Metagalactic Core & CHINA GATE

Kolejny ciekawy tekst Lisy Renee, choc ciekawy nie znaczy ze z wszystkim co w nim zawarte sie zgadzam… tym bardziej ze watek Metagalaktycznego Rdzenia uwazam za temat z pewnych powodow bardzo kontrowersyjny, ale o tym pozniej w komentarzu a takze CHINSKICH WROTACH (xi’an i terakotowa armia o ktorej wspominalam niedawno w watku koronawirusa – link)


February 2020

Metagalactic Core

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

We are living through the personal mystery of waking up to find out that earth humans have been existing in a fallen system. We are in the process of undergoing a spiritual liberation of our planet, in which everything we thought was true is being tested and challenged during this time. The Metatron Collective entered this fallen system with the mission of rebuilding the Lyran gate and helping to repair the 8D layers in the Metagalactic Core. We look at why this was necessary and how their failure and capture have become entangled with alien technologies of reversal fields, used to syphon and entrap. Recently, Guardians have been able to access pre-fall and pre-invasion templates for correcting the architecture in this present timeline. This has implications for the 8D and 9D gates, and control over movement in and out of our system.

After the partial Fall of the Milky Way system from its Mother Universe, subsequent distortions were created in the structural integrity of the Universal Time Matrix in which the organic creator Krist-Krystallah codes became twisted, damaged and reversed. The origination of the Fall of Humanity began when the organic structures that interconnected the Andromedan Time Matrix and the Milky Way Time Matrix in the Metagalactic Core were attacked by black hole entities, many of whom joined together later on to form the NAA. This surprise attack from the neighboring black hole system began several timeline events that would play out in the Galactic Wars at multiple dimensional levels simultaneously. The Galactic Wars further damaged the functioning structure of the organic time matrix, which led to the exploitation of that vulnerability by the black hole entities. They began ripping black holes in the fabric of space-time and building assortments of mind control technology for projecting AI realities, that are used for capturing planets and living things to use as consciousness slaves.  

The black hole entities were searching to conquer new territories in a neighboring time matrix for an external source supply of living consciousness energy and other resources they could use to fuel their dying system and immortal lunar forms. The separation of the Milky Way System resulted in several fallen stars from Andromeda, the fallen star which was captured in the Metagalactic Core imploded upon itself and became the black star Abaddon. Subsequently, the damage incurred to the Metagalactic Core led to the events surrounding the Fall of Lyra, in which the Christos Avatar 12th Stargate leading into the Andromedan time matrix imploded and was destroyed, its pieces scattered throughout the Galactic plane.  

The Metatron Collective volunteered to enter the fallen system with the mission purpose of rebuilding the Lyran gate and helping to repair the 8D layers in the Metagalactic Core. However, they failed and were absorbed into the Yahweh matrix. This led to the next stage of the AI black cube matrix system that is used to drain quantum energy from the Milky Way system, siphoning life force in reversal coded networks to power up the black hole system. This is the origination event of the phenomena of twisted demon seed ratios running in the alien machinery that generate Metatronic Reversals existing in the epicenter of the eighth dimension, the Metagalactic Core. This spawned the building of alien machinery and inorganic geometric blueprints in the dimensional layers that are used to siphon life force and consciousness energy from all living forms. The Atlantian Cataclysm was the last event in our hidden historical timeline that took place, seen as the last stage of the war against humanity. This event thrust us into the dark ages, which led to the planet becoming a prison planet, while the Luciferian Controllers continually enforce censorship of this knowledge with the Atlantian Conspiracy.

Extraction of Metatronic Bodies

Recent Paliadorian activations have comprised Guardian Yeshua’s 8D Rod and Staff holder configurations being transmitted into the Metagalactic Core, which has had major impacts to support the correction of Metatronic distortions and the extraction of metatronic bodies produced in demon seed ratios. Many genetic clones of the original Yeshua J12 that were produced as imposters from demon seed ratios have been identified, collected and have begun to be transited out into the Arc Zone, reclaiming the organic consciousness parts to be restored to proper Krist coding. The Metatronic constructs expand into many complex layers of alien technologies that have been used to clone holograms of the avatar families, that serve in the lower dimensions as the Krystal Guardian Christos leadership. This event appears to support another level of revealing the authentic identities versus the artificially generated false identities, that were created by the NAA to confuse and derail the Christos mission.

This Galactic activation holds an assortment of liquid rainbow plasma frequency sets and new elemental patterns and geometric blueprints to override Metatronic reversal coding. These are being transmitted for co-creating an organic ascending architecture for the Earth, Taran and Gaian historical timelines that are being directly hosted by the Andromedan system. In many cases, for the first time Guardians have been able to access pre-fall and pre-invasion templates of the planetary schematics in multiple harmonic universes, for correcting the architecture in this present timeline. This has also included massive shifts in the architecture in the Galactic plane, as well as sweeping changes in the eighth and ninth dimensional layers in the Metagalactic Core of the Milky Way system. All of the spectrums of dimensional frequencies throughout the Universal Time Matrix have begun to weave together from within a Guardian hosted portal system. This works like an aperture lens that has been opening into the Metagalactic Core in order to combine, synthesize and integrate the new elemental consciousness and their geometric patterns in order to form into the highest dimensional layers of spinning Metagalactic Merkaba fields.

The spiraling merkaba fields that are being built in the Metagalactic Core are sourced from the Krystal Guardian Host Gyrodome technology correcting the proportions in the diagonals. This has been utilized over the last few years to perform recon and transit of Christos people and their genetic clones that were being held hostage in the black hole system or phantom areas. The new corrections for geomantic templates are transmitting frequencies that have been observed to be threading into the anti-particle layers and into an assortment of galactic layers of morphogenetic instruction sets. The Metagalactic Merkaba fields are drawing in the highest spectrum of frequencies from the Cosmic Holy Father, and then bringing them through the lower dimensional particle layers leading into the planetary body. This is reincorporating or returning these unified braided frequency sets back into the Metagalactic Core as synthesized consciousness units spinning tri-wave currents that organize and synchronize into smaller merkaba fields.

