Timeline details & Gate Systems 2018 & VIRUS AGENDA

Timeline details


Universal history specific to the Assimilation Virus agenda. This narrative is a transformative perspective of our history compared to what is presented in the teachings.

It is my personal, subjective perspective based on what I learned in the teachings as well as information from my own fields. So, it gives context to the many discernments I have about the state of the contemporary mission.

An in-depth explanation of how I recognize and navigate through the Assimilation Virus agenda to find (or more precisely stated … to think) my way back to impeccability.

I explain how I reembody impeccability while coexisting with a virus that most often demolishes impeccability.

Spoiler alert … it’s all about the basics… the impeccable A&Rs and ShA-DahLuun Virtues.

Gate Systems


A planet has the same chakra system that people have. Except planet-sized chakras are called Star Gates.

This planet has many unnatural gates that have been implanted over the eons.

The most accurate term for all the unnatural gates implanted on Earth is “wormholes” because that is the correct term for false chakras.

2022 Jan – 2025 Jun

Earth’s Primary Vortex #6 closes (Caucasus Mountains)



trafilam tez na wzmiake o Urtha Starfires:

2047-2051 Urtha Starfires

o czym wspominalam niedawno:


i tak dalej

jesli kogos zainteresowaly te informacje moze zajrzec na stronke:


I jeszcze tylko przypominam iz to ze publikuje cos na blogu nie oznacza iz automatycznie z wszystkim sie zgadzam. Mam wlasne specyficzne podejscie do tego wszystkiego wynikajace z wlasnego specyficznego zrozumienia oraz wlasnej specyficznej linii doswiadczen.







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