Emerald Covenant vs. Luciferian Covenant.

Przypominam ten post przez wzglad na watek Hyksosow:


”At the center of this drama are the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box”

”Since the time of the 9558 BC Atlantian flood, human history has been a progressive advancement of the Atlantian Conspiracy and Luciferian Covenant Anti-Christos Agendas. The story of Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Hyksos Kings and the “3 Christs” are key pieces to the Atlantian Conspiracy drama. At the center of this drama are the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box, its star gate tools and the core objective of the ancient Fallen Angelic/Illuminati Human Grail Quest.”

”In 23 AD Jesheua and his Maji were attacked by the Annu-Melchizedek Hyksos and Hassa Leviathan King races, in an event called the Eseene Divide, which rendered them unable to fully complete their intended journey to the lands previously known as northern Lohas Atlantis, the location of Earth’s Star Gate-11.”

” The CDT-Plate teachings of these 3 Essene Emerald Covenant Speakers contained the Planetary Templar Mechanics by which the Planetary Christos Realignment could be achieved in the 2000-2017 SAC. These teachings were later stolen, edited and falisfied into a Religious Control Dogma in 325 AD, by the Council of Nicaea and the Drakonian Infiltrated Church of Rome; the falsified CDT-Plate teachings of Jesheua, John and Miriam were interwoven with Annu-Melchizedek Leviathan King Anunnaki history to create the Canonized Bible

The Mission of Jesheua, John and Miriam later resumed between 559-608 AD, when the “Quest for the Holy Grail,” the Atlantian Conspiracy and the hunt for the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gate tools continued in the drama of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.”




Livia Ether FLOW

To tak w związku z wpisem o Lucyferze, ale nie tylko… Już jakiś czas temu miałam zamiar dodać ten tekst na bloga…

The entire LoA series. Changelings and prophecy detailing the forbidden history of Atlantis.

Above: The entire LoA series. Changelings and prophecy detailing the forbidden history of Atlantis. For the most part very accurate but expect some biased misinformation. (Ashtar/Galactic Federation of Light deceptive teachings)

( The Arthurian Roundtables / The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies   DVD-series )
( Download: Torrent  / buy: Azurite.com)


Knowledge is Free

ok ty
Third in the Series – The Arthurian Roundtables – Masters Templar Mechanics, Merkaba Dynamics and the Nibiruian Checkerboard Deception. 7/2001 Dublin, Ireland Workshop:Comprehensive coverage of: the Grail Line Races, ET’s, Angels & Archangels, Genetic Ascendancy of Angelic Humans, Maji Holy Grail Line Flame Keepers, the Azurites, Indigo’s and the Palaidia…

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    • Niestety na tej lini czasowej, lini czasowej AI, te trendy to niestety fakt.. na pocieszenie przypominam jednak ze istnieja rozne linie czasowe I czasowe petle na dokladke I w zwiazku z tym raz jeszcze MADAGASCAR:


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