These recent Paliadorian transmissions appear to have had the effect of dismantling and dissolving reversal coded demon seed ratio sets in the architecture. These are golden spiral, fibonacci and phi ratios used to enforce metatronic reversals, cloned bodies and closed energy systems in multiple dimensions. The Metatronic code enforces 60-degree diagonals to stop the diamond grid from functioning properly in the planetary grid network, and we are observing in some areas that the diagonal grids are being reset to the corrected 45-degree angular spin. As these diamond grids come online and push loads of life force into the merkaba spirals, this appears to give a boost for lift off.

Merkaba fields are consciousness travelling vehicles, so this informs us that the Metagalactic Core has the start of what appears to be Metagalactic Merkaba fields gaining momentum that allow the 8D Stargate system to be moved in space-time, to fulfill its natural and organic Krist code mathematical position. This relates to the north-south position of the Planetary Staff, that was artificially tethered to the Beast Machine components in the Galactic plane, which includes the inorganic four directions of the Yahweh matrix and the main Caduceus network.  

The Guardian supported passageway that intersects between the Galactic core and Metagalactic core in the eighth dimensional layers is also called the Eye of Elohim. This is the primary space where newer spiritual initiates are first taken for review of 8D Metagalactic implants and met by Guardians once they have fully embraced the re-education of the principles of the Law of One.

The Krystal Star Guardians collaborate with the Auroras to build Aurora Platforms that act as safe zones, to step over the reversal fields running on the earth from the Frequency Fence and NET. The Aurora Platforms allow access into the passageway that leads to the area of the Ascension Earth in Andromeda, this is the Aquaelle matrix that transmits the Mother’s Aqua Ray Daughter Codes into the earth crystal caverns. There is an Aurora Platform that creates a safe passage way between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.

Sagittarius A Star

The Galactic Center of the Milky Way contains a black hole swarm along with many objects in outer space that transmit strong radio waves, including the powerful radio source of Sagittarius A near the location of a supermassive black hole. The Galactic Core is the rotational center of the Milky Way Galaxy and our Solar system is contained within the inner edge of the Orion-Cygnus Arm. However, this is an unnatural configuration that occurred as the result of a partial fall of our Universal Time Matrix, when warring attacks were made from black hole entities. The subsequent invasions from neighboring systems included many of the reptile-insectoid races that waged the Orion genetic wars, as well as the moon chains that followed them to invade the Milky Way system for the purpose of recolonization and siphoning a new energy source.

Sagittarius A-Star contains fallen parts of the Universal Time Matrix that originally sourced from our Kristos home in the seven higher heavens, also known as the Andromedan Galaxy or Messier 31. Before the Universal fall, the Milky Way system was a direct part of the living matrix of the Andromedan system. The splitting apart of the Milky Way system from the Andromedan system resulted in the formation of a Phantom Galaxy centered around an imploded black star and black hole system. Sagittarius A Star was a key transmission point for maintaining the 666 configuration of the Beast Machine that kept the Yahweh matrix and Caduceus network in place within the Metagalactic Core.

Sagittarius A-Star has been producing bright X-ray flares on an increasingly consistent basis with aggressive winds of cosmic rays emitting energy intelligence, ranging from low frequency radio waves to high energy gamma rays. During the Ascension cycle and with recent corrections made to the Metagalactic Core this transmission activity has rapidly increased.

This particular section of the time matrix originally functioned in the eighth dimensional spectrum of the Metatronic Galactic plane and held the 8D stargate that led into the Andromedan system. This stargate became inverted when these sections of the time matrix collapsed and went into increasing stages of magnetic reversal and gravitational field warping. The remnants of this chaotic history from the Galactic Wars in the Orion area are made evident in viewing the spiral arm of the galactic nebula, which is scattered and has multiple breaks of discontinuity as a result of gravitational distortions. The magnetic reversal matrix distortions drag down the creations in the entire Milky Way system, warping the trajectory of the Solar System’s planetary orbit into a destructive event horizon. The damage incurred as the result of warring destruction waged upon the integrity of the time matrix, pulls down the inhabitants to slowly descend into a death spiral that would eventually be consumed in a supermassive black hole, and this would happen over the evolutionary cycles of millions of years.

The separation of the Milky Way system from its Mother Universal Time Matrix located in the Andromedan Galaxy, resulted in the subsequent invasion of our time matrix from an assortment of warring entities that flooded into the Galactic Plane. This invasion originally occurred in the fallen parts of the Metagalactic system that became centered around the black star Abaddon. Abaddon was used to fuse our time matrix into its current unnatural Galactic Core configuration, which further runs a superquantum computing network of the black cube matrix, which projects unnatural portal links from the planets in our Solar System into the neighboring black hole system. This structure is connected to the inorganic four of the Yahweh Matrix and this is the alien architecture that has allowed an access to these invading entities, directly into the planetary logos matrix from the north and south pole. The primary NAA underground bases are in the Antarctica region, to keep a watchful eye on the activity sourcing from the Mother Arc’s 9D stargate.

The Galactic Plane of our Milky Way system became distorted through a blend of damaged energy fields and collapsed time matrices, along with insertions of black hole entity artificial machinery used to hijack the organic base 12 architecture and then bend and twist the time matrices into artificial configurations that could be manipulated and controlled by the NAA. This is the seed of the suffering that humanity has faced in the artificial timeline wars with competing core manifestation templates, one organic, the other artificially generated by the invaders. To maintain the unnatural energy field configurations through magnetic reversals and advanced alien machinery that support the race lines of Black Sun DNA reversal 10 templates, the Flower of Artificial Life manifestation template was generated as the primary holographic architecture inserted in the Galactic Plane.

