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Ponizej prezentuje bardzo ciekawe strzeszczenie roznych materialow Ashayany, ktore Ra znalazl dla mnie po tym jak wspomnialam mu o tym ze na moim blogu pojawil sie  ostatnio scjentologiczny spam a wczesniej go nie bylo – OPERATING THETAN! W tekscie jest wzmianka miedzy innymi o Thetanach (jedno z najwazniejszych slow dla scjentologow).  Przyznam ze do tej pory zupelnie nie intersowala mnie Scjentologia, ale teraz zaczelam ofkrywac bardzo ciekawe rzeczy i z czasem gdy to ze soba lpeiej polacze umieszcze w osobnej notce, a poki co odsylam do mojego wstepnego komentarza na ten temat:


ahh, i jeszcze cos.. jaks czas temu w notce

13.11 Time Lapse


umiescilam takie oto symbole, miedzy innymi dwie odwrocone literki T



i szczerze mowiac nie bardzo wiedzac dlaczego..ale teraz wnikacja nieco glebiej w scjentologie odkrylam cos takiego


i jak najbardziej nie ma mowy o przypadkach.. choc tak jak scjentologiczny krzyz z ukrzyzowanym na nim symbolu X



blyskawicznie skojarzyl mi sie z krzyzem jezuickim to w tym przypadku.. jeszcze nie wiem.. TT jak Time Traveler ale co poza tym.. co tak naprawde?


A to juz streszczenie w materialow Ashayany:


History FATaLE

Why are they called ‘dragons’?

The dragon word comes from the word ‘MaLadaka-DRa-gha-YUN (our galactic local Stargate-5, that is now the “asteroid belt” in this Solar System, was called “Maldak” as it once served as a regenesis host planet for various DRa-gha-YUN races that fell from Tara ) or ‘MaLa-Daka DRa-gha-YUN’. Many of these dragon races (like the Anu) will be having to leave the human bodies that they deceitfully ‘acquired’ as “pets” during the Amnesty Contract (also called the “Rainbow Reception”). The Dragon form we all know in mythology comes from an interbreeding between Aquari-Bhendi and some fallen Seraphim (Reptilians and Draconians, hence the reptilian form of Dragons we all know) and these Dragons have been called White Dragons.

White dragons: FA races: Uby’s, FA-Ta-LE’s from Bourgha matrix.
FA-Ta-LE’s are female demons from the Bourgha matrix which were responsible for lost of drama’s in Earth’s history, like e.g.: the closing of the pranaseed of the Sun on 25th March 2007, The Eumbic timeleap, and –due to their timetraveller skills- they also putted the ‘Golden Handcuffs’ on the D-Span gates, which got released by the Krystics in 2012. The Ubys are the falllen Succubi and Incubi.
The White Dragons activated in January 2008 the ‘Omega Kill Code’ in an attempt to get us quickly killed. (source: sliders 1) Wingmakers, Aquari-Bhendi—Aah-BU-eN-Tara (albino, hominid, aquatic, bird people) in the adjacent Eckasha (same Eckasha as the Wesa’s). A portion of the Kristiac Aquari Race Shield fell, forming the Equarifallen collective. The Equari were attacked and abused by the fallen Anu races from our Time Matrix and the Equari races retaliated by coming into our Time Matrix and attacking the Anu. They entered our Time Matrix through the Wesedrak Black-holes, 137 billion YA, by interbreeding with the draconian and reptilian, fallen Seraphim, races in this Time Matrix and cloaking as dragons an albino reptile-dragon race-line called the MaLa-Daka DRa-gha-YUN that became known as the “White Dragons”. They have had sometimes very “special” and variable relationships with Humans. They are fallen Phims. Currently includes FAtalE, Whazeyanta, WhaJeAta (wingmakers) and Necromiton. Currently directing fall agenda. They were described as fallen Equari in earlier works, generally when Phims were referred to as Aquari. The White Dragons took over and control the reds.
ThEtans (I. E. Scientology / Hollywood) wanted Andromada’s quantum
The FATaLE are one type of Equari. But Equari = White Dragon due to their original biologies. These fallen Phims are usually called the Equari (or white dragons). One branch of the Equari specialize in sexual manipulation, they are called the FatalE. A group we recently learned about, the worst so far, are the fallen Equari time lords, or time travelers, called the BrhAlindt FAtalE. Not all whites are FATaLE’s. E’Asha did mention secret service types specifically somewhere in sliders 5. I think she also said there are a lot of them in intelligence and law enforcement. They tend to like that a lot. Some of the GFOL human channels were taken over by the “White Dragons”. (Source: Sliders 8: Summary of Drama and mission upgrades of 2006)
They tried pushing invasion agenda via bringing zeta ships through Atlantian base in sinkhole. Blues blocked the gates so whites used the Reds agenda (first invasion protocol) to stage the June 08 economic crash to create economic roller coaster and destabilize UIR & Green Dragon Illuminati world management team.

