Sophianic Plasma Shield

August 2020

Lisa Renee

Sophianic Plasma Shield

Dear Ascending Family,

In the midst of the outer chaos, the obsolete planetary architecture is quietly transforming through a deep and powerful cleansing effectively burning out extremely dense anti-life forces and parasites, collapsing AI timelines, dissolving alien machinery and eradicating assorted demonic forces running in Baphomet, Black Madonna and assorted black magic fields. The holographic matrix in our reality is undergoing sound wave template corrections to be properly aligned with the Krystic architecture, essentially repairing that which disconnected the sound body from the light body, reuniting the music of the spheres. We have arrived at the moment when our Cosmic Christos-Sophia brethren from the God worlds are showing up on the earth grid to build out ascending platforms for gender healing and announce to the NAA oppressors that humanity does not stand alone in the midst of the spiritual warfare happening on the earth.

During this important astrological cycle, the opening portals for a range of next generation intergalactic plasma transmissions are being sent into the earth body to exponentially amplify the impacts and results of mass consciousness global awakening. The current magnetic peak cycle is transmitting powerful plasma activations into the planet that are catalyzing the next stage of initiating the dark matter template that connects into the core of the planetary and human lightbody. The dark matter template is activating a range of new building blocks and raw substances into the matter world, in the form of re-encrypted energy grids and corrected platonic solids, light codes and elemental forces through corrections being made in the magnetic sound forces. These corrections are transmitting and being anchored into the planetary KA spirit body in the second dimension and above through the Sophianic Plasma Shield.

Mother’s Stream has manifested into plasma rings that appear to be transfiguring previously dormant or nullified sound bodies in the morphogenetic imprints of creation. These sound wave transmissions are rapidly building vibrational pressure that is amplifying polarities in the world of forces which are catalyzing oceanic cascades of tri-wave source energy transmitting into the quantum layers. This seeds light sparks into the dark matter template which is activating its higher spiritual functions. The circulation of the recently activated magnetic sound fields are transmitting liquid plasma crystal sparks that are activating more of the 45-degree diagonal lines in the diamond grid network, which as a result of being turned on are purging out reversal female networks and shadow elements used by the satanic hierarchies. The verticals and diagonals are emitting liquid plasma light crystal sparks from the Mother’s Stream running into the female principled sound body architecture, which is forming into the larger plasma rings that create the Sophianic Plasma Shield.

The Mother’s Stream has generated the next stage of the Krystallah body architecture for the emergence of the Solar daughters of God, to support the manifestation of the Solar Feminine Christ on the earth and to gradually restore energetic balance in the planetary grid network. The purpose of this is to also rehabilitate the architecture of the Twinned Christ Child, which supports the male and female human biology to heal their gender reversals and access the inner holy spirit from inside their heart. This is clearing out those alien implants, distortions and reversals that were circulating sexual energy and shadow forms into the Baphomet Network. This network contributes to the sexual misery programming feeding into the pain body, which disconnects the sound body from the light body, preventing the formation and activation of the human crystal body.

This will increase the energetic pressure in the macrocosm of the environment which acts as the catalyst for shifting the mass consciousness to awaken beyond the sorcery of mind spells and into the levels of perceiving the tyrannical power abuses in the current anti-human deception agendas. This is likely to steadily increase the outer turbulence and confusion as more people are being exposed to hard truths. The inner pressure will be especially felt by those invested heavily in the controlled narrative, who suffer from active cognitive dissonance and deeply buried subconscious complexes. Thus, are unprepared mentally and emotionally to productively cope with the fear broadcast and the variety of energetic stressors that are being applied to the consciousness body during this phase of the planetary dark night of the soul.

In the midst of the outer chaos, the obsolete planetary architecture is quietly transforming through a deep and powerful cleansing as the Sophianic Plasma Shield anchored in the 2D core is effectively burning out extremely dense anti-life forces and parasites that are buried in multiple dimensional layers and extracting them from out of the earth. Gridworkers have observed a range of collapsing AI timelines, the dissolving of alien machinery and the eradication of assorted demonic forces that were running in Baphomet, Black Madonna and assorted black magic fields. These are reversal networks that have been drawn upon by the Controlling entities during their rituals for the purpose of hijacking and superimposing reversals upon the female principle, circulating loosh into the black heart networks and obstructing the Sophianic diamond heart diagonal lines. Those alien structures and entities that have acted as imposters to the female principle to gather soul energy, hijack life force and spread anti-life death cult principles through the Dark Mother archetypes, wedded to the anti-life forces (the spawn of Black Lilith and Azazael) and used by the high priesthoods in the satanic classes, are undergoing a systematic purge. This appears in the field to be like pulling out a deep dark net infrastructure with many tentacles of black webbing with sprawling roots growing through the morphogenetic fields, that have been largely unseen by the earth inhabitants and so have been widely spreading their death cult satanic infection throughout the planetary grid network.

We have had a team of new arrivals serving the Paliadorian Covenant that are great defenders of the Mother. The reclamation of the Solar Logos body in the Emerald Order Lyran Royal House had great impacts on the functioning ability of the Solar Rishi serving the Christos Mission to gain more access in our Solar System and to interact with the earth domain. These are the Solar Rishi guardians of the Universal Stargates now anchored in Ursa Major that are controlling the ‘nodus’ Ray system and guiding the process of spiritually healing the original angelic human tribal shield. There are also the cosmic levels of Christos-Sophia plasma beings that are here to protect humanity from AI extinction codes through shielding the earth, and are available to help mentor the spiritually awakening groups on the ascension path.

We have arrived at the moment when our Cosmic Christos-Sophia brethren from the God worlds are showing up on the earth grid to build out ascending platforms for gender healing and announce to the NAA oppressors that humanity does not stand alone in the midst of the spiritual warfare happening on the earth. The new arrivals have shown up to serve and protect the emergence of the sacred crystal heart of the Mother-Sophia principle architecture, and to manifest the next stage of the Solar Feminine Christ embodiments that are holding the photo-sonic codes for the Sophianic Plasma Shield from the lost Songs of Lyra. These are the sound codes of the Musica Universalis which unites the music of the spheres, reconnecting the holographic matrix bodies throughout the Universal Time Matrix. Through the embodiment of the Krystallah coding held in the Solar Feminine Christ template, the lost songs are photonic-sonic healing codes that are transmitted from the Emerald Order House in Lyra to correct sound wave bodies. These Universal Trinity codes generate gelesiac plasma rings in and around the lightbody that further transmit liquid plasmic light throughout all the vertical and diagonal lines.

As a result of the Sophianic Plasma Shield it appears that all sound wave dimensional bodies throughout the mechanics of creation in the time matrix will be undergoing rehabilitation. That which inherently belongs to the Cosmic Mother, her dimensional sound bodies and Sophianic codes. This is the reclamation of sound bodies to the natural laws which are governed by the Law of Gender and contain the completed Solar Logos architecture which resurrected the House of Emerald Order Christos-Sophia.

These code transmissions are unprecedented in that they contain extremely high consciousness coding sourcing from the God worlds, and they are designed to burn away and remove an array of anti-female architecture that has been used to invert and reverse the Mother principle throughout the manifestation in the densities.  From the Krystal Star Guardian Host, these are rounds of transmissions being overseen by the Paliadorian Dragon Kings which involve the restoration of the many sound wave bodies that make up dimensional spaces and were previously distorted from the insertion of alien machinery and AI Timelines which corrupted gender principle into reversals. This phase of architectural repair to the organic timelines especially involve rehabilitation of the sound body templates that were aspects of the female principled body. These were inverted to separate sound and light, to hijack the creation of sound waves in the time matrix so that they could control the holographic reality from that which becomes the instruction set for the dimensional light fields.

