformed protestant Christians, patriots etc). High level military personnel assisted Michael Aquino in setting up the Temple of Set, and Aquino recruited Temple of Set members into the NSA and military intelligence network. According to former CIA asset Cathy o’brien, Aquino is controlled by the Jesuit Order which means the Jesuits may be attempting to repeat the history of Nazi Germany in the United States. If you observe the Denver airport mural in Denver Colorado, it clearly illustrates a coming Nazi/Islamic led persecution of Jews and Christians in the United States (Nazism in Germany was allied with radical Islam), which results in the death of Christianity and Judaism (It shows a picture of a girl in a coffin holding a Bible and wearing a Jewish star. This Jewish star badge was the same badge Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany. In the picture you can also see a letter written by a holocaust survivor). The Denver airport has a strong Scottish Rite/Masonic foundation (Scottish Rite Freemasonry is a creation of the Jesuit Order), so it seems logical to me, that the Denver airport mural is the Jesuits cryptically revealing their plans. I am not suggesting that all Scottish Rite Freemasons are bad people, I have happened to know some fantastic Freemasons, but Scottish Rite Freemasonry at its core is controlled by the Jesuit Order and Satanic Illuminati. Many Freemasons have no idea what goes on in many of their lodges (Satanic rituals, world government conspiracy etc). The Jesuit Order uses Masonic lodges to control and manipulate people for their agenda, and to insulate their Satanists with decent people (decent people who join the Masons to broaden their social and business circle). The Jesuits also use Masonic Lodges to spy on people they see as a threat (keep your friends close, but your enemies closer).

Reptilian Dimension

I have written a number of articles which document very well how the emerging New World Order and Illuminati are a creation of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order were also responsible for creating the: Nazi Socialist Party, Nazi SS and the Nazi Gestapo. The rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler in Germany was planned and propelled by the Jesuit Order.

The Nazi SS was built and structured like the Jesuit Order. Heinrich Himmler (Nazi SS leader) copied the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order) for training his SS elite in Nazi colleges. The highest level Nazi intelligence officers were members of the Thule Society, a secret occult society most likely created and supervised by the Jesuit Order. According to some experts, the Nazi SS itself, was directed by the Jesuit Order at its inner core. Adolf Hitler himself referred to Heinrich Himmler as his Ignatius…

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  1. Sławomir Piwowarczyk
    Published on 17 May 2018
    Akt Intronizacji Kiry – Zakopane 23 – 10 – 2017
    W Kaplicy Matki Bożej Gietrzwałdskiej – zakonu Kanoników Laterańskich, dokonany przez
    Pana Prezydenta 2RP Zbigniewa Jana Hrabiego Potockiego
    1. Prohibicja na alkohol i pornografię.
    2. Utrzymanie niezależnej własnej waluty, która jest jednym z instrumentów niezależności i
    suwerenności kraju.
    3. Pokrycie pieniądza krajowego w złocie
    4. Likwidacja instytucji procentu i kredytu jako ekonomicznie nowotworowych przyczyn udręki
    tych, którzy je spłacają
    5. Kredyt i procent zostają zastąpione pożyczką bankową z jednorazową odpłatą manipulacyjną
    jako kosztem pożyczki
    6. Na udzielenie pożyczki, pożyczkodawca winien mieć zabezpieczenie w postaci
    zgromadzonego złota i kruszców .
    7. Ograniczenie zysku w ekonomi, handlu itp. do wysokości 20% od dochodu.
    8. Ubezpieczenie każdego obywatela Polski dożywotnią rentą socjalną : która gwarantuje środki
    na życie oraz na leczenie w darmowej służbie zdrowia.
    9. Zredukowanie 8-godzinnego dnia pracy do 4-6 godzinnego w zależności od branży. Pozostały
    czas pracownik winien przeznaczyć na budowanie i podtrzymywanie dobrych relacji w rodzinie i
    społeczności lokalnej. W społeczeństwie postmodernistycznym i zinformatyzowanym, praca rąk
    ludzkich zastąpiona została pracą maszyn i robotów, dlatego jest możliwe zmniejszenie godzin
    10. Król Polski jest strażnikiem norm moralnych, jest poniekąd namaszczony przez Boga oraz
    wybrany przez naród.
    11. Szkolnictwo jest nadal obowiązkowe, ale w duchu nauki Jezusa Chrystusa, a więc
    pozbawione elementów indoktrynacji libertyńskiej i genderowej, nastawione na promowanie
    współpracy i współdziałania, nie zaś konkurencji . Ponad wolą człowieka jest jeszcze Wola Boża,
    dlatego człowiek nie może przypisywać sobie prawa do samowolnej zmiany płci.
    12. Alkoholicy, narkomani oraz ludzie chorzy na homoseksualizm są w Królestwie Polskim
    włączeni w przymusowe leczenie w służbie zdrowia. Żadne media oraz inne ośrodki propagandy
    nie mogą promować chorób układu nerwowego w postaci dewiacji seksualnych.
    cd. pod na YT: Przekazanie Konstytucji Królestwa Bożego