Note: Thetans are not dragons. They are a fallen hybrid race from the Lyra star system, were forced into exhile in the Bourgha-Budhara matrix, and later resettled in the Theta-Orion star system. They interbred with Anu-Elohim-Annunaki’s and Seraphim-Draconians. They have a hominid ‘wraith like’ humanoid appearance, and are energy vampires with mind control skills. They created the Micca-Mecca complex and the Threshold Glass-Towers Grid control systems. (source: sliders 8, summary of drama & mission upgrades of 2006).
The Micca-Mecca Eumbic Time-Rip Complex got activated by the Red Dragons via Solar Core Gates in January 2007.


480 Billion Years Ago: they caused black hole fall of many worlds in External Reality Fields:
The fallen Borenthasala/Bourgha-MUsala-AhLAma Time-Raider races (time-travellers also) caused the black hole fall of their entire Ecka-Veca system in the Parallel Eckasha 480 BYA and launched a crusade to ‘entrap and assimilate’ all life everywhere. The fallen Bourgha races caused fall of their Ecka-Veca through their Great 6-6-6-6 Quarantined Polarity Experiment and its inherent ‘Victem-Victimizer Game’, which they engaged in an attempt to discover the root cause of consciousness de-evolution into fall, in hope of Eradicating Fall Potental; they losed control of their experiment and fell into extreme polarity disorientation and violence, and created a ‘Time-Rip Technology’ that allowed them to break free from the localized quarantine of their ‘Great Experiment’ to launch their conquest of ‘Absorbing and Assimilating all life everywhere’. The Tri-Matrix Krystal River Host Cooperative of 450 BYA developed the Krystic Gyrodome Technology and the Aqualene transmission Krystic evolutionary option, to protect the Krystic evolution and ascention potential of the organic life-field in the 3 neighboring matrices by eventually ‘Sealing the Bourgha Time-Rip’ and reestablishing quarantine on the fallen Bourgha Black Hole system.

450 Billion Years ago: development Time Rip technology
This 450 BYA point is when the Fallen Borenthasala/Bourgha-MUsala-AhLAma Time-Raider races developed the time rip technology enough where they created an unstable, unnatural time rip between the fallen Ecka of parallel Eckasha (so, their Ecka) and the Kristiac Ecka of the AdorA side of our Eckasha. So that’s when they interfaced with us here where they ripped-they used time rip technology. Time rips are different than worm holes. They are much more unstable. They are almost like blasting a rip through and keeping a current flowing through the rip where you never know quite what it’s gonna do. Sometimes they close, sometimes they open. They have erratic cycles, where wormholes are stable constructs comparatively, so time rips are very, very volatile and those who use them often, lose control of them also. Where you can control a little bit of what it does and point it where you want it and hopefully it will go there and do what you want it to do. You can harness part of it but there’s always a chaos factor involved with the time rips.”

Transcript from 12 Tribes workshop: “Eckasha’s still fine, but its EckaNeca System is basically trashed. It is Black hole and it is destined to implode unless it feeds.They developed a Time-Rip Technology that allowed them to tap into our Ecka to infiltrate our system in order to eat it. Because we were next on their smorgasbord list. We were 1st actually, because we were the closest. That’s how we got entangled in this. It was because it was our parallelEckasha, the EckaNeca System in our Parallel Eckasha.”

The victem-victimizer game finds its origin with the Fallen Bourgha’s.

They first were put into quarantaine, but escaped in a far past… And created damage in all kinds of places in the parallel systems.