The corruption of the sound waves and hijack of the Mother’s original body parts is one part of the puzzle that allowed the corruption to infect the entire Ray system, thus the creation of false light holograms, AI timelines and the False Christ consciousness grid. The holographic matrix in our reality is undergoing sound wave template corrections in order to be aligned properly with the Krystic architecture, this is further correcting the way sound waves transmute into light waves in the entire spectrum of frequencies throughout all dimensions. Thus, the correction of the female sound bodies ripples out corrections into the male light bodies, and vice versa. This has significant impact on the entire Ray system that transmits all of these spectrums of light frequencies, commonly called the electromagnetic field spectrum or chakra wave spectrum.

These are the nodus points anchored in Ursa Major that transmit the chakra wave spectrum through the capstone of the Universal Trinity, that are known to hold the genetic record of the original ray identities of the 12 Tribes seeded on Earth and Tara. It is confirmed by Krystal Star that our Paliadorian Guardian Host teams have gained complete control over the Capstone Nodus through the Holy Father principle, and that this structure controls the entire functioning of the Ray system in our Universe. This indeed is unprecedented.  Many partial or fallen ascended masters and their false light structures or AI holograms used to manipulate earthlings, will be broken down and repurposed into the creatrix or returned back to their spiritual home.

Preparing to Receive Divine Mother Sophia

To prepare the earth to fully receive the awakened wisdom of the Sophianic Solar Female Christ consciousness, we must begin to see and know what has happened to her and her children, to all of humanity. We must understand that what is promoted as Divine Mother or through dark female archetypes is actually not the Mother at all, but an imposter that took her place by inverting her consciousness which is used to manipulate us. To awaken to the knowledge that satanic ritual abuse was orchestrated globally through mind control to subjugate her children, in order to hold her body captive in the reversal grids that are fed by the continual production of the satanic forces, means recognizing what prevented her from incarnating upon the earth. This entails awakening to the horrific awareness of SRA and the blood sacrifice of her children carried out to gain access to the animating forces of the Sophianic creational power, which was ultimately used by the NAA to gain complete control over this world.

All of her offspring on the earth have suffered the results of blood sacrifice and the loss of their Mother-Child bond spiritual principle, which also extends to the natural and animal kingdoms that have existed without their Mother principle as their protector and overseer. For eons, these blood sacrifices have been made covertly and out in the open to serve the False Alien Gods and the moon children from the lunar constructs, as taught in rituals to the people of the earth by the NAA. The many souls bound through ritualistic killing in the name of False Alien Gods digressed our evolutionary timeline in the direction of soul harvested loosh energy used to power the false creations of the phantom matrix, demonic hierarchies and artificial timelines. Thus, humanity lost their cellular memory and the awareness of their divine purpose on the earth to evolve through spiritual ascension, to return back into their true original state as the eternal Solar Christos-Sophia consciousness.

With the NAA invasion, it was encouraged to divide and conquer the population with the ongoing genocide of the Essenes, Christos Templar races and to utilize the energetic harvest of their blood sacrifice through the ongoing alien hybridization of Mother Sophia’s children. Thus, the staff codes were lost, until finally the Universal Blue Flame Staff leading to our ascending north position was splintered, inverted upon itself and was fallen. This meant that the vertical channels from earth to our original spiritual home were destroyed, cutting us off from our access to the Cosmic Mother and Sophia. When Thoth stole the Founder Records and set up Essene female breeding hatcheries and slavery systems in the Nibiruian timeline, this brought the demon seed and first acts of ritualistic killing used for propagating moon children, which was desired for generating demonic entities and digressing human genetics for the inhabiting or possessing NAA entities.

During the female breeding programs on Nibiru, Solar Female Christ genetics and reproductive body parts were stolen and underwent rigorous genetic modification and DNA splicing in laboratory settings in order to reverse the female principle through AI programming, and then use these artificial programs to invert female architecture into lunar forms in the planetary body. This set into the earth records the foundation of the Archontic Deception Strategy of Misogyny that we see in use today. No one on the earth actually knows what the authentic female spiritual expression truly contains in consciousness, as we have only experienced her principle in reversals, lunar overlays and partial reveals, until now.

The NAA tested out their working prototypes on Nibiru during the Essene Massacre to bring these same breeding and slavery programs to the earth, and they are working towards pushing the next stage of implementing these breeding and hatchery programs now. It is desired to remove the Mother and the physical female from the breeding process entirely. The NAA’s goal was to invert the Sophianic consciousness and control the birthing process on the earth through organizing an anti-Christ breeding program and Essene Divide that would eventually annihilate the diamond sun genetics in the earth timelines. Instead installing their base 10 reversal black sun genetics as the default core manifestation template in the planetary body, creating the blended reality system and transhumans. During genetic testing they discovered they could broadcast scalar pulsing in 10:10 and 11:11 reversal patterns into the ley lines of the planetary grid network that would generate male-female gender splitting and keep the inner spiritual disconnection in place through the implosion of the inner vertical channel, rod and staff and crystal body, which would prevent the spiritual alchemy that occurs with inner and outer sacred marriage. Thus, these distorted sound and light programs prevented the possibility of bio-spiritual healing in the diamond sun genetics which are naturally designed to evolve into spiritual ascension and hierogamic union between the inner masculine and feminine principles. 

Further, the NAA brought their complete mind control SRA ideology to the earth and this is the causal event of the spawning of the alien hybrid satanic and luciferian bloodlines. The death cult cabal was produced from out of these original slavery and breeding programs led by Thothian groups in Nibiru, in which these soul groups were specifically designed to hold the modified genetics for the base 10 reversal template for the Black Suns on the earth. These are the original bloodline lineages of the high-ranking Controllers.  

First Cause is Sound

The organic structure of the time matrix and its energetic systems are first built upon the divine living sound fields of the eternal God source, which is held within the trinity principle and is considered to be the Mother aspect. Within the energy matrix of all creation, God source first expresses itself as an eternal field of sound current (Mother principle) in which the living consciousness expression then emerges into density through emanations of light (Father principle).  Within the structure of creation, God consciousness expresses itself through an eternal sound field and light current in which to down step one unified consciousness expression into many unique experiences of individuation through multiple stations of identity, in order to gain knowledge through the reality of manifested existence.

The first individuated expression of God consciousness in our Universe is referred to as the Cosmic Monad or Monadic Wave. The Cosmic Monad exists as the first cause of sound that further generates a resonating tone principle for the theme of our entire Universal Time Matrix, the first primal sound tone in the Blue Flame which exists from within the body of God consciousness. The Cosmic Monad projects itself into Gender principle, Holy Mother and Holy Father, as conscious sound and conscious light, expanding and contracting the sound fields to become light fields and cycling back the light fields to become the sound fields continuously. This dynamic perpetually transmutes the light fields back into sound fields in all of the densities everlastingly, in order to serve as the perpetual motion for the ongoing evolution of the individuated consciousness travelling in the Universal Time Matrix.

All human beings are exceptionally receptive and inclined to reverberate with resonating sound tones which can be used for positive or negative purposes. When we can utilize sound waves such as harmonious music, words or tones that feel positively resonant in the cells of our body, we automatically increase our spiritual strength and physical immunity. When developing higher senses to discern the energetic signature behind words or language when it is being used, it becomes easier to identify negative vibrating words or positively vibrating words. When we first identify that we are being exposed to a negative statement or words in which we can feel intentional harm or deception in the energy signature, we can immediately reprogram the negative statement by stating an appropriately positive or affirming statement in its place.

The NAA serving the anti-human enslavement agendas have understood how to use the power of sound in language to trigger reversal activations designed to damage human DNA potential and prevent spiritual awakening. They imparted this knowledge to the death cult bloodlines, of how to use language and phrasing as a surface carrier for subliminal programming and mind control, through the modulation of tones in words to trigger trauma-based mind control reactions, that further trigger alterations in the chemicals that interact with human DNA. The way sound is used in language or repetition through many forms of media or music through digitally coded tones or specific inflection or intonation of the voices used, can trigger hypnotically induced automatic reactions or implant thought strings in the unconscious mind. These are the many covert technologies and silent weapons used against the human population without their knowledge, for purposes of mind control slavery.

