KHAZARIAN MAFIA next part – Trump signs US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

Kushner face.. no comment…

A mafia chazarska to miedzy innymi taki twor jak MOSSAD, twor ktorego jedna z marionetek jest Trump:

Trump’s ties to Mossad/CIA Pedophile Ring

Editor’s note:  VT, in 2014, broke the story at the Damascus Regional Security Conference, organized crime out of Israel was running ISIS and that what was being misperceived as “national governments” were only “middle management” in a world organized crime operation named by Dr. Preston James as the RKM or Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

This organization has unusual roots, which go back centuries, the Vatican, Freemasonry, the Rothchild family, the British Royal family as well, but also survived in Germany under the Abwehr and later under the powerful Nazi organizations that survived the war, some of which for very difficult to understand reason, except to insiders who “get it,” helped establish the State of Israel.

I found this group gaining control over the US when Reagan took office.  Kennedy had cleaned them and the Abwehr/Allan Dulles group from the CIA.  They walked back in the door, along with the drug cartels and the Iran Contra gang the day Reagan was sworn in.  CIA stations were given Mossad “overseers,” one of them, a Dr. Eduardo Leonardi, eventually became on of my closest friends.  These weren’t all idiots and they, the experienced line agents, knew that mob control of so much of the world, culminating in Trump’s presidency, would eventually endanger the last vestiges of civilization.  The goyim were meant to be fed off of, not butchered.

The video above and the articles below, including references to the works of Michael Collins Piper, have more right than wrong.  The references to biblical prophesy are appropriate as behind the RKM is ritual satanic rule and, as stated below, a pedophile ring that Trump and his associates sit at the center of, Trump as inheritor of Roy Cohn, who ruled the RKM from New York, inheritor of the Abwehr.

British spy novel author and jailed whistleblower, Michael Shrimpton, began being fed information on a group called the DVD, a “German” based organization that runs world terrorism.  Shrimpton’s sources are largely Putin underlings.  By our estimation, Putin sees himself as standing against the anti-Christ, but we have no trust that his views which have given both Trump and Israel more than enough rope to hang themselves are correct or that he is playing a “long game” as Russians so often do.

Inside here and with writers such as Ian Greenhalgh, Preston James,  Jim Dean and others, a picture will emerge.

The center of the RKM is Google Corporation.  Dominance of human thought and the unleashing of an artificial intelligence that will hand feed custom crafted “Google reality” to every “internet wired” human on the planet was rolled out more than two years ago.

Every satellite, every intercept, the dozens of phony US intelligence agencies (with some exceptions) and a network of RKM controlled tech companies including Google and Facebook, have implemented a “deep state” government above us all.

Yet they fail, we see it in Syria, we see some in Washington fighting back, and especially in the FBI where loyal line agents are refusing to take orders from the Trump/Cohn/RKM mob the same way the CIA refused to submit to Singlaub and Mossad rule in 1980.

Where the AI is seen so clearly, the endless flow of fake conspiracy theories like Pizzagate, and endless flow of them tied to real and imagined false flag terror acts, school shootings, even to the point of controlled weather and nuclear engineered tsunami’s, yes it is that big.

Feeding this is human weakness, the well known and well documented disease, opening an email, reading a Google/RKM crafted conspiracy theory customized to a mass of data from intercepted phone calls, even conversations in homes where appliances with cameras and microphones build backed by algorithms tuned and retuned daily, have turned what used to be fools into zombies.

The RKM, starting with Schofeld in the 1840s created Christian Evangelism just as they created the Jesuits back in the 1500s or the State of Israel in 1947.  Simply tracing the military power used to conquer Judea and Samaria, then watching Suez in 1956 and the Jewish Wehrmacht hit Egypt and Syria in 1967 should have been enough.

We see its centers of power unfold, its long control of events in Europe through the Black Nobility and Bloodline families, centered in Belgium and the Netherlands.  Their control from Brussels of world human trafficking, a dozen drug cartels including Afghanistan, the really big one, and of course, NATO.

They took Ukraine as a base of operations, and are using former Russian facilities there to provide ICBM technology to not only North Korea but to both India and Israel that have missiles with 11,000 km range, for targeting North America.  I reviewed records of this trade back in 2009 with the Director General of Pakistan’s ISI, General Pasha.  Author Jeff Gates sat beside me, aghast.

We watched them for years, the Gehlen Organization, set up by the US supposedly, in 1946 out of the remains of the Nazi/Odessa networks.  Their claim was to use Nazis to fight terrorism.  At their heart was the Dulles Brothers, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and in Washington J. Edgar Hoover.  Richard Nixon was an Allen Dulles protege, brought into what was called “Operation Paperclip” in 1946, then groomed for congress and then for greater things.  Eisenhower was their puppet president.

They murdered Kennedy, they staged 9/11, 7/7, they are ISIS, they are Google Jigsaw, they shoot up a school yard, concert, or stage some atrocity on schedule every few weeks.  At their heart, Amway Corporation, Coors, Walmart, the monstrosity of NAFTA and the Romney/Salinas/Bush Cartel.

We saw them but this is all the public saw:

“A report by journalist Gerardo Reyes filed November 19, 2000 from Miami, mentions that in 1977, when his father was named CIA Director, Jeb established himself in Venezuela as a representative of Commerce Bank of Texas, owned by James Baker, who was a friend of Bush Sr. and later Secretary of State. Jeb speaks Spanish fluently, thanks to his marriage to the Mexican Columba Garnica, which is why “the family was rapidly accepted by the rich Venezuelan petroleum society.”