50 000 – 28 000 years ago: Atlantis :
The Toral Rift, which is this space- time distortion, a very large distortion system. It’s just when it was set back … it started in the Atlantean Period, the whole precession of the equinoxes and all those grid manipulations were all keyed in to get it to the point where when it would hit this Star Gate Opening Cycle, they would be able to drag this whole system and not just our Solar System, but this whole Galaxy, into the Toral Rift. That is what they are going to try to do starting with this time period.
FAtalE are opening the Time Wave between certain key periods in space-time, we’re literally going trans-time. There’s a wave that they are opening that goes back into the Atlantean period, it goes forward through the Biblical period, comes to here, and also goes into a future set of time lines where they have succeeded in pulling, you know, pulling this system into the Toral Rift. What they won’t succeed in doing is pulling this full Galaxy into the Toral Rift. But they got a good portion of it in those probabilities that are in the future.
You can have a 48-Strand Template that can still get caught in especially when you get the Fallen Equari involved, where they had the Plasma capacity. They could come in and reverse a full 48-Strand, you know, full Angelic Human – beyond Angelic Human gene code. And that is what happened in the Atlantean Drama. And that’s where you had incarnate FAtalE. Well, they didn’t really incarnate. They just snatched bodies from very, very high level Krystics. And there’s that 8th Line that it took us literally the whole time we’ve been on this planet – since the first Seeding, you know, 550 Million years ago – to actually build up enough quantum of Beings that carry not just the K-Factor, but the +8. Because the +8 Factor allowed them to run the pure Plasmas of the AL-Hum-Bhras that nothing can override those. So they could actually take the templates – even if you had a full 48-Strand that went in reverse which is like a really nasty FAtalE Dark Avatar at that point. Whatever it used to be Krystically is pretty much not so much there anymore. They can begin to at least freeze that — Plasma freeze it – so no more of it can actually activate and come in and can’t transmit. Because what they tend to do is activate FAtalE on that level and then send them out sexually, where they target Krystics. And that’s how they get the Krystics to Dark Flower. And this has been going on for eons in, you know, in the generations, you know, since Atlantis and before.
The FAtalE were … they came to be as the Fallen Equari — who had come in … they were actually the Phims that came through the Aquari and, you know, came in to assist in dramas that were taking place out here, to try to help them but got themselves entangled in those dramas to where at a certain point, where you see so much suffering. . . And this is where I have compassion really for all of them because what really drove FAtalE’s to become FAtalE’s, is they lost faith in God-Source because they saw so much suffering being allowed. They said, What kind of God-Source would allow this? But there is a reason, and there always is the balance that brings it back. And there always is the Path of Mercy and they forgot that. So they decided that they would just take it over and like help those trying to re-create the Creation because they were ticked off at God because God didn’t come down and say, No you can’t do that.

The Thetans (= not White Dragons) were responsible for the decimation and fall of the first Angelic Human Seeding of Parallel Earth 250 MYA, where they joined forces with the Bourgha races and created the Micca Complex wormhole network. They raided Earth 75 MYA and constructed the Mecca complex wormhole network counterpart on Earth, and began creation of the Metatronic ‘Threshold Glass Towers’ Grid control systems in Earth’s templar, intending to take over and combine the power of earlier Metatronic Earth Grid installments from competing raider races through the Bourgha E-Umbic Time Rip.

There is a place that many, many people go to at least once before they die. There is a very ancient craft complex- you could call it a large ship positioned underground in this location. This location and this ship are anchoring the E-Umbic rip into the planetary field and from there, there are other things that come out.
We will get into when this occurred but what they would like you to know for starters is that this particular time-rip that is now of issue in terms of Threshold – the Threshold grids are being plugged into the time-rip system to run the Triangulation of the 3 matrices – but this place…is Mecca…where the black cube is stationed. There is a process that certain races use that we will perhaps talk about tomorrow, I really hope not today because I’m really not ready to talk about it, because I’ve just learned about it and dealt with it this week in a small way. But there is a process that takes place with certain races called Uby Races.
These are the Inc-Uby and the SUc-Uby Races that have to do with the Bourgha and what is taking place on the other side of our universal E-Umbic rip on the AdorA side. On the AdorA side of the Matrix for many, many eons now the fallen Budhara groups have created a barricade on their side of the E-Umbic rip and they have fought with, continually fought with Bourgha Races and the spawn of the Bourgha Races which are the Uby Races in order to keep that barricade closed so the time-rip couldn’t be re-opened over into our side of the Matrix.

HISTORY related to NET-Earth

NOTE: In the history timeline underneath, there is only mentionned what the White Dragons succeeded in. There is not mentionned everything the GA did to prevent their actions or to stop the results of their actions. The aim is just to have an idea of what the White Dragon races intervened here to accomplish their Fall Agenda. Most of the information was taken from : Sliders 8 chronology, 12 Tribes workshops, April & May 2012 workshop, Excerpt from April 2012 SLD 12-2 Manual.
FA = Fallen Angelics;
GA = Guardian Alliance, MCEO councils, Krystic consciousness forms who have an ascention agenda for the Earth and its lifefield

Bourgha-Budhara LA-estaki wormhole activation + merger
Evac note due to Gravitron activation
Bourgha-Budhara / Bellatrix-Oberyon Telos/Ecka wars engagement and engagement in planetary drama
We lost Bridgezone project. (note: Parallel Earth fell in WesedRak Black Hole in 2003)

Starfire & universal fall: Bourgha’s, Uby’s and Thetans enter.
Trans-Eckasha Equari Dragon Wars (Equari, Uby’s, Thetans, Bourgha’s)
Bourgha-Budhara activate Triple 9 complex
Dramatic reversal of the Staff of Tara/Alcyone + Ecka-Veca Fall engagement
Opening Bourgha Eumbic Micca-Mekka Time-Rip + opening wormhole system in templar of Earth
Initiation of the Bourgha Threshold/BeaST merger
AdorA Budhara wars engage
Morocco Demon fest; Gravitron Staff tilt begins
Dramatic reversal of also the Universal Staff
Red & White Dragons activate the ‘demon seed’ in the core of the Earth in November 2005 till January 2006 to get a reversal of the Tauren of the Earth.