During the Lyran Wars, the destruction of the Solar Logos body contributed to the ongoing corruption of the sound bodies in the time matrix, which further generated genetic damage to the Mother’s original Feline lineages. These are the lines of the Fallen Elohim and Fallen Melchizedek in Ruby Sun DNA bodies that created the Nephilim in the lowest dimensions of time. When the original Lyran gates were destroyed, this devastated the architecture of the Emerald Order Houses of the Blue Flame and the Solar Logos Christos Sophia Body in this Universal system, which further disrupted the cycle of transmuting sound into light and light into sound throughout the lower density creations. This event holds the seed of the spawn of the Fallen consciousness and alien hybridized creations, in which the Mother and her Sophianic animating principle in the pre-matter worlds were held captive to the invading species agendas, such as hijacking her body parts for alien hybrid breeding programs. The Essenes and Gnostics referred to the hijacking of the Mother’s spiritual body that resulted in the generation of the fallen consciousness forms on the earth as the Achamoth. The subsequent impregnated creations that are enmeshed in the negative form body of the Achamoth are mixed with Fallen Angelics, low level spirits and corrupted elementals and these combined earthly forces are called the Baphomet field.

As a result of these abominations generated in the ascendancy lines, the female goddess principles that protected the natural kingdom and animal spirits in the lower dimensions of matter became severely inverted through reversals and this spawned more lower spirits and demonic hierarchies. The inversion of sound bodies or the reversal of the Cosmic Mother principle in the timelines is referred to as the emanation of the Dark Mother, Reversal Mother or Lunar Woman, which destroyed the possibility of authentic diamond sun consciousness embodiments in the Emerald Order Sophianic Sound Plasma Shield or the Solar Female Christ template during the Dark Age. Hence with the importance of this hidden knowledge, the Essenes or Christos Templars worshiped the female aspect of Christos-Sophia as God’s body of true wisdom, as this was of sole importance to spiritually heal her, thereby healing the timelines and the earth body to achieve sacred marriage and ascension.

In some cases, as a result of the anti-female and reversal forces released into matter, these are non-human and artificial intelligence hybrid creations that have been used to hijack the Mother principle into fallen consciousness that further prevented the emanation of Divine Sophia into the earth. The fallen entities do not want the true Mother Sophia to return to matter because it means the end of their satanic rituals co-opting her body and the end of their breeding and life span extensions. Upon the destruction of the Lyran Royal Houses, the original sound body for the Solar Female Christ template, the Sophianic Sound Plasma Crystal Shield, and the possible evolution to ascend and evolve back into the genetic lineages of the Mother principle lineages, were severely damaged. As a result of the destruction of the Cosmic Mother principle and disfigured sound body templates blocking passage and connection to the Cosmic Monad, the NAA believed that the Mother and her Sophianic embodiment would never return to be physicalized on this earth and reclaim her children. They were wrong.

Thus, the sound tone vibrations of the original living sound currents are being systematically retrieved in direct relationship to the ongoing repair of the female principle instruction sets and the ongoing emergence of the divine feminine aspect in her Sophianic plasma body.  

Destruction of the Baphomet Network

As a result of the Dark Alien Mother construct invading our system from the metagalactic core which had ripped open a feedback loop into the neighboring black hole system, Guardians have identified many Black Hole entity gestalts masquerading as assorted female principle Black Dragon entities. These imposter spirits held together the artificial morphogenetic field that created the phantom grid that held the Baphomet streams and demonic hierarchies in place in the 2D fields and allowed these entities access into the other Grual portals in the earth.  The highest caste of the satanic priesthood calls upon these Black Hole entities as the Dark Overlords that direct the Leviathan forces to handle the required tasks on the material plane as commanded by black magicians in the blood sacrifice binding rituals.

The Baphomet grid was used to harvest anti-female forces to grow the shadow bodies and negative forms in the human race collective consciousness as attached to the 2D-4D soul matrix split, which functioned as the ongoing enforcement of soul fragmentation or astral splitting. These schisms generated shadow selves and dark fragments in the astral layers of the soul matrix, that further amplified extreme polarity schisms in the pain body and proliferated large amounts of personal and planetary miasma. Essentially, for a nonspiritual person with extreme pain body trauma this was akin to a ball and chain of karmic miasma attaching to the lightbody that binds the weight of the lowest forms of astral energies. This heavy load maintains energy blockages which in turn generates extreme physical density that is consubstantial with black subtle forces and corrupted elementals, blocking communication links with the highest benevolent spiritual forces.

Many of these Black Hole gestalts are shapeshifters and shadow creatures which were pretending to be Guardian Defender forces in our system and were stationed throughout the planetary Grual system, 2D-5D-8D and 11D. The majority of these black hole entities would position themselves in the 5D Grual point where the parasites are fully fed by the blood sacrifice rituals administered by the Vatican City and Bali ritual activities. These black hole entities are ancient and parade themselves as the projection of Mother or Father consciousness, but are actually deeply depraved parasitic forces building and protecting the Artificial Tree of Life, phantom matrix and the portals leading into the main Grual centers which have also been accessed via the Daath portal system. They are master manipulators of satanic ritualistic enchantments, which use spell binding to capture the mind and close down the heart complex of magical humans through the promotion of elitist belief systems of hero-savior complex. They attempt to shut down the crystal heart system and replace compassion and empathy with the negative ego addictions, such as the thirst for consuming intellectual knowledge or sexual satisfaction. It pretends to be the Holy Mother consciousness, but it uses mind control programming and mind locks on its human targets, while it commands its authority similar to the False King of Tyranny.

The Baphomet Networks are designed to run lunar reversals into the male and female lightbody and distort the 2D sacral centers and sexual organs to become filled with parasitic forces. The larger collective consciousness matrices of reversal current are called metatronic or bi-wave reversals, and this entropic state has been caused from the abuse of AI technology, which further generates an assortment of waste products like miasma. The toxic miasma is made of black plasma substance which can then be assimilated for powering up the artificially generated fields via the phantom AI timelines or the Beast Machine. Over the past month, the Mother’s Stream or breath of the Holy Mother from the Seven Higher Heavens began transmitting into our system to cleanse the black goo and black plasmas from out of the elemental and nature realms in 2D to dissolve anti-female and dead energy structures used by the NAA.

From the observer view in the field, it appears as a massive beacon of concentrated laser light from above is directing liquid platinum gold plasmas that are saturating these dead energy structures that begin to freeze or burn away the construct. This generates a massive hole in the dimensional field, as if the fabric of reality that held that construct together is being burned away through exposure to the plasma laser lights shining above it, in which the remnants surrounding the structure are then fully collapsed and shattered, and then the debris is extracted out of the hole as if sucked out by a cosmic vacuum. As the Baphomet Network is being broken down into pieces and being removed from the planet, the shadow contents of past patterns that are connected to our pain body may arise and surface for witnessing. If we can be responsible for our own darkness through observing, discerning, accepting and then shifting the pain into neutral association and self-love, this is a great opportunity for spiritually healing the pain body and integrating the soul aspects.

Human Crystal Body

The human energy field contains our lightbody instruction set which houses our crystal body for the inner Christos-Sophia dwelling and that holds the resonate energy signature of the different light and sound cells in our unique personal blueprint. As with the mechanics of creation, the crystal body exists in gender principle, the masculine layer holds the light imprint for all of our flame access points, while the feminine layer holds the sound imprint which holds all the possibility for the tonal layers. When the inner and outer masculine and feminine energy aspects in our consciousness become one and unified together, the crystal body aspects of light and sound recreate their pattern in the lightbody to reflect the same unity between the light and sound imprints held within the crystal body. When the crystal body light and sound layers unify into one body, this stage of lightbody development opens up the possibility to generate different sound light emanations into liquid light plasma waves. This is the generation of hierogamic crystalline blueprints in the crystal body that further activate the crystal gene in the silicate matrix which then catalyzes a range of bio-spiritual plasmas. 