The Metagalactic Core distortions from the black cube matrix were holding the Artificial Flower of Life geometric template in place, to disrupt and prevent the diagonal grids from functioning in one dimension to another. The Artificial Flower of Life geometry was designed to ripple distortions from the black hole entities artificial 8th Portal throughout the lower dimensional architecture, seeding Metatronic code and 60-degree angular spins. This death technology was designed to collect quantum energy siphoned from these lower creations, where the main loosh collection site returned back into the Metagalactic Core and was utilized to power up the artificial realities and neighboring black hole systems. Further this alien construct was designed to feed energy sources into the many phantom hyperdimensional pockets and hibernation zones where negative entities reside. This is how they colonized the Solar System in order to maintain their existence within these virtual AI timelines, that they have generated for the purpose of conquering earth and propagating their race lines in the Milky Way system.

Orion’s Belt, Giza and Golden Spirals

Contrary to the current controlled scientific narrative, the Egyptian races are much older than believed as these spiritual lineages have genetic memory that originally came from Tara. When these lineages incarnated upon the earth, they were the main human hosting tribe and were much more technologically advanced with diversified diamond sun genetics, in order to redirect the Egyptian culture back to the practices of the Law of One. Hence, the Blue Flame Melchizedeks and the pharaonic royal lines had retained written records from Taran timeline history and had cellular memory of the Galactic Wars transpiring in Orion and Lyra. They had a basic technological knowledge of the mechanics of the planetary ley lines, and were aware of the location of the celestial star patterns and planetary stargates.

Thus, they had much higher functioning brains and a working thalamus center that gave them consciousness transport capabilities, along with a sophisticated understanding of how the planetary templar functioned to move spectrums of frequency into the ley lines from the energetic current circulating throughout the planetary grid network. Some had access to high level Atlantian hand-held technology that was left to the Magi grail lines by the Founders after the cataclysm, as well as having ongoing communication with other off planet civilizations to cooperate with utilizing ancient builder technologies that would help to rebuild and advance the earth civilizations from out of the dark age.  The accurate historical timelines of the Egyptian civilization have been erased in mainstream science and replaced with the approved controller narrative of humans evolving from apes.

Orion’s Belt or the Belt of Orion, also known as the Three Kings or Three Sisters, is a pattern of stars in the constellation of Orion and this particular area resonates at the 8D level of the Metagalactic Core. Orion’s Belt consists of three bright stars with names originally sourced from Arabic; Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. When first learning astronomy, many people are told to use these three stars in the belt that points directly to Sirius, in order to locate the brightest star in the night sky. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza was originally built as a harmonic resonator chamber to align with Orion and the Metagalactic core frequency through which visiting space craft could time travel and access the earth plane very quickly. This particular location is both the geographical center of the earth body and the 4th dimensional planetary stargate, the diamond heart complex or Solar Temple that was a primary target of total invasion by the NAA. The Great Pyramid lies in the exact center of the planetary body, dividing the earth’s land mass into approximately equal quarters. The north-south axis is the longest land meridian, while the east-west axis is the longest parallel line which intersect exactly into the Great Pyramid harmonic chamber, making it the most effective harmonic resonator on the planet in which to send a variety of transmissions from the Galactic plane.

The three main pyramids at the Giza plateau were intentionally built to align with the three main stars in Orion’s belt in order to harmonically resonate and transmit the Artificial Flower of Life Geometry frequency patterns, through massive sizes of mathematical transmissions in golden mean rectangle current spirals sourcing out from the NAA base in the Metagalactic Core.

The golden mean spirals would transmit from the Metagalactic plane and then descend into the lower dimensions, which would compact into smaller sizes of geometric formulas that produced finite energy fibonacci spirals in order to recode the Giza stargate system and run these reversal codes into the planetary grid system. Thus, the fibonacci spiral and its mathematical sequence is found on the earth within physical forms that hold a finite nature, as this mathematical pattern is designed for the recycling of finite energy while existing within closed energy systems. It generates a growth pattern that disconnects it from the eternal source field, thus propagating a finite life cycle and rapid deterioration during the aging process. The fibonacci formula does not have an inner spiral which maintains its center point connection, as it expands and grows larger it is progressively disconnected from the source field, removed from the direct connection to its heart center.

As biological forms based in the fibonacci sequence grow and expand they require more energy to maintain themselves and thus, require external living things and energy sources in which to feed upon in order to maintain their existence. As these beings grow into larger field sizes, they require more consumption and this implodes the heart center into a black hole, disconnecting them from their center and then destroying the emotional body. This helps us to understand how these entities digressed into metatronic bodies and were left without a heart or emotional center, which disconnected them from the source field.

Giza was once able to open its Stargate to access directly into Sirius B and then into Andromedan systems with the potential of two-way communication access into other worlds, which post the Atlantian Cataclysm, the NAA wanted to place a full stop on. The transmission of fibonacci sequences from the Metagalactic core into the planetary logos, the planetary grid network and the natural stargate systems rendered them largely inoperable, preventing the possibility of organic biological stargate ascension. As a result, the Krystal Guardians and Christos Mission groups have been re-encrypting these areas with tri-wave recoding potentials connecting with this damaged architecture, for rehabilitation to restore their organic function back into the Christos blueprint of 45-degree angles to reconnect and exchange with the source field supply.