Hibernation Zone grids are turned over by Red Dragons to Bourgha-Budhara

Threshold Micca-Mecca network Solar Gate interface activation by Red Dragona (not the White Dragons!)
White Dragons assist Red Dragons conquest for Spanner Gate 7 through further activation of the Bourgha E-Umbic Time Rip & Micca-Mecca network solar gate interface.
White Dragons closed prana seed of the Sun on 25th March 2007 Solar Bardoah Death Cycle starts; progressive release of the bond between the 15 Rings of the Rasha Body and Light/Matter body, corresponding separation of the Rasha Body from the Light/Matter body, and subsequent sequential shut-down of the chakra and merkabic circulatory systems.
White Dragons take over Red Dragon command on April 2007 and escalate conquest for Spanner Gate 7 to use for direct invastion of M31-Urtha 3.

Activation of Omega-Kill-Code Last Extinction Order by White Dragons
White Dragons official disclosure invasion (All KIll Agenda).
White Dragons take over Red Dragons, UIR-Anu-Drak, the Green Dragon Caduceus, Earth’s hibernation zone grids, NET-Earth channels.
White Dragons prepare to seize Green Dragon Atlantean Hibernation Zone Gates for direct Zeta-ship invasion of NET-Earth.
Note: Treaty of Al-Ben’-Yhan launched by Krystics… “No contest negotiations”. Green dragons start to hand-over parts of their grids to the GA-MCEO during the months following.
White Dragons April 2008 attempt to open the Omega-Sink Holes, via accellerating Caduceus Rod spin, for direct Zeta ship invasion from Atlantean Hiberanation Zone, is successfully blocked by GA-MCEO.
White Dragons orchestrate ‘sub-prime Mortage collapse’ to trigger economic recession & to destabilize Green Dragon/UIR illuminati World Management Team controls.
White Dragons revert to Red Dragons “1st Invation Protocols”.

Omega Sink Hole opening blocked to end 2012, preventing from 2009 till 2012 Zeta Ship direct invasion. White Dragon’s attempt to re-open sink-hole potential via Parallel ‘Alpha Grid’ Earth interfaces, resulting in localized sismic activity.
Fallen Bourgha-BudhAea “BrUhan” White Dragon Equari from Veca 2 Parallel Milky Way :
Become administrative leaders of the “Fall Teams”
Succeed in activating their ‘Alpha-Omega Rod Bases’ on NET-Earth.
They attempt to take over NET-Earth’s Watchtower Shield via Alpha-Omega Control Base Cuba. Aim: running metatronic Fall Code BPR into NET-Earth’s Shield of Solomon Host to end Kryst Host and expedite the FA-illuminati “2012 Last Extinction/Planetary Metatronic NET 55 activation” agenda. (blocked by GA)
Initiate symbiote Alpha-Pulse assault on Aquafereion Shield to actiate those carrying the DNA “Codes of Bruah-Atlantis” for intended BrUhan possession. (healing by GA happened)
Succeed in activation of the “Alpha-Omega Base Networks” of our Earth and Parallel Earth
Succeed in bringing PKA-Alpha & PCM-omega ‘666 wormhole networks’ online in Earth’s Templar. (GA activated Shield of Solomon Kryst Host Grids & related Arc-Hub gate interface networks)
Failed to claim the NET-Earth / Median Earth Watchtower AhVE’yas Shield (Pine island, Florida)
Note: 1ste Fall White Dragon Equari from our veca-5 Milky Way, enter KaLE-RAma Path agreements with GA and agree to assist in Security/Protection of Krystal River Councils & Aquafereion Shield.
Start of the DarkFlower Affliction: plasma templates start running metatronic frequencies of the Abbadon matrix, entering our grids from December 2009 via the wormhole in Norway.

On January 8th 2010 the Bourgha broke through the AdorA side into our planetary system and into our EtorA side. There is a specific run where between Solar USG-4 the smaller part of it our Sun, and Earth which is stuck into USG-3 Urtha, that these are the first 2 points of raid once they break through. (was headed off by GA)
Haiti 7.0 mag. earthquake by grid activation of White Dragons alpha-omega grid control base in Cuba was brought online with Drakonian ‘Spear of Destiny’ Grid control base of Haiti.
Seeking to capture the Omega/Spear of Destiny Grid network, in order to use the Gravitron to force rapid geographical & geomagnetic Earth pole shift in end 2012, to complete their “2012 Omega Code Final Extinction” agenda with a 55 Metatronic Death Star activation.
Chili 8.8 mag. Earthquake: activation of the broken arrow site in Cusco Peru + Explosion & fire & oil spill gusher on ocean floor: Attempting to activate the “7 broken arrow sites” (and corresponding PKA 7 Jehovian Seals) to amplify the strength of the Metatronic Alpha-Omega (Spear of Destiny) Grid Network, in hope of capturing control of the “Metatronic BeaST Gravitron” (Staff vortex torsion field set) in the Gulf of Mexico, in order to use the Gravitron to force rapid geographical & geomagnetic Earth poleshift in end 2012. (GA activated certain ancient arrow sites under Kryst Timewave blend, thus preventing this)

2011: August : White Dragons succeeded to penetrate and infiltrate the Green and Violet Rings of the Shield of Solomon with their ‘Brenta de-Leur-ra Plasma Synthesizer’ and ‘False Reversed Violet Plasma Rays’, resulting in a spreading of the Dark Flowering. (GA intervention: FailSafe!)