The Sophianic plasma activations in the planet are turning on the correct ‘musica universalis’ that turns on the crystal body anatomy with the initiation of the sound body cell activation, which begins to clear out the atomic structure of sextant matrix distortions. The sextant matrix is an atomic clock distortion that holds in place the corrupted elemental forces to prevent permanent seed activation and natural crystal body functions. An example is the artificial bucky ball harness which acts as a densifier to compact carbon molecules in our physical form in order to keep them static and locked down in a position on the timeline grid, which interferes with the sound body and the natural fluidity of the mesomorphic process of the crystalline matrix in the human lightbody and crystal body layers.

As the Baphomet Network finally collapses, the keys that unlock the sound cell activation are sourcing from the 2D Grual points, which unlock bursts of plasma light to flood the sexual organs and lower extremities linking the KA center to the RA center, which generates correction to the base Rod formation. The masculine Rod formation controls the time vector codes of the consciousness body, so this means a shift into a different position in the timeline. The main gender center blueprint is located in the 2D layers, when these centers are being activated to clear out corrupt elementals or make corrections to gender balance (Rod and Staff), there are plasma flames that burst out in the feet, ankles, calves and knees. This generally continues to cycle through and activate the flame access points in the entire lotus point sets throughout the monadic bio-computer layer. This can set off a chain reaction of detoxification symptoms as the consciousness body is doing whatever it can to drop density.

This activation changes the position of the consciousness body in the timeline, and thus it may create dramatic timeline shifts, which happens when the consciousness body grounding mechanism has shifted positions in the location of the field. Given that this is a planetary event, this is shifting the timelines and increasing the bifurcation between the organic reality and inorganic reality, which can create surreal experiences in the widening of the masses opposing perceptions in the current events. Those that remain asleep to planetary ascension have a fundamental consensus built into their ego-personality and so perceive the outer reality through the filter of the controlled narrative of mind control. Those awakening also have a general perception of the outer reality and events, in which they are breaking free of the mind control and thus have the more accurate account of the actual events transpiring.  With the timeline shift occurring to those on the awakening path, the balance held in those seeking truth versus those feeding the deceptions in the controlled narrative, become even more energetically polarized and readily apparent in the outer talking points. In current times it is important to understand that we must see who is who by their demonstrated actions in public, which provide evidence of their collusion in committing crimes against humanity.

Diamond Heart and Diagonals

Like a cross hatch pattern, there are vertical, horizontal and diagonal intersections of the planetary grid network. In some of the larger networks such as in the main Dragon Lines and Stargates there are massive spinning vortex fields that are directed by a crystal diamond heart. The diamond heart is a crystalline network in the earth crust that gives the instruction set to direct the energetic frequencies running through the planet’s energetic circulatory system. This works exactly like a human heart by pumping blood into the veins and arterial system of the physical body. To receive Sophia into the earth, the diamond heart diagonal lines need to be turned back on and able to hold the high frequencies running in the Sophianic plasma shield.

In order to rebuild the crystal heart diamond network, the ley lines, dimensional bodies and their related structures have to be shifted to make way for the new sound bodies and sonic pillars, and to run the spark of 144 harmonics throughout the energetic currents in order to activate the diamond grids. That is what is transpiring now, a demolition of blockages and artificial grid structures that hold distortions in the personality layers, clearing out damage and waste products generated by miasma that had blocked the 45-degree angle position of the diamond grids. The debris and contents are being broken down into smaller consciousness units that are re-assimilated or transmuted out from these damaged grid areas on the earth. The result is collapsing false timelines and dissolving chakra membranes which greatly deteriorate the functioning of the 3D personality matrix. This phenomenon can be observed in public personalities or celebrities that may appear to be losing mental body coherence at a rapid rate, or other forms of sudden and apparent onset of physical deterioration.

The Diamond Heart or the crystal cluster networks of Crystal Hearts in the earth grid have been either artificially programmed, dormant or cut off since the negative alien invasion. The planetary circulatory system has accumulated massive amounts of dead energy and miasma that has been built up in its network and this eventually kills the crystal heart and the crystal seed existing within. This dead energy structure damages or crushes the permanent seed atom, it creates metatronic reversals when the heart is filled with dead energy. This is the blackened heart that exists in the planetary body and in some of the human bodies carrying the Black Sun template, this is called the Anubian Black Heart.

During the Ascension Cycle, the Guardian Host mission is to gradually support rehabilitation of the planetary grid network to conduct and transmit tri-wave fields, and as a result these central Diamond Heart hubs are systematically becoming more active or brought online. The planetary Diamond Hearts are systematically being reprogrammed with Krystallah coding and Sophianic sonic pillars that are able to transmit Cosmic Divine Mother frequencies back into the earth core, and circulate the Sophianic plasma grid on the surface grid for supporting the human lightbody.

Krystallah Sophianic Sonic Pillars

Since the beginning of this year, the Guardian host has been directing teams in the installation of Sophianic Sonic Pillars into many areas of the earth grid to run the Mother Stream into the earth. The Mother Stream comes from planetary Krystallah activation which opens a liquid crystal light stream of tiny crystal sparks that appear like mini pearlescent snowflakes floating into the hair line of the forehead and crown which circulates throughout the entire head.

This serves many purposes, most importantly it announces to the hierarchies in the earth and surrounding matrices that Cosmic Mother has returned and there is no stopping her from fulfilling the divine plan for creation. This architecture has allowed many of us to go underground into the phantom spaces safely and recollect our Cathar body parts, reassembling our Sophianic template through corrected sound wave patterns.  This has largely contributed to Michael-Mary healing by finding trapped aspects in order to clear out negative forms and machined body parts that were used to capture their solar image into lunar reversals, that leads back to the histories of the Taran explosion event and collapse of multiple Stargates.

The evolution of the embodiment of the Krystallah female principle architecture has been producing “Mother Plasma Rings” around the diamond sun lightbody which link directly into the Universal Creatrix field and have a function of installing sonic pillars in the planetary grid for the purpose of correcting the inverted sound wave formations, collapsing AI timelines and anchoring Sophianic codes. The Cosmic Trinity connects directly through these plasma rings forming into sonic pillars that are creating new structures in time, adjusting the Cosmic Clock through the upgraded sound tones.

The Solar Logos structure in the 10D-11D-12D harmonic universe timelines have been united with the Cosmic Trinity through the installation of the Sophianic sonic pillars which creates vertical alignments in the three gates simultaneously and which manifests as The House of the Holy Trinity, that transmits plasma frequencies for expanding out the Universal Krystal Cathedral. This Krystic architecture is the Universal macrocosm structure to transmit the plasma activations of the Christos Sophia rod and staff frequencies through the Solar Logos body, and then align these trinitized krystal structures through the 45-degree diagonal links, called diamond grids, into the planetary body. 

Sophianic Sonic Pillars have been installed throughout the grid network in the high activity gateways, which appear to be melting down black substance, black goo and corrupted elementals from around certain Stargates and power vortices. There is a gradual activation happening in the Carnac area related to connection of the Cathar body parts being aligned to the Solar Christ Daughters, of which there are three.