The Great Pyramid previously acted as the amplifier for the harmonic resonance of Orion’s Belt to be transmitted into the main heart and circulatory functioning of the entire planetary grid system, which has been utilized to run fibonacci sequence patterns into the earth’s ley lines.  This Metagalactic distortion was running fibonacci spirals into the Giza stargate and planetary grid system, designed to distort the perpetual life source feedback loop of the original and organic Krystal Flower of Life geometry. This is why in Egypt the flower of life geometry is present and can be found imprinted on the ancient temples that had connection to Thothian teachings and worship of the Orion Group. The Metatronic reversal pattern was transmitted through assorted alien machinery and geometric templates, that were being used to generate the death code in the Artificial Flower of Life or Metatronic Flower of Life. This was the intentional hijack of the geometric blueprint of the earth’s diamond sun architecture with an inorganic reconfiguration into fibonacci spiral mathematical coding. This reversed the direction of moving consciousness fields and collapsed the perpetual source supply in the planetary grid network, that was previously available to the planet and her inhabitants. 

The original and organic Krystal Flower of Life geometry reflects the Krystal Spiral pattern and always retains a center point with the crystal heart of creation, which is moving in a spiral motion of outward expansion into infinity in every direction.

This predatorial and parasitic behavior is why this formula, used to project holographic realities by the invading entities, is referred to as the demon seed ratio. In the galactic planes it is the sign of the Beast, that which propagates the Beast Machine, the black hole technologies that spawn artificial creations of demon seed entities that must feed upon living systems to continue to exist.  

Fibonacci spirals illustrate the math used to perpetuate the war over energy, therefore it reveals how the consciousness suppression and energy harvesting on the earth was actually programmed into the field architecture. When the sequence grows in number or size, it is due to the consumption of the previous values in order to grow itself larger. The larger it gets, the more it consumes, progressively moving out and away from the organic Krystal Spiral of the original core manifestation body or divine template body as it expands. (See Consumptive Modeling). Therefore, the fibonacci spiral is a mathematical model of Metatronic Reversal recorded in the consciousness fields that ultimately attaches like a parasite to a living host, collecting waste products along its path, such as accumulating toxic miasma fields. These accumulated fields have formed into the Qlippoth current and the Artificial Tree of Life, built in the phantom matrix to infect the Universal Tree of Life with artificial intelligence technology.  

Metatronic Family

Multiple millions of years ago the host mission of the Metatronic Family was to help repair the parts of the time matrix, that fell into separation in the Milky Way that were originally from Andromeda. This destruction was the result of the Lyran Wars, or the Fall of Lyra, the seed of the anti-Christ conflict. Lyra was the 12th Gate and source of Krystal consciousness that connected directly into the Andromeda Galaxy. When Lyra fell its higher pieces that were connected to the natural trinity wave Krystal codes, the Eternal Living Light Architecture, became reversed and locked into the Milky Way System. As a result, over time it became increasingly distorted and the Metatron Collective attempted to retrieve and repair this 12th Stargate but unfortunately, they failed.

As a result of the Metatron Collective being unable to salvage the 12th Stargate, they were absorbed into the artificial intelligence system formed by the black hole entities, and they eventually digressed into the Yahweh System. This system is connected into the Metagalactic Core holding the Black Cube Matrix that is linked into Saturn, that is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their Black Hole System. Saturn’s black cube holds a massive tank that acts as a harvesting station for blood sacrifice from human beings, in any way imaginable whether through wars, rituals, crucifixion, martyrdom, suicide or menstrual. This makes it obvious why Saturn has been long associated with an assortment of blood worshipping cults. Saturn is also the Solar 7th Gate, so it’s been used to pump out reversal violet ray plasma light, and this is the distortion that generates reversal plasmas and reversal violet light on our planet. These reversal plasmas are designed to ignite and feed the demon seed that exists in the shadow selves or negative forms of the masses. Additionally, this alien construct was used to impale the Crucifixion Implants on the vertical axiatonal lines in the planetary body, which also devastated the vertical channel alignment of the Planetary Staff. Saturn is currently being reconfigured by gradual dissolution of its outer rings, by which the NAA will cease to be able to control their black cube matrix links into the earth body.

The Yahweh System leads back into the black hole system from a black star that is located in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy called Abaddon. The Yahweh Collective took over the Four Cardinal Directions, or what we call the Divine Infinite Calculus that makes up the Cosmic Clock in our Universe. They used the Yahweh System to take over the Guardians of the 12 Pillars and the Krystal Cathedral Architecture, blocking communication with Krystic races outside of this system. This alien machinery is called the Yod-Hay-Vod-Hay System or Yahweh Matrix. It is obvious to assume that the fallen Yahweh entities decided they were our Gods and decided to implement a variety of mind control mechanisms by spreading religious beliefs, so that humans would worship Yahweh or Jehovah as the God Creator.

Beast Machine and Gravitron

Black hole technology sourcing from the Metagalactic Core is known as the Beast Machine and is held in place on the planetary body through massive fields of reversal AI programmed consciousness, in the black subtle forces in the earth elemental field and that is called Behemoth. The Beast Machine tilts the earth and the planets in the Solar System into unnatural trajectory plane alignments, that pull the planets out towards the Milky way plane. When forcing planets into unnatural orbits and tilts in spin rotation, the nature of time and the movement of consciousness energy can be controlled.

The Gravitron is a part of the Beast Machine that holds the tilt of planet earth at its unnatural and artificially sustained 23.5-degree angle and is becoming aligned with the natural planetary staff. Metatronic races created the Gravitron vortex networks to link portals in our sun and earth, twisting the planetary blueprint into unnatural configurations called the Demon Seed. Metatronic Reversals are manifested into spirals that harness the gravitron to create unnatural artificial gravitational fields on this planet. The Gravitron is an electromagnetic harness field that is part of a larger electromagnetic harnessing structure called the NET. These are Black Hole technologies that were orchestrated on purpose, through which this planet has been imprisoned by these fallen forces of NAA.