In 1980, when his father was elected Vice President, Jeb moved to Miami, which he considers “the most international city in the country.” During subsequent years, in order to make money, Jeb joined forces with the Cuban director of the anti-Castro National Cuban American Foundation (FNCA), Armando Codina, from whom he earned commissions of up to $50,000 for attracting investors to Codina’s business. This was an obvious case of influence-peddling.

Jeb also associated with Miguel Recarey, the Cuban American businessman who was accused of a million dollar fraud using federal funds collected by his Miami medical centers. Recarey diverted money earmarked for Miami public health services to organize, though his firm, the International Medical Centers (IMC), hospital services for the Nicaraguan Contra mercenaries. Jeb also received $75,000 from that company to relocate, something that never came to pass.”

The truth is different.  From the Bank of Venezuela and its office on Brickell Ave. in Miami, less than 100 yards from the CIA regional headquarters, then CIA director George H.W. Bush, later Vice President, built the Colombian cartels under strict rule from Washington.  Cartel heads flew in and out of Miami receiving directions and basking in US protection.  Recent films about Barry Seal and much of the cartel narrative is fabricated, insane.  They didn’t rule, they were and are RKM employees and now partners in most American investment firms, according to former FBI agent Carlos D’La’O, who headed the investigation into the Romney/Salinas/Castro accords that control America’s drug trafficking and money laundering.  I debriefed D’La’O on tape.

We also have the massive trade in nuclear material as well, some stolen from Pantex in Amarillo by the Mossad, others from Ukraine and sold on the open market giving the real world a dozen more nuclear arsenals than admitted.

Behind that we have secret US programs, begun “off books” in 1992, to develop nuclear munitions without nuclear signature, to use for events like 9/11 or to pepper the Middle East with under the guise of the War on Terror.  All is known, there are so many real whistleblowers the public will never know of nor never care about.  The public has puppet Mossadnik “Assange” and two decades of fake leaks and chickenfeed, fabricated by the RKM and laundered through Wikieaks, InfoWars and the MSM including CNN.

Every terror organization is a creation rooted in Gehlen and his children, Mossad, CIA, MI 6, Black September, ISIS, RAW, MIT, Gladio, DVD (real or imagined) and the events they create, the governments they manage and the “elites” they serve who, if you should have the pleasure of meeting some, are even dumber than Trump himself.

We are ruled by morons.

And so it goes.g

Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part II

Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part III


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11 thoughts on “KHAZARIAN MAFIA next part – Trump signs US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

  1. Amerykański sekretarz stanu Mike Pompeo oświadczył w środę, że Stany Zjednoczone są przygotowane do akcji zbrojnej w Wenezueli, jeśli będzie to konieczne do zatrzymania trwającego kryzysu politycznego w tym kraju.

    “Prezydent (Donald Trump) wypowiada się jasno i konsekwentnie – akcja zbrojna jest możliwa. Jeśli będzie ona tym, co jest konieczne, będzie ona tym, co Stany Zjednoczone zrobią” – powiedział Pompeo w rozmowie ze stacją Fox Business Network.

    Czytaj więcej na,nId,2967366#utm_source=paste&utm_medium=paste&utm_campaign=firefox


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  3. ”Behind that we have secret US programs, begun “off books” in 1992, to develop nuclear munitions without nuclear signature, to use for events like 9/11 or to pepper the Middle East with under the guise of the War on Terror. All is known, there are so many real whistleblowers the public will never know of nor never care about. The public has puppet Mossadnik “Assange” and two decades of fake leaks and chickenfeed, fabricated by the RKM and laundered through Wikieaks, InfoWars and the MSM including CNN.”

    Livia Ether Flow
    sen z 4 lutego 2015

    opis snu:

    w pierwszym snie z 04 lutego szukalam czegos tak jakby w jadacym pociagu… tak jakby po dwoch jego stronach… tyle, ze jedna strona zdawala sie pedzic w jedna strone, a druga w przeciwna.. po srodku znajdowala sie czesc zdajaca sie stac w miejcu.. tak jakby restauracja… pamietam duzo metalicznych srebrnych drzwi… i Ra, ktory wspieral mnie w moich poszukiwaniach.. tak jakbym szukala sluchawek? hmm… ale nie mam pewnosci.. pamietam jedynie, ze zarowno po jednej jak i drugiej stronie znalazlam poduszki w bialo czarna szachownice… az w koncu otworzylam jakies drzwi i odkrylam, ze one prowadza do jakiegos ogromnego i tajemniczego podziemia… pamietam duze okragle schody.. tak jakby pomalowane na ciemno szmaragdowy kolor… ale byc moze byl to jedynie efekt panujacego tu oswietlenia… schody ta jakby zwezaly sie do dolu.. przypominajac tez cos w rodzaju colloseum (albo wieza babel)… kiedy zeszlam jeszcze troszke glebiej.. zaczely mnie dochodzic tajemnicze dzwieki.. ale po chwili dostrzeglam tabliczke z napisem:

    Zone of Silence

    co dziwniejsze.. dzwieki w strefie ciszy.

    z tym snem polaczony byl inny, w ktorym wraz z Ra znajdowalam sie w jakiejs sypialni.. innej niz nasza.. przy czym sam Ra wydal sie nieco inny, dziwny.. wygladajacy troszke jak japonska manga.. charakterystyczne dla mang wlosy… czarno biale.. w pasy.. z profilu bardziej jak Julian Assange… hmm.. pamietam, ze nalegal abym koniecznie obejrzala jakies video.. zgodzilam sie wiec.. choc juz po chwili… powiedzialam STOP! nie.. na filmie tym grupa osob za szklanymi drzwiami.. posadzila na czyms w rodzaju krzesla elektrycznego.. odziana w pomaranczowe bandaze mumie.. ktora pod wplywem elektrycznosci zaczela ozywac.. choc to wszystko odbywalo sie w bardzo drastyczny sposob…







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