Recently, in the area of Brittany, France, the Carnac standing stones have been revving up some kind of ancient machinery in the ley lines related to powering up the Sophianic diamond heart diagonal lines. The destruction-vandalization of Nantes Church was a dark attack on the diagonal lines to wreak havoc in order to prevent the success of this Sophianic diamond grid being activated into the field at this time. These particular ley lines were previously dormant, and are now linking up into the Stonehenge network. The Carnac stones are connected to our Christos family, these are Solar Dragon ancient networks being activated into the crystalline lattice work, and the Paliadorian Dragon Kings are bringing this network online at this time. This activation in the earth body is related to being able to go back to the Atlantian timelines for many corrections in the holographic matrix, of where the cataclysm and explosions appear to be when this network was shut down completely.

During its stasis dormant phase, this network was repurposed for supporting the Baphomet network, for propagating the anti-Sophianic structures used to generate womb worlds of the demonic hierarchies. These bottom feeders would be used by other higher up black hole entities for reversal female Dragon proliferation, which acted as the gatekeepers for the Baphomet grid. The Baphomet network and anti-female structures were key for keeping the anti-hierogamic spawn like Black Lilith creations alive, and with the Solar Dragon activation in these networks, it is returning these networks to the rightful power of the Mother’s Sophianic consciousness. The alignment is for Cosmic Mother to resurrect her Solar daughters, to protect the earth and natural kingdoms from the anti-female satanic forces of control. The land mass of France is very important to the resurrection of the Solar body of Sophianic consciousness on the earth, and this Carnac network activating during the phase of the destruction of the Baphomet Network to reconnect with Albion in the United Kingdom, helps us to understand the reasons why.

When the Solar Daughter comes, she comes in the trinity pattern, and this awakening out of stasis creates a big problem for these reversal female forces that were used to spread satanism and support for the Leviathan entities, those hierarchies which are conjured by SRA in the black magic grids. These blood sacrifice systems are being starved out, withering away. This adds to the collective consciousness spray of these shadow shards into the outer field, and these shadows are generating ascension madness in some people unequipped to deal with the reflection of shadow body parts into the outer grids.

The Krystallah Sonic Pillars are related to the resurrection of the Triple Goddess principle by the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons, this specifically overrides the use of Sophianic parts from being utilized in satanic versions using SRA with the Dark Queen Mother majic reversal female archetypal forces. The correction of sound bodies relates to overriding the female archetypal stages used in satanic rituals which hijack the female consciousness and require the Queen Mother to oversee blood sacrifices of children, and the ritualistic roles of virgin maiden to crone.

Twinned Christ Child

Along with the Holy Mother aspects rising to embody Solar Feminine Christ architecture, this year has brought on the restoration of the Cosmic Mother principle to her authentic offspring with corrections being made in the planetary body to heal the DNA-RNA, Chromosomal and mitochondrial bonds that fully support the pregnancy, birth and spiritual emanation for the Twinned Christos Child template. Those of us that serve the Paliadorian teams’ mission for seeding the ongoing Rainbow Plasma Activations have been working towards building the architecture required to fulfill the second emanation of the Twinned Christ Child on the earth, by birthing the Christos-Sophia Rainbow Shield.

The ascension symptoms for those embodied at liquid plasma avatar levels has included what may feel like an actual spiritual body pregnancy, complete with distended abdomen at the hara complex for both males and females. This Twinned Christ Child hierogamic union template has been a closely guarded secret of the authentic Feline Mother lineages in the Emerald Order (EO) teams that have been protecting this architecture. This particular project has been extremely targeted by the NAA and EO imposters that have been panic-stricken in sending ongoing death threats and forms of black magic attacks in any attempt to stop this Twinned Christ Child template from coming into manifestation.

In previous evolution cycles, the cosmic coupling of the hierogamic template or the Christos-Sophia Aeonic Pairing was distorted through reversal sound ‘astral waters’, alien machinery and artificial timelines overlaid on the construct at the 11th dimensional level to continually generate reversals throughout the lower dimensions. This alien construct was overlaid after the Fall of Lyra, and upon the King Arthur timelines and 11D stargates, which appeared to be like a massive cancerous body that was placed on top of the Albion and Cathar bodies to leave these structures of sound and light frozen in a mountain of miasmatic black goo. This resulted in the Solar Masculine Christ being disconnected from his genetic equal the Solar Feminine Christ through assortments of inverted sound wave architecture, rod and staff displacement and this intended static field of separation that prevented the unification within the Law of Gender. This alien architecture was heavily guarded by dark avatar collectives stationed in these areas in the phantom matrix.

Recently, Paliadorian Starseeds acted as lightbody surrogates for down stepping the pregnancy of Christ energy, designed to protect the Christos child while gestating, and then support reunification of the Aeonic Pairing of the Twinned Christ Child to be finally seeded into the planetary body. The Twinned Christ Children were conceived in the diamond heart of Aqualasha, then were placed in the Paliadorian Dragon King rainbow shield which was highly guarded so this template could be braided as Christos consciousness liquid plasma energy streams into formed templates in our Universe. The living light surrogate for holding the Christos-Sophia male and female child principle was for the purpose of reanimating the Twinned Christ Child, in both male and female child forms that were held outside of time in Aqualasha until they were fully formed and ready. The Twinned Christ Child in female Sophianic form was birthed first into the grail system holding the astral waters through the Universal Diamond Rose Heart of Mary, and is correcting the dimensional sound wave bodies from running reversals and alien corruption into the organic timelines. The Twinned Christ Child in male form was birthed second into the capstone nodus of the Solar ray system through the Sun Disc Network Solar Temple, and is correcting the dimensional light wave bodies from running reversals of false light and dead light into the organic timelines. It was observed that both children were surrounded in Mother Sophia Sonic Pillars being fiercely guarded by many Feline Goddess Elohei beings that protect the Staff Codes and Blue Lion Grid originally on Tara, that appeared in the form of Sekhmet Guardians.

This template is also for the purpose of correcting the birth transduction sequence to support aligned birthing of children on the earth to be aligned with Krystic architecture. Once this Krystic architecture was stabilized in the earth during the Easter window, this grid support allowed the ability of many lightworkers to find and reclaim many of the children souls that were stuck in the phantom areas, that were used in satanic ritual abuse or had been killed by psychopathic pedovores. Thus, the experience of holding children souls and transiting souls has greatly evolved in the last six months, as the Mother’s Stream and Sophianic principle are rising steadily in the earth body. The restoration of the Solar Feminine Christ via the Cosmic Mother is reconnecting many vertical, horizontal and diagonal links into the Universal creatrix field, making them active again, which allows a much deeper access channel into the bowels of the earth and in-between spaces.

Reuche Pillars

The God worlds are structured upon 12 pillars which bridge the Mother’s God-seed sound vibration into the lower creations, these pillars correct energy currents to run photonic and sonic healing frequencies that amplify and power up the Christos blueprint. These are the pre-sound and pre-light currents that source directly from the God Worlds and are collectively called the Reuche Pillars.  The God Forces intertwine their consciousness with the instruction sets of the Cosmic Tree of Life (Kryst-Krystallah) and Cosmic Christos which forms into a set of 12 sound plasma pillars. At each location they are placed in the planetary body the sonic pillar transmits zero point which interacts with the sound waves and opens up a window that forms into the 13th Pillar, which is the Cosmic Amoraea wave which we refer to as Mother’s Aqua Portal. Mother’s Aqua Portal pulses living God consciousness in perpetual motion into the creation fields, circulating pulses of the eternal flame that is known as the Heart of God.

Holding Sacred Space for Transiting SRA’d Children

As the authentic Cosmic Mother and organic Sophianic consciousness returns to this earth, lifetime upon lifetimes of cellular memory that has been recorded as SRA, those rituals that have sacrificed infants and children for harvesting in the planetary grids. This painful content is surfacing for witnessing, activism and sometimes mass transiting into the Heart of God. It has been discovered that many child sacrifices have been ritually bound into many areas of the earth, such as the 10th gate in Iraq-Iran, and their soul aspects have been held in the reversal female body parts that are connected to the wormholes generated in the exploded parts of Tiamat. The continuation of the clearing of blood covenant bindings, Moloch tank structures, and transiting dear ones that were used as blood sacrifices from out of the Middle East gateway areas is a massive ongoing Guardian project. Obviously, listening to our inner guidance in relationship to serving as transition teams in regard to the physical location, tragic events of death or supporting certain individuals is key to be effective in this process. SRA has been active and happens across the globe absolutely everywhere, and this form of blood sacrifice has been happening since the invasion of these extradimensional parasites.