“As the Metatronic Seed Atom & Death Star Merkaba of our sun reaches 55-spin during the Solar Bhardoah Ringwave-5,(5/27/2012) the “Eye of FAtalE” will open, extending the Brenta-de-Leu’ra Plasma Synthesizer Chamber into our Veca-5 Core, bringing the False Plasma Ray online with the Alpha-Omega/Mecca-Micca wormhole complex. The Mecca/Micca Complexes of PKA & PCM Earth will begin broadcasting the “Dark Flower Awakening” FAtalE Invasion from within through the “7 Broken Arrow” sites of the Wingmakers Gate Systems, initiating & re-activating Earth’s “7 Jehovian Seals” sites.”
From 25 March 2012 the grids of NET-Earth started to run on a “55 metatronic rotation”.
Due to FATaLE Reversed Violet Ray breach, and resultant Metatronic reversal of the Violet and Green Rings of the Host Shield of Solomon, the Dn 1-3 ANShaTAsa Passage of the Krystal River Host (which runs through the Shield of Solomon, then through the External Creation fields between Earth/Median Earth – Aquinos Milky Way and Urtha M31) has entered permanent Metatronic reversal. The ANShaTAsa Passage began spiral reversal into the Toral Rift Time-Wrap, due to FATaLE 55-spin accelleration of the Galactic solar/Planetary Metatronic Death Star Merkaba fields. Due to this condition, the Krystic Aurora gates sites, and corresponding local aurora ascention platforms associated with the ANShaTAsa Passage are being progressively forced into ‘Reversed Violet Ray reversal’ via quantum Metatronic drag.
GA actions: Beginning activation of the Planetary AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedrals  Network  and release of the Planetary Golden Handcuffs initiated permanent severing of the Metatronic Deathstar  Merkaba 21-spin-reversed same –spin-spiral-set of PKA Parallel Earth and the 34-spin-reversed same –spin-spiral-set Metatronic Deathstar Merkaba of PCM Net Earth (our Earth). The progressive severing of these 2 aspects of the Planetary Metatronic Deathstar Merkaba Fields progressively and permanently blocked opening of the Planetary Metatronic Alpha-Omega Gates between PKA Parallel Earth , the Bourgha Matrix and the Toral Rift pace-time distortion field , and our PCM Net Earth from the “reversed 55 spin-speed” of the Deathstar Merkaba activation (from 5/2012) , to a spin-speed of 34-reversed. These “AMCC-MCEO Prelude Activations “taking place during the 10-11/2012 Peru trip permanently blocked FAtalE invasion of PCM Net Earth Gates , initiated permanent Planetary Deathstar Merkaba De-activation, fully prevented activation of the “PCM-34-R/PKA-21-R=55.5” Planetary Deathstar Merkaba and permanently prevented the FAtalE’s intended PCM NetEarth’s 12/21/2012-2/16/2013 pole- shift into the Toral Rift alignment. The AMCC-MCEO Prelude Activations also prepared PCM Net Earth for the amazing healing via the Planetary ARhAyas Silver Seed Fail-Safe Activations.

2016: …..