Caduceus Network

The Caduceus network was an installation that occurred as a result of the damage that was incurred during the Orion Wars, for access into and control over the Metagalactic core and the 8th Dimensional Stargate. Subsequent Metatronic reversal damage was generated to the collective monadic mind in the Universal Time Matrix. This event generated a disconnection between the higher dimensional aspects of self that exist in the pre-matter dimensions above 8D and the identities in the timelines that existed beneath it. With the current shifts in rebuilding of the Metagalactic Core and correcting the 8D Monadic Mind Galactic Consciousness, there are ongoing Guardian Host projects to reclaim and reassemble the essences of the Monadic spiritual bodies, to correctly align with the permanent seed atom in the higher heart center and position itself correctly within the human Lightbody.

One of the symbols used in the everyday world to represent and enforce the Beast Machine technology and the frequency fence NETs is the Caduceus. The caduceus is designed to split the gender fields and reverse them, as this projects reversal sequences into the earth to effectively scramble the original design of human DNA and the fire letters. These reversal patterns help to hold in place the Phantom Matrix areas of hibernation zones that the NAA use to remain undetected. The caduceus network is also designed to damage and shut down the horizontal Rod functioning in the earth. The larger Caduceus networks can be found in certain major cities where Gridworkers may sense large number of serpents or snakes crawling on the ley lines or power vortices, many times near major medical institutions. These are used to siphon the local energies of the earth grid and feed them back through the caduceus network, that in turn feeds the phantom areas or hibernation zones. Any medical, hospital or drug related company that shows the caduceus symbol is referring to the intended destruction of the glandular system and damage of human DNA, that ultimately harvest energies that are designed to feed the Beast Machine. This is why hospital drugs and heavy pharmaceutical use tend to manifest snake looking parasites that attach in the energetic aura of the humans who takes a lot of prescription pharmaceuticals or drugs. These can be cleared when made aware of them. Additionally, if it’s absolutely necessary to take pharmaceutical prescriptions, you may want to bless and clear them to work in harmony with your higher consciousness.

Hyperdimensional Pockets

These are reverse-spin light fields that create reverse-particle-spin matter fields that create hyperdimensional pockets in the fabric of space. They hang in the atmosphere of earth and are inhabited by many of the NAA forces. They are the result of Black Hole Technologies in the Metagalactic core that were created during the Atlantian Cataclysm by NAA, to mind control and stop human evolution from achieving spiritual ascension.

These NETs were fortified in 9558 BC and have since been progressively blocking all-natural communications to and from the earth. This shifted during the phase Krystal Star began planetary hosting at the end of 2012, making it easier for those on the Christos Mission to communicate with the Guardian Host. These NETs are Black Hole Technologies that were created in order to keep the earth and her life forms in a prison planet. The NET fields keep the DNA block and fallen angelic 666 curse locked in. The NET is connected to the Hyperdimensional Pockets that are also called Hibernation Zones.

8D Stargate Activity

In becoming aware of the current changes that are transpiring to reclaim the Metagalactic Core into another stage of krystal restoration and functioning, so that the organic alignments to the Natural Laws may occur, we can better comprehend the motivation behind certain events transpiring on the world stage. The recent shifts in the 8D Metagalactic core form resonances with the planetary stargates and are impacting all of the above alien black hole technologies in a variety of ways, that may be manifested in our reality.

The landmass of China holds the primary resonance of the Metagalactic Core transmissions and as these positive realignments to the Galactic Plane occur, there are various methods of retaliation made by Controlling entities to disrupt and interfere with that process in clearing metatronic field reversals.

  • 8D Stargate Xian, China
  • 8D Inner gate Lop Nur, border Tibet/China
  • 8D – Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

This information is intended to inform, educate and support consciousness awakening to interpret the macrocosm events that connect into microcosm events that are happening in our world and personal lives. We are living through the personal mystery of waking up to find out that earth humans have been existing in a fallen system. We are in the challenging process of undergoing spiritual liberation of our planet, in which everything we thought was true, the nature of reality is being aggressively tested and challenged during this time of great transformation. We must come to understand more deeply that to preserve our sanity in the outer chaos, that the answer to everything is to increase and develop the pure love within our heart. As we circulate that love and compassion with others and refuse to be overwhelmed with fears of the unknown, we will feel in each moment the resonant choice.  Increasing self-awareness lights the path and supports the necessity to change our inner to outer landscape. If it is not clear what you need to do, meditate, be loving and kind, and intend to develop your direct relationship to God Source or higher self in whatever way is deeply meaningful to you. All is well, but we will be required to evolve and adapt to the massive changes happening in the collective consciousness, that are rippling throughout the planet.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa.

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  1. ”Watek Metagalaktycznego Rdzenia uwazam za temat z pewnych powodow bardzo kontrowersyjny, ale o tym pozniej w komentarzu a takze o CHINSKICH WROTACH (xi’an i terakotowa armia o ktorej wspominalam niedawno w watku koronawirusa – link)”

    Ta TERAKOTOWA ARMIA to w kontekscie I Pet the Goat 2:

    I watku METATRONA:

    TERAKOTOWA ARMIA znajduje sie na terenie prowincji Shaanxi, graniczacej z prowincja Hubei gdzie znajduje sie Wuhan:

    Dom Wojowników z Terakoty (w pobliżu Serca Chin)

    SG-8: Xian, China. (108.5E, 34.3N)
    Connects with Universal and Galatic SG: Mintaka Orion, Gaia – Polaris, Alnitak Orion, Uranus
    Home of the Terracotta Warriors (Near the Heart of China)
    Coordinates: 34° 23′ 5.71? N, 109° 16′ 23.19? E34.384919…




    ”Sagittarius A-Star has been producing bright X-ray flares on an increasingly consistent basis with aggressive winds of cosmic rays emitting energy intelligence, ranging from low frequency radio waves to high energy gamma rays. During the Ascension cycle and with recent corrections made to the Metagalactic Core this transmission activity has rapidly increased.”
    ”Strzelec A-Star produkuje jasne rozbłyski rentgenowskie w coraz bardziej spójny sposób z agresywnymi wiatrami promieni kosmicznych emitujących inteligencję energetyczną, od fal radiowych niskiej częstotliwości po wysokoenergetyczne promienie gamma. Podczas cyklu Wniebowstąpienia i ostatnich poprawek wprowadzonych do rdzenia metagalaktycznego aktywność transmisji gwałtownie wzrosła.”