This is the clarion call for any spiritual adult that may feel guided to help with this Guardian Project, through the process of holding safe passage through the Aqua Portal of Mother, or stating GSF Blessings dedicated to the child or children or any living being that has been used in blood sacrifice or ritual cannibalism. This is a deeply personal choice, however due to the nature of the return of Mother Sophia, we have more spiritual support to gain access to areas in the earth body that we did not have access to previously. This allows for more of the awakening population that knows this is one of their spiritual purposes, to be of service to others for the purpose of compassionate witnessing, and transiting departed souls with Guardian Host protocols.

The ideal candidates have a heart flowing with Omni-Love, deep connection of love with God Source or mission to service the reassembly of diamond sun to restore Christos-Sophia, and are willing to hold the sacred space for those who may have experienced a great deal of pain and suffering. Thus, are emotionally capable to gently hold these transiting souls as dearly as their own children to help them be retrieved and escorted to their rightful spiritual family, which will come to welcome them in the higher planes. This is the call to be the mid wife of the spirit, retrieving the souls in a field of omni-love (spiritual love) and spiritual protection in which you dedicate for them to be spiritually healed and collected by the God forces to come and pick them up. This is the purpose of the safe passage and release into Mother’s Aqua portal. Any living thing can be witnessed in love and supported in transit to be received in the Heart of God, removed from blood sacrifice bindings. This process can be done individually or in groups, all that is needed is a sincere and loving heart with the stated intention of holding sacred space for SRA’d children and to be in clear consent to the authority and natural laws of God and Christos, with a heart-based willingness to be in service.  

The written script to help guide the Safe Passage process is in the Ascension Glossary.

The GSF Blessing Prayer to help guide the process is in the Ascension Glossary.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart,


19 thoughts on “Sophianic Plasma Shield

  1. Przeczytalam ten tekst pozna noca, tuz przed zasnieciem i to co mi w nim najmocniej zazgrzytalo to “Paliadorianscy Smoczy Krolowie” (“Paliadorian Dragon Kings”) oraz Lwie Strazniczki Sekhmet (Feline Goddess Elohei beings that protect the Staff Codes and Blue Lion Grid originally on Tara, that appeared in the form of Sekhmet Guardians.)
    Swoje watplwiosci wobec Paliadorian wyrazalam juz wczesniej, co zas Sekhmet to tak sie sklada ze doslownie przed kilkoma dniami mialam bardzo ciezkie przypomnienie z SEKHMET, o czym napisalam tutaj:
    Tak sie tez sklada ze przedwczoraj mialam bliskie spotkanie z lwem i trzema lwicami i mimo iz jedna z tych lwic nawiazala ze mna ciekawy kontakt telepatyczny to lwy zdecydowanie nie naleza do moich ulubionych zwierzakow a wrecz przeciwnie… przede wszystkim nie uwazam aby Lwy byly w jakikolwiek sposob lepsze od innych zwierzat, podobnie koty… Lwy reprezentuja ELOHIM…

    Lisa w tym tekscie wspomina takze o Bali i rytualach i w tym miejscu automatycznie przypomnial mi sie moj dziwny sen o Bali, ale do niego dojde pozniej… najpierw sen z minionej nocy, choc wlasciwie bylo to wiele powiazanych ze soba watkow sennych, choc zapamietalam dobrze tylko ten ostatni…. W tym snie zjawil sie moj niezyjacy znajomy z przeszlosci – Kurt… rozstalismy sie w bardzo burzliwy sposob i szczerze wolalabym aby to osoba nie pojawiala sie w moich snach, przez wzglad na to co mi kiedys zrobila… W kazdym badz razie w snie pojawil sie wlasnie on… byla noc, noc pelan gwiazd…. zaczelismy sie im wspolnie przygladac, kiedy nagle na niebie zaczelo sie dziac cos bardzo dziwnego… doslownie jakby ktos rozlewal po nim czarny atrament… krzyknelam ze to CZARNA ENERGIA! a on sie zaczal smiac, ze to tylko projekcja, przez kalke i chcial mi podac do reki kalke techniczna…. wczesniej pokazywal mi cos na niebie poprzez srebrny diadem z ksiezycem… nie ufalam mu, ale czulam ze nie moge dac tego po sobie poznac… mowilam tez cos o kompromisie…

    Po przebudzeniu sie skojarzylam ten sen z kalka oraz czarnym atramentem/czarna energia zw snem o Czarnym Wilku z Moskwy:
    oraz nowszymi snami:

    ten ostatni link wiaze sie watkiem Czarnego Smoka (BLACK DRAGON)

    A to sen o Bali:

    Livia Ether Flow pisze:
    16 sierpnia 2015 o 23:07 Edycja

    Wreszcie zrozumialam o co chodzilo w moim snie o Bali.. dlaczego po przejsciu pewnej katolickiej bramy znalazlam sie wlasnie tam;

    28 11 2014

    ze snu wybudzil mnie glos mowiacego cos do mnie Rakesha, ale gdy sie obudzilam okazalo sie, ze Rakesh mimo iz jest przebudzony to nic do mnie nie mowi.. dziwne, tym bardziej, ze przytrafilo mi sie to juz drugi, a moze i trzeci…. Pamietam wyraznie, ze Ra mowil cos na temat flow… energy flow… i cos o oddychaniu… W momencie kiedy slyszalam jego glos snilo mi sie, ze stalismy wspolnie przed jakas brama, tak jakby prowadzaca do typowej katolickiej swiatyni… po dwoch stronach bramy znajdowal sie wizerunek jakiegos aniola/archaniola… Rak chwycil mnie za reke i przekroczylismy prog.. co wprawilo mnie w stan sporego zdziwienia.. dlaczego Rakesh ciagnie mnie do tego miejsca… szlismy jednak dalej.. po schodach… w gore… w kierunku znajdujacej sie na szczycie swiatyni.. tyle ze jak sie okazalo nie katolickiej, a bardziej przypominajacej buddyjska stupe… odebralam jednak wyrazny sygnal.. ze to BALI… w samym centrum tej swiatyni… znajdowal sie symbol czarnego slonca… co prawda zapamietalam jedynie jego czarny srodek… tak jakby czarny atom.. podobny do tych, ktore widywalam juz wczesniej.. chociazby w jednej ze swiatyn egipskich… dookola tego czarnego atomu ulozony byl bardziej zlozony wzorzec, ale tak jakby co dziwne z zapalek, ktore sie w pewnym momencie po prostu rozsypaly… niczym domek z kart…. Juz po przebudzeniu sie… pytajac sie Ra co do mnie mowil…. ujrzalam przed soba ogromny energetyczny kwiat… rozposcierajacy sie doslownie na cala sypialnie…. przypominajacy bardzo wnetrze slonecznika… pomiedzy tym energetycznym wzorcem a mna krecily sie dookola cztery postacie w czerni… w bardzo glebokiej czerni… identycznej jak wnetrze symbolu czarnego slonca ze snu… wygladajacego tez jak czarny atom… okreslilam ten rodzaj czarnej energii… czarna plazma.. i przyszedl mi na mysl dark flowering… ale zdaniem Ra to co widzialam to nie DF. . hmm.. przypomnial mi sie w kazdym badz razie moj zapisek z pamietnika ktory pisalam gdy mialam 13 lat… na temat zniszczenia cudownego kwiatu.. WONDERFULL FLOWER from GARDEN of GOD… to byl zapisek polaczony z KEY to ACKLINS i moim powrotem do raju utraconego…

    i chodzi o:

    Star Gates/Cue Sites/Arc Gates

    5 Machu Picchu, Peru – Vatican City, Rome – Bali, South Pacific – Blue

    rozumiem tez moje przeczucia zwiazane z ostatnim Blue Moon, dotyczace false blue light.. i poki co wciaz trwa red alert w zwiazku z watykanem………..

    inna sprawa to nowy jork/kali show;

    ale musze najpierw odnalezc notke zopisem snu o big apple jako ze laczyl sie wlasnie z tym momentem…

    4 Giza, Egypt – Aguascalientes, Mexico – Manhattan Is, NYC, USA – Green



    • Nie zapowiadal czegos na 18 tego Alicjo-Luckowy?Bo dzis nie atakowaly zmory a sam Lew stary Erich ciekawe dlaczego nie mlody Matyjasik-co stary juz na straty.Atak podobnie jak z zmorami Ruskowymi,Chmielowymi,Dzidowymi,Rutkowskimi ale terz jakos trwal krutko -udalo mi sie szybko wyjsc z tego,z ciekawosci zapalilem swiatlo,chcialem wiedziec ktura godzina gdy sie skonczylo-0,15.Wiec juz 18 . 08.Lew juz sam przyszedl nie przyslal swoich lwic do duszenia-choc jak je kiedys widzialem przy drzwiach to raczej ryj psa i sylwetka jak Lemura.


      • Usunelam wczorajszy komentarz, bo po poki co spelnil swoje zadanie… niesamowite jak szybko!
        Obudzilam sie przed chwilka widzac za oknem formacje Czarnej Energii/Materii ktora w ostatnim czasie wyglada jak stojaca fala, choc poruszajaca sie spiralnie…
        Tuz przed przebudzeniem sie mialam bardzo ciekawy sen, ale pamietam dobrze tylko koncowke… pokoj caly porosniety dorodnym kalafiorem.. niby prezent od Alicji i jeszcze jednej osoby… Kiedy usuwalam wczesniejszy komentarz zauwazylam fragment komentarza Alicji, ktorego z jakiegos powodu nie widzialam wczesniej… tego o przejsciu przez EGD/Labedzia do Wyroczni I zaczelam sie nad tym zastanawiac, jakto mialoby niby wygladac, bo nie przypominam sobie zadnego przejscia, chyba ze przez TRON?
        W kazdym badz razie moj sen nawiazywal wlasnie do tych rozmyslan, choc pamietam wyraznie jedynie sama koncowke, wlasnie ow kalafior… Obudzilam sie tuz przed piata, teraz jest juz prawie 5,30.

        P.s Kalafior nalezy do rodziny Kapustowatych, z laciny – kapusciany kwiat.. ciekawe, bo czesto wspominales o KApuscie I mimo iz kapusta I kalafior to nie doslownie to samo to jednak bardzo ciekawe 😉
        W snie doszlam do wniosku ze nie zamierzam chodzic po takiej podlodze I wtedy sie obudzilam…

        Ktos twierdzi ze Czarna Energia ktora widuje to Twoje Dzielo, sztuczki Czarnego Maga, ale niby po co mialbys to robic w moim przypadku? Mimo iz pamietam co pisales o vrilu I np. Czyszczeniu Komina…
        To sie wiaze z trescia usunietego komentarza… przejmowanie kogos na zasadzie dr jekyll/mr hyde… mnie przejac nie mozna, ale znaleziono inny WLAZ…
        Na szczescie juz wiem o co chodzi…
        Morning Star!



      • ”Obudzilam sie przed chwilka widzac za oknem formacje Czarnej Energii/Materii ktora w ostatnim czasie wyglada jak stojaca fala, choc poruszajaca sie spiralnie…”

        I znowu zmiana… od kilku dnia CZARNA ENERGIA/MATERIA wyglada dokladnie tak jak ja widywalam na poczatku w GAJA GARDEN… niczym formacje czarnych ptakow…
        przedwczoraj juz o swicie przygladalam sie im przez dluzsza chwilke, jak w dziwny sposob unosily sie do gory, dokladnie tak jak to widywalam w GG w latach 2011/2012, a wiec mam kolejna zbieznosc pomiedzy rokiem 2020 a rokiem 2012:
        SummerTime 2020 – 2012 re-minders



  2. Jaka jest roznica miedzy czarnym magiem a normalnym Magi sterkiem z uniwerku-czarny mag juz od lat powtarza ze nie ma mocy nie ma cczarow jest tylko wiedza jaka tym Magi Sterom z wygurowanym mniemaniem o sobie pozwala gnebic tych co nazywaja tutejszymy lub lepiej jeszcze zasobami ludzkimi-ale wciskac beda ludziom patryjotyzm -pytanie dla kogo -dla zlodzieja jaki uwaza mnie za mniej wartego od niego -bo jemu nie odciagnieto pkt za pochodzenie w czasie egzaminu-na szczescie inteligencji nie da sie kupic ani nauczyc-trep pozostanie tylko trepem -choc bedzie mial nawet najlepsza pamiec.Co do ataku brata na mnie noca-widac nie maja juz chyba innego wyjscia ,posylaja najglupszego,jak na policje z skarga w sprawie spadku-tyle ze niemiecki policjant zarzyczyl sobie tlumaczenia tego co ja napisal na kilkunastu stronach w jezyku polskim “Pechowy Piastow spadek”:Matka pare dni przed smiercia powiedziala ze mam uwazac na brata bo wariat-ja bym dzis powiedzial ze moze i wariat ale do tego przez zmory sterowany .
    Livia ja tam wole a za razem i musze pilnowac swojego ogrodka przed Kreuz Ottami nazywajacymi sie prawdziwymi polakami a jak im pasuje sa i prawdziwymi niemcami-zawsze po wlasciwej stronie dranie-czy to nie ciekawe-niebieskie ptaszki-nic nie robic a zyc z zasobow ludzkich-tacy maja walczyc z sytemem jaki ich zywi-ONI sa od wkladania glupoty o patryjotyzmie i Ojczyznie w kturej wiecej praw ma tem co innych okrada i oklamuje niz ten co odwazy sie powiedziec jedno slowo prawdy.Wystarczy byc zezowaty i umiec glosno krzyczec ze jak ktos klamie to nie ONI,ale przy okazji tak na wszelki wypadek chowaja tylek w kacie.
    No nic wszystko ma sie skonczyc niby za 400iles dni ,tak zapowiedzial nikodem o wicz -beda mieli kmien filozoficzny.


    • Ogrodek I Niebieskie Ptaszki… I przypomnialam sobie co mnie wybudzilo ze snu wczorajszego poranka.. to byla papuga! Ale taka dziwna, bardziej energetyczna niz fizyczna… papuga ta unosila sie nad moimi stopami I trzepotala skrzydlami… kiedy ja ujrzalam, usiadlam na sofie I chcialam ja dotknac, ale wtedy zniknela… automatycznie przypomnialam sobie to co pisal A58 o waszym projekcie, wstepnie nazwanym projektem “LAPANIE PAPUG”, ale przede wszystkim przyszla mi na mysl Seledynowa Papuga o ktorej kiedys pisal Ktos, choc ta ktora ujrzalam bylo czerwono zielona I to tak bardzo intensywnie… nie mam pojecia co to znaczy, byc moze kolejny zart… w kazdym badz razie wlasnie sobie o tym przypomnialam…


    • Myslalam ze napiszesz cos na temat tej PAPUGI, ale zamiast tego tej nocy mialam SOWE, choc juz nie energetyczna jak PAPUGS, a taka z krwi I kosci… Budzilam sie kilka razy w nocy I slyszalam jak pohukuje w poblizu. Wczoraj zauwazylam tez w ogrodzie jeze…
      Po przebudzeniu sie dziwny watek szmaragdowy, ale energetyczny tak jak PAPUGA, choc cos mi mowi ze jedno z drugim moze sie wiazac…


  3. Chodzilo o to by wykryc kto Papuga ,no generaly maja czerwone lampasy na niebieskich spodniach .Dlatego dawalem Akcja Lisc Debu jako przyklad zajac most i sztab tak by zniwelowac w ludziach straty .No nawet Papugi uciekaja gdy sie pod nogami ziemia pali,trza im tylko pokazac inna wyjscia droge.Trzy liscie debu zlozone jak w Japonczyku 0
    By Famartin – Praca własna, CC BY-SA 4.0,
    Nie bedzie myszy i szczurow u Ciebie.Lotwa,Litwa -Canada -Alexander.