When you have Phim-Born that have Dark Flowered, which means flowered – they’re activating their Plasma Body structure on Metatronic Reversal. That is a challenge because there literally is an elemental force that attaches at D-2.5. And when I said “D-2.5”, I mean D-2, 6th Sub-harmonic. There are 12 sub-harmonics in a dimensional band. So its D-2.5 is halfway to D-3, which is the 6th Sub-harmonic of D- 2. That is where the body attachments happen. And there are literal consciousness that don’t have bodies of their own that are very interested in people’s bodies here. They have been tracking for generations. So if you are having a Dark Flower issue now, it’s because you had one before.
Where you really don’t realize that the FAtalE is kind of moving your thought forms around and absorbing your thought forms and moving your emotional body around where the person you might have been before the Dark Flowering seems to get lost and just absorbed by the new consciousness of the Dark Flower, which is the FAtalE that is coming in to be your “Lord and Master” basically. And you. And that is what if a person is allowed to fully Dark Flower, that is what happens. They … whoever they were before an attachment that went into full saturation, they just aren’t that person anymore. They will use the persona, but it is the FAtalE’s agenda that is being run through the person. There are some people in that condition. And even … the Host options are even available to FAtalE who mean it – like who really do want to, Okay let’s say, I know I’m a FAtalE, I stole a body. Alright. I’m tired of the game too, right. I want to get out of here. Right? Alright, alright, I surrender. Like please just give me the Host, let’s fix this. Right? It’s like, Oh! Caught with the hand in the cookie jar. Okay. I’ll be nice now.
There are some, you know, FAtalE Collectives who were kind of like, Uh oh, we’re busted! Right? But that’s okay because the Krystics aren’t holding it against them. Just going like, I really wish you didn’t go there because like, we are going to Stand. We’re not going to go after you but we will Stand if you are trying to, you know, take out the Kryst Mission. Sorry! Right? So the Host extends to anyone who wants it. But if you’re … if you’re like … you have say a certain saturation point which means you weren’t say a Phim-Born FAtalE, but you have a percentage of saturation. Maybe it’s 30%. If it’s 30% or under, it can actually be cleared in the Chakra system. It can be cleared enough where you could still get ascension potential back with the body. If it was over 30%, there is no way to clear it. It can be contained, kind of like when you
have diabetes or something. If you’ve got it, it tends to not ever go away. It can be managed. And over 30% saturation, it can be managed. If it goes into over 70%, that’s pretty much … it’s the FAtalE that you are knowing yourself as. And it can still be managed, but it’s more difficult because there will always be that inner conflict that the FAtalE carries.
The dark flower can be reversed, but only at the critical point. Less than 30%, can be completely healed. 30-70%, can not be reversed, but it can be managed. There are more than 70% of the general does not want to help, but if they are willing to still be able to help, although they will always struggle with their Equari overlord. The dark flower can be spread in many ways, such as treatment modalities like Reiki or Catala granted St. Contact or any close energy. It can also be sexually spread very effectively, though this is not only spread.
For people who have gone over 30% saturation with Dark Flowering – either from a different life or they were actually born with over 30% or if they went into saturation here – they can still be assisted with that process. They won’t be able to fully bring the body back to Impeccability, but they can create – the frequencies of this Host – can create a balance within the body, that doesn’t allow the full FAtalE where you have this overshadow Overlord actually directing your actions and you’re the last to get to know that you are actually being used that way. And you know, where you’re being used to do like the dirty deeds of others and you’re not even seeing that you’re doing that.
But the other thing is that these FailSafe frequencies will allow a block to be put in place like a safety blanket between the Overshadow part of the FAtalE that is the big mind behind the smaller part that is trying to embody as you, and your own self. So you will still have Ascension Consciousness where you can make your choices. Because with Dark Flowering with FAtalE, the person that is embodied that is under that affliction is progressively losing its ability to use Free Will Choice because that choice is being taken away by the FAtalE who has taken a body that doesn’t belong to it, absorbed the consciousness that once was free, and called it its own.
Summary: Dark Flower AfflictionTM:
Dark Flower Affliction results from the fact that the plasma templates run metatronic frequencies from the Abbadon matrix, localized in the Black Hole Matrix. These frequencies came in from December 2009 in the grids of the Earth on plasma level via the wormhole in the atmosphere of Norway. In the MCEO teachings from 2005 – 2007 there was spoken about the Thetans, Bourgha, Equari and ‘Uby’ fallen races of the Eumbic Time Rip and the Threshold Micca-Mecca complex Black Hole/wormhole network. Collectively, the Succubi and Incubi fallen races are called the ‘Ubys’. Hybrid fallen Equari-Phim/Uby racelines became the ‘Wa-ZE-yenta FA-Ta-LE’ and the ‘Wha-JhE’A-Ta FA-Ta-LE’. These are the previous Aquari Phims that are fallen and now are called the Equari. Information about the Ubys was given in the MCEO Freedom Teachings around the “1/2005 Mission upgrade-8/Evac Stand-by”, when the “Trans-Eckasha Dragon Wars” (Equari, Ubys, Thetans) got involved in this Earthly drama via pacts with the Bourgha-Budhara, resulting in the activation of the “Triple-9-Complex” (reference: Januari India WS). They progressively started to open the Threshold Micca-Mecca Eumbic Time Rip and black hole/wormhole system in the Templar of the Earth. The involvement of the Fallen Equari, Ubys and Thetans in this drama, reached a climax when they closed the pranaseed of the Sun on 25/03/2007, causing initiation of the ‘Solar Bardoah Cycle’ and the necessity of the “Krystal River Host Load-Out Evac Mission”. The Uby-FAtalE Wa-ZE-yenta & Wha-JhE-Ata have entangled with the ‘F-666’ racelines since the Christos period. The seeding of the ‘F-Factor’ started in Atlantis, reached the F-666 potential in the Christos period. Each reincarnated FA-Ta-LE has an elemental attachement from Dn2 to Dn5 fallen Equari Phim/Uby hybrid ‘Overloard’.