    Livia Ether
    January 25, 2020
    I wciaz mnie zastanawia ten moj sen (GAMMA) sprzed kilku dni oraz majaca miejsce tuz po nim wizja z KORONA:

    August 4, 2018 at 04:40


    Pamietam podobna rozgrywke z Atlantydy.. przypomnialam ja sobie jeszcze w dziecinstwie:


    Tak, to jest ta historia. Przy czym PHOENIX KEYHOLE (Dziurka od Klucza Feniksa) to inaczej Dziurka od Klucza do Fantomu (wraz z fantomowym Nibiru). To jest dokladnie ta historia ktora przypomniala mi sie w dziecinstwie..


    Project 501 Update
    All EXHVBN hyperphasic activity has collapsed, except for a brief mid-July peak.

    Full gamma focus, P501 link confirmed, exit sequence in completion, project 501 in final phase.

    PHOENIX KEYHOLE almost ready

    To już chyba wiadomo kto macza w tym swoje paluszki

    Livia Ether Flow
    August 4, 2018 at 06:59

    Projekt GAMMA FACTORY.. Tak, to moze byc ze sob polaczone i jeszcze mi sie przypomnialo cos takiego:

    Phase Gamma & Planetary Templar Complex


    ”The separation of the Milky Way system from its Mother Universal Time Matrix located in the Andromedan Galaxy, resulted in the subsequent invasion of our time matrix from an assortment of warring entities that flooded into the Galactic Plane. This invasion originally occurred in the fallen parts of the Metagalactic system that became centered around the black star Abaddon. Abaddon was used to fuse our time matrix into its current unnatural Galactic Core configuration, which further runs a superquantum computing network of the black cube matrix, which projects unnatural portal links from the planets in our Solar System into the neighboring black hole system. This structure is connected to the inorganic four of the Yahweh Matrix and this is the alien architecture that has allowed an access to these invading entities, directly into the planetary logos matrix from the north and south pole. The primary NAA underground bases are in the Antarctica region, to keep a watchful eye on the activity sourcing from the Mother Arc’s 9D stargate.”
    Abaddon został użyty do stopienia naszej macierzy czasu z jej obecną nienaturalną konfiguracją rdzenia galaktycznego, która dalej prowadzi superkwantową sieć obliczeniową czarnej matrycy sześcianu, która wyświetla nienaturalne połączenia portalowe z planet w naszym Układzie Słonecznym do sąsiedniego systemu czarnej dziury. Struktura ta jest połączona z nieorganiczną czwórką matrycy Jahwe i jest to architektura obca, która pozwoliła na dostęp do tych inwazyjnych istot bezpośrednio do planety planetarnej z bieguna północnego i południowego. Podstawowe podziemne bazy NAA znajdują się w regionie Antarktydy, aby uważnie obserwować aktywność pozyskiwaną z gwiezdnych wrót 9D Matki.”

    Spring Equinox 2019 & Black Star Abaddon
    Kiedy zaczynam o nim myslec on o tym wie I wtedy mam wrazenie ze jestem bardzo blisko, doslownie w jego glowie…
    Witaj Czarny Atraktorze…
    Wybacz ze cie niepokoje..




  3. Co ciekawe wlasnie w Xi’an, tam gdzie znajduje sie Terakotowa Armia , zaczyna sie I konczy Jedwabny Szlak, ktorym to podobno przybyla kiedys do Europy tzw Black Plaque…
    Terakotowa Armia Pierwszego Cesarza Chin, tzw Zoltego Cesarza, ktorego grobowiec wraz z cala armia znajduje sie pod swietym wzgorzem Li:

    Nazwa tej gory, a dokladniej jej znaczenie bardzo mi sie kojarzy z gora MontSegur



    Jedna z map z archiwum Keylontic Science uwzgledniajaca Xi’aN SG8 China:

    Jest tez wspomniane MontSegur, SG 12 France, itd



      • No z tych Turlakow to faktycznie mozna sie niezle posmiac 😉 ale tak przegladam sobie tamtejsze komentarze i w oko wpadly mi te dwa:

        Jolanta Oksiuta

        vor 28 Minuten
        Bardzo madrze pan mowi pranie mozgu z ta galaktyka my Polacy mamy ogromna bron rozaniec Najswietsza Maryje I Pana Jezusa I do nich miejmy tylko ufnosc czytajmy Pismo Swiete bo zwodzicieli robi sie na potege odmawiajmy modlitwe do Ducha Swietego o rozeznanie duchowe bo wszyscy zwariujemy

        Eter TV
        vor 3 Minuten


        W czasach Króla Dawida, ludzie odpowiadali AMEN, gdy słyszeli błogosławieństwo: Niech będzie błogosławiony Jahwe, Bóg Izraela teraz i na wieki!

        W takim badz razie:






      • ‘/Eter TV
        vor 3 Minuten


        W czasach Króla Dawida, ludzie odpowiadali AMEN, gdy słyszeli błogosławieństwo: Niech będzie błogosławiony Jahwe, Bóg Izraela teraz i na wieki!/


        Po czym odmówił Koronkę do MIŁOSIERDZIA BOŻEGO.
        Na dużych paciorkach (1 raz)
        Ojcze Przedwieczny, ofiaruję Ci Ciało i Krew, Duszę i Bóstwo najmilszego Syna Twojego, a Pana naszego Jezusa Chrystusa, na przebłaganie za grzechy nasze i całego świata.

        Na małych paciorkach (10 razy)
        Dla Jego bolesnej męki, miej miłosierdzie dla nas i całego świata.