    • To ma byc powtorka Hiszpanskiej Czarnej Falangi. Widac nawet ten sam styl w tym co zamiescil Slawek… ta sama CZARNA MAFIA (CZARNI BRACIA).. Polska zamiast sie bardziej uwolnic spod wplywu Watykanu wpadnie niczym z deszczu pod rynne pod but KRWAWEGO DYKTATORA.. coz, to wszystko wyglada na niezla USTAWKE…. i jak w pore tego nie powstrzymacie – w Polsce bedzie rzez nad rzezia a moze i wyjdzie ISKRA, tyle ze nie ta wlasciwa i zacznie sie III Wojna Swiatowa.. do tego to zmierza…


      Alex Berdowicz to ZDRAJCA, dzialajacy na rzecz tej CZARNEJ MAFII (nie bez powodu szkolony w siedzibie PAPERCLIP)..


  2. “Polska zamiast sie bardziej uwolnic spod wplywu Watykanu wpadnie niczym z deszczu pod rynne pod but KRWAWEGO DYKTATORA.. coz, to wszystko wyglada na niezla USTAWKE…. i jak w pore tego nie powstrzymacie – w Polsce bedzie rzez nad rzezia a moze i wyjdzie ISKRA, tyle ze nie ta wlasciwa i zacznie sie III Wojna Swiatowa.. do tego to zmierza…

    przeca o tym pisałem, iż środowiskom nazi NIE JEST PO MYŚLI PRZEPOWIEDNIA o Chrześcijaństwie jego odrodzeniu– czyli o ODRODZENIU SIĘ WARY z czasów kiedy Pradawny Wąż czyli pape wszelakiego obrzezanego przypełzł na planetę ze swoimi kohortami nazgulii

    że będą ROBIĆ WSZYSTKO by CZAS ZMIANY wykorzystać na UMOCNIENIE SWOJEJ WŁADZY a wszelkie ruchy działające na rzecz UWOLNIENIA LUDZKOŚCI od JUDZKOŚCI będą MORDOWAĆ czy PRZEJMOWAĆ pod swoje skrzydła dla wykolejania efektów ich pracy…

    Zlot SS do polin też temu służy… PACYFIKACJI NARODU wśród którego żyje Syn Człowieczy….. OSTATECZNEMU jego WYMORDOWANIU by się już w przyszłości żaden NIE URODZIŁ robiąc tak zarożenie dla ŚWIATOWEGO PRZYMIERZA 12 plemion ZWYRODNIALCÓW maryi (ludów hitler tora) (Ehidna, Dafoe i tak dalej…)

    To wszystko WIADOMO od TYSIĄCLECIA iż tak będzie to wyglądać…. że oczekiwanym zadaniem polactwa jest PONOWNE ZAMORDOWANIE Króla Ljahwe….. by mu się NIE UDAŁO uwolnić świata od okupacji koziomordych maschiachów czy świńskomordej maryjki (tiamat)….


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