In August 2011, the FATaLE’s penetrated the Green and Violet Rings of the Shield of Solomon via their ‘Brenta de-Leu-ra Plasma Synthesizer’ & ‘False Reversed Violet Plasma Rays’ (Source: workshops April and May 2012, http://www.ARhAyas.com). This is the reason why this FATaLE/Uby race succeeded to infiltrate the Green and Violet core and rings of the Aquafereion Host Shield, resulting in the fact they started to spread progressively the ‘Dark Flower Affliction’. This all was done to boycot the Kryst Host Agenda.

From 25th March 2012, the grids of this NET Earth also started to run on a ’55 reversed Metatronic rotation’. The Planetary Krystic Flame of ARhAyas anchored and flamed in the Temple of ARhAyas on Median and NET Earth on 12/23/2012, through which smaller ‘Flame of ARhAyas’ activations started in whole the ALHumBhra Cathedral Network Temple Complexes of Median Earth and NET Earth. Activation of the Planetary Flame of ARhAyas achieved a vaporization of the Metatronic Seed Atom in the PCM NET Earth (localized in Andorra) on 12/23/2012, through which an accomplishment found place of the release of the Planetary Golden Handcuff Metatronic Harness (which was constructed in a far past by the FATaLE’s) of the PCM Earth ALHumBhra Cathedral Network. This resulted in the Planetary Silver Seed Awakening receiving of Median & NET Earth.
Note: More information about those Golden Handcuffs: Workshop dec 2012 (TanTriAhura Teachings, down of the age of Enlightenment): page 21, 22, 23. There is standing in the title: “The Golden Handcuffs (vesica pisces phase lock) of the BrhALindt FAtaLE (from future 4963AD Bourgha Matrix) Pentagon Control of the Planetary ALHumbrha Cathedrals network… Planetary Golden Hand-cuffs” : the BhrA-Lindt FAtalE Pentagon/vesica-pisces Metatronic Control Harness on the Planetary AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedrals Network D-Span Gates from late-100AD-early 200 AD.

When you can see the Dark Flower Affliction evolve in someone, you see that the plasma flowers in the plasma anatomy of that person are charged with it and start to turn black because the plasma flowers start to run on that metatronic frequency. Because of the Krystal River FailSafe, the ‘Dark Flower Affliction’ stops in its evolution. On this moment, the Earth is protected against further ‘Dark Flower Affliction’. The plasma frequencies of the Krystal River FailSafe Host will progressively allow activation of the sleeping K (Kryst)-factors in the junk DNA and the Epi-genetic overlay, through lots of humans, inclusive those who suffer from Dark Flower Affliction, can repair the Kryst sequenties of their DNA codes, to become totally free of the “55 rotation MET NET DNA harness” and to ascend with the Krystal River Host DhA-Yah-TEi planes to Internal Creation.

Wormholes related with Fallen Bourgha’s:

1) Micca-Mekka complex
2) The Norway spiral
3) Personal note: probably also all these spirals and strange balls that popped up the last 2 years above Russia & Siberia (although E’Asha never confirmed those yet)
4) Personal note: I also remember a spiral that popped up 2 or 3 years ago above a place in India (not confirmed by E’Asha)


References: Workshops: Sliders 8 : chronology handbook (august 2010), 12 Tribes workshop (starting from 2010), Sliders 2 part 2 (April 2012), EFFI workshop (May 2012, Peru workshop Call of the RhAyas and Cathedral Network (October 2012), http://www.Arhayas.com, TanTri Ahura Teachings, down of the age of Enlightenment (December 2012). Note: in the majority of all workshops given from 2004 till 2013 the FATaLE are mentioned, while they got involved in this Earthly Drama from 2004….

12 thoughts on “History FATaLE

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      • DRAGON & The Key?
        BLACK DRAGON & The Key.
        Of rather BLACK DRAGON is the Key.

        Tej nocy znow snil mi sie dom nad STUDNIA.. byl w nim obecny moj zmarly ojczym I gdzies w tle, jakby w czarnej mgle ukryty Max Spiers… Zanim dowiedzialam sie o smierci mojego ojczyma mialam kilka snow w ktorych widzialam jak umiera I ze ma to zwiazek z czarna energia.. nie mowilam o tych snach mojej matce bo nie chcialam byc posadzona o niepotrzebne straszenie, a sny byly naprawde straszne…
        W kazdym badz razie snil mi sie wlasnie moj ojczym I gdzies za nim w tle Max Spiers, ktorego smierc co istotne rowniez wiazala sie z czyms w rodzaju czarnej energii I do tego ten CZARNY ORB, ktory widzialam w noc jego smierci… ze snu przebudzilam sie z mysla o tzw. DARK FLOWERING na co blyskawicznie nalozyla mi sie CZARNA ROZETA utworzona z czarnej energii, ktora widzialam jakis czas temu…
        Ktos mi napisal ze moi sasiedzi, a dokladniej dwoch moich najblizszych sasiadow zostalo wyeliminowanych w celu ochrony mojej osoby, bo zdaniem tego kogos owa czarna energia chciala ich przejac I za ich posrednictwem zrobic mi cos zlego.. mysle jednak ze to nie tak….to bylo moich dwoch najblizszych I tak sie sklada ze najbardziej pomocnych I przyjaznych sasiadow… jeden z nich tuz po smierci zjawil sie w moim snie twierdzac zebym z nim poszla bo koniecznie chce mi cos pokazac.. I okazalo sie ze chodzi o…
        Wracajac jednak do Czarnej Energii I Czarnego Smoka…