        Na zakończenie (3 razy)
        Święty Boże, Święty Mocny, Święty Nieśmiertelny, zmiłuj się nad nami i nad całym światem.


  4. SIASIAR SIA 4*10+4
    1 ou-au boli pierwszego
    Max na Senf 5 na 7
    Blem noca na Bramie Morawskiej ,Urbanski wysylal trzy patrole.Z jednym szedlem ja w drugim Stryjski a trzeci kto prowadzil nie wiem.W karzdym badz razie Stryjski prowadzil do bramy jakiegos cywila ,co mi cos podpadalo.wIEC JAK DOSZLEM DO GRANICY NIE POSZLEM na gROD czanki ale w strone przejscia gdzie mial isc Stryjski z cyilem.Podsluchalem rozmowe cywila z Stryjskim i wiedzialem ze chca przejsc nie legalnie do Ojca domu.Wiec wyszedlem z ukrycia ba ich zatrzymac ,ONI wyciagneli bron wiec i ja odpowiedzialem przy czym Stryjskiemu sie oberwalo.W miedzy czasie trzeci Patrol idacy na Krotoszyn i slyszacy strzaly ,zawrucil i nie wiedzieli co jest grane ,wiec bylo male zamieszanie ,zanimsie wszystko wyjasnilo.To wykorzystal cywil ktorego prowadzil Stryjski i uciekl od nas .Musial biec obok malego lasku gdzie dalej byla jakby stodola albo tylko Stog.Zlapalem go juz kolo stogu i bylem troche zaskoczony bo w stogu siedziala grupa cywili kobiet z dziecmi i paru z eskorty z bronia.Wywiazala sie krutka strzelanina z tymi co pilnowali tych ludzi .Ale oprucz ochrony ,eskorty-nikt nie byl poszkodowany .Eskorte z cywilem oddalem pod opieke trzeciego patrolu i kazalem jechac do straznicy a sam rozpoczelem rozmowe z grupa cywili by sie dowiedziec dlaczego ich eskortowali uzbrojeni.W czasie rozmowy pokazali mi kartke na ktorej bylo napisane ze pochodza z miejscowosci Sarny i szukaja drogi do Ojca domu.Wiec puscilem Ich przez brame Morawska.A sam podarzylem za patrolem wracajacym z cywilem i Stryjskim do straznicy.
    Co ciekawe tu sie przebudzilem ,ale jak na nowosie polozylem spac -ten sam sen toczyl sie dalej -bylo w nim juz normalnie ,na bramie ludzie przechodzili do domu Ojca bez przeszkod .

    sPRAWDZILEM sARNY -ciekawe pasozydow mordy-Ojciec wspominal o Market Garden i strzelaniu do spadochronarzy -Sarny -Sosabowski -straznica KOP Sarny.To dziwne polaczenie Kietrza z Sarnami.

    Ach ostatnio byl sen z cyganami ladowanymi do pociagow ,tyle ze nie chodzilo chyba o Romow -co ciekawe probowali zabrac wszystko ze soba co nakradli.Po przebudzeniu nawet sie dziwilem ,bo jakby nie pakowali tyle materialnych rzeczy ,moze by zmiescili w tym pociagu wiecej swoich.


  5. Napoczatku Terz nie rozumialem zwiazkow z ukraina,bialorusia,slaskiem wegrami i Peru .Mysle ze Benesz ktory zginal nie byl tym za kogo sie mial ,ale moge sie mylic.Jest tylko jedno mozliwe ze kiedys cala ziemia byla jednym-jedna kultura -zanim krzyworyjce dla korzysci podzielili nas na narody.Zdziwilo mnie naprzyklad ze w moim spadku tzn.w palacu w Kamiencu jest wpis z nazwiskiem Kokosz ,znalazlem Terz cos wspolnego Nidzicy z Jagalla.Wszedzie Terz sa biiale damy i legendy o moescie ktore zapadlo sie pod ziemia z powodu grzechow ich mieszkancow.Z tymi grzechami jednak roznie bywa ,krzyworyjcy lubia przypisywac swoje tym co okradali.Ach sa Terz w karzdym z zamkow tunele prowadzace do skarbue i tulipanowce -tak wlasciwie szukalem Baobabu w kAMIENCU -A ZNALAZLEM TULIPANOWIEC.Jak sie nie myle to Laguna mowila o znakowaniu wejsc tulipanowcem .Ach w Kietrzu oddzialy UB,KBW i WOP spalily kolo wili Hubertusa oddzial polskiego podzienia przedzierajacy sie na zachod w owczarni.Od tego miejsca do granicy czeskiej juz nie daleko jakies 30 min do godziny w zaleznosci jaka droge sie obiera.Tedy najkrutsza droga do Austri.Kiedys na patrolu zatrzymalem sie na zalamaniu sie granicy w polowie drogi miedzy Kietrzem a Sciborzycami WL.poczulem sie nagle tak zmeczony ze oparlem sie o gruba stara Lipe i nagle zasnelem ,snilem o przekroczeniu granicy na kierunku do Austri ,przy czym dochodzilo miedzy nami uciekinierami do walki z oddzialami czeskich pogranicznikow,ale nas i tak zlapali.No i w tamtym roku sen z zolnierzami WOP jakich spalilo na noclegu w okolicy zamku Niedzicy co ciekawe Ojciec wspominal bez powodu o Zawiszy Czarnym -czarny kamien -komin ,tschorstein-Czornstyn -kamien z sadza.Niedzica-Niedzwiedzica -Peru-Biala Dama-Fe ber-biala wrozka -gute Fe -dobra wrozka.Olesno stara nazwa to Rosenberg-gora roz -roZ E wicz(Witz)DUCH-GORA-PIERWSZY:a moze ladowiska nowogrod-nowgerodet -przecinka -polana na gorze.Napisal bym nazwe wzgorza z polana po luzycku ale Ojcie kozoli kartke zniszczyc a zezowata z Dzidowej dupy i tak mowila ze ja nie wiem jak sie nazywam,choc nazwisko zmieniali w niemczach na takie jak ja nosze,juz chcialem zmienic na takie jakie Ojciec napisal na kartce papieru ,ale pytajac w niemieckim urzedzie stanu cywilnego ,czy morderca Matki I Ojca dla dupkow z Legionowa Terz bedzie mogl nazwisko zmienic na moje-powiedziala ze tak -musze jeszcze pomyslec o jednym -by zrobic tak z tym nazwiskiem jak pani Rajska z jej Fizyka i jak rejestruja nazwy firmy.
    Ale nie bierz tego powaznie bo ja tylko sie co nieco domyslam ale prawdy nie znam-karzdy indianin powiedzial by do mnie ze ja Grün Horn.Hm moze i to mial na mysli ojciec mowiac do mnie o zielonym przyladku.No coz probowal mnie trzymac z daleka od krzyworyjcow ,mysle ze jesli z nimi cos wychandlowal to i tak slowa i jemu nie dotrzymali jak i nie dotrzymali tego co mi obiecali-ich chciwosc zrobila ich slepymi tak bardzo ze nawet nie widza ze juz ludzie widza ze na Syna czy na corke nie da sie juz budowac ,bo niby sym czy cora co to sobie ten dom niby biudowala ,zostawia zezowate samym sobie.
    Droga do domu Ojca -droga Mleczna-poprzez Biala Niedzwiedzice -ogrody z zltymi jablkami,w snie z sztolni zrobil sie komin jak wchodzilem z czyms do lona Matki-polaczyc sie z domem Ojca mozna przez Lono Matki?