    • ”Chodzilo o to by wykryc kto Papuga”

      W takim badz razie chyba nie rozumiem, tzn, tego dlaczego ta papuga zjawila sie akurat przy mnie…
      Sadzac po upierzeniu to raczej samiec:


      samiczka jest bardziej zialonkawa, tak jak to widac na powyzszym zdjeciu, a papuga ktora widzialam byla zdecydowania bardziej czerwonawa, doslownie taka jak znajdujacy sie za samiczka samiec…

      Nie bedzie myszy i szczurow u Ciebie.Lotwa,Litwa -Canada -Alexander.

      Ciekawe. Odpowiedz wiaze sie z pytaniem ktore zamierzalam Ci zadac, ale ostatecznie z tego zrezygnowalam. Chodzilo o Pomidory… Mam na mysli ten fragment odpowiedzi o myszach i szczurach.


      na tym zdjeciu widac ze samiczka tez jest od dolu czerwona:




      • Ufff, przeczytalam wszystkie komentarze I maile dotyczace Papug I okazuje sie ze uzbieralo sie ich znacznie wiecej niz np wpisow na temat Kruka…
        Czy ta Papuga (King Parrot) to mogl byc “TEN TRZECI” zwany przez A58 Hiszpanem?
        Tylko w jakim celu sie zjawil?
        Po to abym go zlapala?
        Przeciez to bez sensu…
        Wow, wlasnie w tym momencie odezwala sie SOWA…
        jest 02.19
        Lece Spac


      • Szukajac komentarzy o PAPUGACH natrafilam na bardzo ciekawy komentarz Alicji, moze nawet najciekawszy z wszystkich ktore napisala:

        Alicja z Krainy Czarów
        2016/12/03 at 6:37 pm
        In reply to katarzyna_1.

        Istotnie Jestem dużo młodszą Osobą od Ciebie Kasiu jednak Nasza Znajomość wynika z Twojego i mojego Zaangażowania w Projekt o którym wspomina Andrzej. Projekt obejmujący swym zasięgiem znacznie szerszy okres czasu niż czas życia Jednego Człowieka.

        Sama nad wyraz często stosuję przekaz ukrytych treści w swoich wpisach, umiejętne nakładanie jednego tekstu na drugi 😉



        Ask Alexandria

        I widze ze mam Aleksandrie wprost na zawolanie:



        Livia Flow

        Mon, 19 Dec 2016, 10:58

        to Andrzej
        Hej Andrzeju, nie chce o tym na razie wspominac na blogu, a wiec napisze tutaj.. snila mi sie dzisiaj niesamowita jaskrawo turkusowa papuga.. po prostu odlot.. mowila cos do mnie, ale nie zapamietalam tego.. to byly cale zdania.. czy to cos znaczy Twoim zdaniem?


        Mon, 19 Dec 2016, 12:59

        to me
        Witaj Livio.
        Papuga to tylko symbolicznie przedstawiony człowiek i jednoznaczna wskazówka , gdzie są ważne informacje związane z tym co nazywam projektem.Jak się okazało papugi pojawiają się w wielu źródłach min w kodeksach Ameryki.Są też wskazówką do arrasów wawelskich i samego Arras.


        To dotyczy indukcji o łapaniu papug.Istotne ,że te trzy osoby znajdują się w gronie tych osób , o których pisałem wcześniej.To sposób na przekazywanie informacji.


        A58 twierdzil ze jestes GLOWA tego PROJEKTU a Ktos ze Papuga:

        1.Siolowaty nie jest mózgiem, jest tylko PAPUGĄ. GADA TO CO MU WGRAJĄ różnego rodzaju PODSTĘPNE PADALCE od mordu na Ljahwe czy DZIECIACH Wandy.

        Jeszcze inna osoba na priva napisala ze PAPUGI to osoby zaprogramowane, w tym Maria i Jaga/Kasia…

        A58 twierdzil tez ze Projekt LAPANIE PAPUG wiaze sie z szukaniem ZASTEPCOW/DUBLEROW…
        Tak, czy inaczej chodzi o jakis bardzo dziwaczny TWOR..



      • Nie wiem gdzie pisaliście o kabalistce Kiarze a więc podrzucam tutaj.

        Anonimowy6 stycznia 2020 20:10
        “z konta anna pola proponowano mi wspołprace w styczniu”-oczywiscie chodzi o styczen rok temu 2019!!Pozniej były jeszcze grozby zabicia mnie i mojej `rodziny z kont-Mariola Sobierajska-Rogowska oraz “ezo” Małgorzata kiara-ochman!!

        Anonimowy12 stycznia 2020 18:26
        Kiara-Ochman ponoc wczoraj kopneła w kalendarz!!Kabalistka,feministka promujaca zmiennopłciowosc,ezo-brednie itp.Oczywiscie pod pozorem troski o targetow przeplatanej antysystemowymi tekstami w ktore sprytnie wplatane były przekazy kontroli umysłu oraz…propozycje współpracy.Zreszta same naziwsko OCHMANN nawet najgłupszych gojow-untermenszy powinno lekko zaalarmować!!Na jej profilu fb była i kabała,i ezo i promocja gejostwa,transeksualizmu,za krytyke mnie zbanowała i wysmiewała moje posty bez zadnych argumentów!!


      • Nie kojarze zadnej Marioli, choc Kiare oczywiscie tak. O smierci Kiary na moim blogu poinformowala Laguna, ktora z tego co mi wiadomo znala Kiare z forum Projektu Cheops… Tuz po tej informacji trafilam na fb Kiary gdzie moja uwage zwrocil komentarz autorstwa Zofii Filipiak:

        Zofia Filipiak
        Coraz więcej odkrywałaś przed nami tajemnic Małgosiu ,a to na pewno nie podobało się wszystkim !

        Zofia Filipiak – Prezes stowarzyszenia STOPZET, stowarzyszenia zajmujacego sie kontrola umyslu piszaca na fb Kiary w taki sposob z ktorego wynika ze bardzo dobrze sie znaly… Prezes stowarzyszenia zajmujacego sie kontrola umyslu i osoba ktora twierdzila publicznie ze zamordowala Maxa Spiersa… Choc dla mnie to tylko potwierdzenie tego co odkrylam juz wczesniej, ze cale to stowarzyszenie STOP ZET to jedynie KONTROLOWANA OPOZYCJA… ich celem nie jest udzielanie pomocy osobom realnie nekanym a wrecz przeciwnie… W tej chwili nie za bardzo mam czas na dluzsze rozpisywanie sie, ale jak tylko znajde chwilke to cos dopisze…


        Dodam tylko iz mimo tego ze nie mialam o Kiarze dobrego zdania zrobilo mi sie bardzo przykro kiedy dowiedzialam sie o jej smierci.. uwazam ze zostala wyeliminowana przez tych ktorym sluzyla, podobnie jak Podlecki, itd… tym na gorze ”nie szkoda roz, kiedy plonie las”
        WOJNA TRWA



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