        Po tym jak wczesnie rano napisalam ten komemntarz zasnelam ponownie I tym razem przysnilo mi sie ze ktos wrzucil mi do skrzynki pocztowej jakas wiadomosc I byly to tak jakby dwie koperty, obie zaadresowane do mnie personalnie. W pierwszej znajdowal sie plakat, taki 100 cm na 50 a na nim, na zielonkawy tle umieszczona byla czarna glowa wilka, ale chyba bez oczu.. W gornej czesci plakatu umieszczony byl jakis tytul, a w dolnej krotka wiadomosc… I tytul I wiadomosc napisane odrecznie czarnym mazakiem.. tytul kojarzy mi sie z zaproszeniem do cyrku I bylo w nim uzyte bardzo charakterystyczne slowo, moze sobie je pozniej przypomne.. z kolei w dolnej czesci plakatu ktos pisal mniej wiecej cos takiego “na mnie konczy sie gwiazda 4 g…” albo “wraz ze mna konczy sie 4 gwiazda”… niestety dalszej czesci zupelnie nie moge sobie przypomniec…
        Nie pamietam tez co bylo w drugiej kopercie… ale pamietam ze w snie ta osoba ktora podrzucila mi te listy zdawala sie byc bardzo blisko…



        Pamietam ze w snie probowalam zakluczyc drzwi ale KLUCZ byl tak dziwnie wygiety…

        Mam nadzieje ze uda mi sie przypomniec dalsza ciag tej wiadomosci…
        Czwarta Gwiazda moze sie odnosic do SG 4.

        I co istotne. Snil mi sie juz kiedys CZARNY WILK, tyle ze w tamtym snie bylam w Moskwie…



      • NA VTV pojawiło się wczoraj coś takiego (dziś ma być 2 część)

        sen jaki miałaś z czarnym wilkiem może mieć związek z tym dokumentem, wilk czyli WILKOŁAKI/ CYNOCEFALE niższy (wykonawczy) poziom nazistowskiego systemu okupacji planety znany jako JUDZKOŚĆ (wiary abrahamiczne)

        Numerek może zaś się odnosić do Piepiórki i jej wizji zagłady kolejnych cywilizacji… bo po odliczeniu 1 jeszcze RAJSKIEJ czyli LUDZKIEJ 4 wypada właśnie jako OSTATNIA JUDZKA / PASOŻYDNICZA…

        W każdym razie się coś ostro dzieje bo nawet cobra zapowiedzianą na jutro ZAGŁADĘ ŚWIATA przełożył na 11.11 z ostrym wciskaniem ludzi w (finansową) BAŃKĘ na SREBRZE… w masowe zakupy akcji “na srebro” by tak otrzymać 144 tysiące “masy krytycznej”.

        Zaś na poziomie finansowym uSSa dostałą kroplówkę z FEDu w postaci kolejnego MASOWEGO DODRUKU usd (tzw LUZOWANIA FINANSOWEGO, już 4).


      • Ten nizszy poziom wykonawczy, to ma sens. Nie wiem co bylo w drugiej kopercie, czy to byl jakis dokument, choc poster pamietam dosc dokladnie, z wyjatkiem tekstu. W tle byl jakis zielonkawy mineral, cos pomiedzy oliwinem, peridotem a serpentyninem… Dokument snil mi sie w poprzednim snie z Czarnym Wilkiem. Numer 4 rzeczywiscie moze sie odnosic do Czwartej Cywilizacji. Czym jest 4G wiadomo (Four Generation)….

        Tekstu byly z dwie moze z trzy linijki, niestety zapamietalam tylko wstep i to tez niezbyt dokladnie…



      • W każdym razie się coś ostro dzieje bo nawet cobra zapowiedzianą na jutro ZAGŁADĘ ŚWIATA przełożył na 11.11 z ostrym wciskaniem ludzi w (finansową) BAŃKĘ na SREBRZE… w masowe zakupy akcji “na srebro” by tak otrzymać 144 tysiące “masy krytycznej”.

        Pozniej napisze , w nawiazaniu do 11.11 moj sen z duda.Wspominalam wczesniej.


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