    “Grün Horn”


    • Mam takie jedno pytanie…
      Czy wiesz moze co to jest GESTEPCO?
      Bo wydaje mi sie ze to ma jakis zwiazek z tym o czym czesto wspominasz, z czyms zlym co kiedys wydarzylo sie w Hadze…
      Znasz duzo dziwnych slow, a wiec moze i to nie jest Ci obce…


    • Sprubuje Tobie napisac z jakim swietem ma to zwiazek.Slowo jakie napisalas ,wiaze mi sie tylko z Zabrzem(Hindenburg)i jak panowie po cywilnemu sciagneli Pradziadka do Oswiecimia za to co na ulicy powiedzial-Gestapo=Stasi=UB=SB,Po drugie Haga jakos dziwnie caly czas wiaze mnie z Julianna i Kamiencem..Jesli bylem wtedy w Wroninie na wakacjach jako dzieciak u kogos z rodziny to mialo by to powiazanie z Koschützkim a ten mowil ze byl niemcem-z tym ze wiem o holenderskim schlachetctwie.ale jest Terz dzielnica Drezna.Tlumaczac z staro niemieckiego to co stalo sie w Hag ,jest chyba zydowskim swietem i w czasie karnawalu.Ale musze jeszcze raz poszukac i popatrzec -z tym ze niekture rzeczy jakie znalazlem za czasow A58 W INTERNECIE juz poznikaly jak wzmianki z ruinami Zamku po Sobotko.Ach Blomberg ma zwiazek z Augustynianami i ich kosciul klasztorny stoi na studni z uzdrawiajaca woda.Kiedys wspominalem o drewnianym kosciele na slasku z Rakiem i zrodlem -pamietam ze sie Lucek wtedy wsciekal.Poszukam o jakie swieto chodzi-jak sie nie myle HAg mialo znaczyc tyle co Miasto na firnamecie. W Pradze instytut chorob kobiecych i ginokologi Gest-epco cylinder (elektryczny) gest -znak epco kola ale w ktora strone pokazac.Ach pisze glupoty.


      • ”Gest-epco cylinder (elektryczny) gest -znak epco kola ale w ktora strone pokazac.Ach pisze glupoty.”

        Absolutnie nie sa to glupoty…
        Moje pierwsze skojarzenie z tym slowem to niestety GESTAPO…
        i wiem ze jest ono zwiazane z Wysokimi Kaplanami VRILa, ale nic wiecej nie napisze, bo juz czuje ze oni o tym wiedza i bARdzo im sie to nie podoba..
        ”higher collective group/consiousne-ss”
        poza tym prawie nic na ten temat nie wiem…
        wszystko zablokowane…


      • GESTAPO -BYLA pRUSKA tajna POLICJA–kAZIMIERCZAK-lis -fuchs —-dzida-speer-niedawno ktos dzwonil do mnie czy pamietam kuznie z Wronina-to mi przypomnialo pewien film nie pamietam juz tytulu ,ale chodzilo o spadek kuznie -jeden z synow wlasciciela zamiast Lis nazwal sie Fuchs .Wladzw wladcy sie zmieniaja tajna policja z swymi kapusiami pozostaje.A ja sie durny dziwil jak to mozlwe ze bracik najpierw dla Legionowa kapus a jak okradl Ojca to u niemcow musial zakapowac -to by wyjasnilo slowa Ojca “Za to cos zrobil odemnie juz wiecej nic nie dostaniesz”;cO dziwniejsze na polaczenie jak zlozylem wniosek na lonczenie rodzin dla Ojca niemcy mi odmowily,ale o dziwo choc brata on nie prosil temu wniosek pozytywnie rozpaczyli-tyle ze Ociec na ten wniosek zlozony przez brata nie przyjechal zostal dalej na slasku.

        A ja sie dziwil dlaczego niemcy musza starej dzidowej pieniadze zaplacic-ciekawe czy te vril damy nie pochodzily z podlasia.


    • Otworzylam pierwszy link i niezle zaskoczenie!
      Mialam na mysli co innego pytajac o o RAHDAN, ale jak widac wszystkie drogi prowadza nas do… LIPPE 🙂

      pers. rahdan – ‘znający drogę’

      ciag dalszy pozniej



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