GREEN DOOR detected?


Friday, June 4, 2021
GREEN DOOR detected

Livia Ether Flow

“GREEN DOOR detected”

Oh Daddy….


10 thoughts on “GREEN DOOR detected?

  1. Ale sie zieleni:
    Szmaragdowego Straznika spotkalam na poczatku 2009 ale nie byl to Michael… W trakcie tego spokania Straznk sie przebudzil a ja pod koniec tego spotkania ujrzalam bursztyowo zlote jajo oraz dziwny teczowy wir.

    Spotkanie z Szmaragdowym Strażnikiem (Meeting with Emerald Guardian)

    Wszystko pasuje idealnie do tego co opisuje Lisa…
    Mimo to jej Straznik jest bardziej Szmaragdowy niz moj 🤑

    Straznik ktorego spotkalam znajdowal sie we wnetrzu Szmaragdowej Kopuly a ta w Sercu Pra Katedry ale nie bylo to Jeruzalem a miejsce znajdujace sie obecnie na terenie Polski…
    Co mnie smieszy to ze nawet Jezus zostal u Lisa zdegradowany na czesc Michala… A niechaj Sobie siedzi w tej zardzewialej Jerozolimie…
    Wielka Kicha…


    • ”A niechaj Sobie siedzi w tej zardzewialej Jerozolimie…”

      Zardzewiałej, parszywej = parchatej.
      Kłaniam się nisko.


      • Posadzili tego smiesznego Michala na zardzewialym TRONIE w Jerozolimie bo do prawdziwego TRONU nie maja dostepu…

        Musialabym upasc na glowe aby ufac Elohimom w tym Michalkowi, zwlaszcza w jego oryginalnej postaci…

        Wojna sie jeszcze nie skonczyla…….



        W zasadzie to ten cytat z OUROBOROSEM mowi wszystko, co za tym tak naprawde stoi:

        Słoneczne namaszczenie Michała w gwiezdnych wrotach 2D

        Szmaragdowy Zakon sprowadzony w celu obserwacji rozwoju planetarnej świadomości odnotował namaszczenie słoneczne Chrystusa Michała w gwiezdnych wrotach 2D, co daje podwaliny rozwoju Ducha Doskonałego Pokoju w Niebiańskim Jeruzalem. Jego tron i królewski majestat zostały zbudowane na fundamencie wrzeciona Szmaragdowego Zakonu 48D, który rządzi prawdziwym kierunkiem czasu w Zegarze Kosmicznym za pomocą świętego Ojca. Tarcza bazowa Szmaragdowego Zakonu obejmuje siedem rezydencji wewnątrz Kryształowej Katedry lub Niebiańskiego Jeruzalem, które są złotymi miastami wiecznego światła, które teraz chroni szmaragdowe serce Duszy Świata. Chrystus Michael, wcześniej znajdujący się w stazie czekając na boski moment powrotu Szmaragdowego Zakonu, objawił się jako fizyczny Złoty Pierścień otaczający Ziemię. Jest 13. Pierścieniem Złotego Ognia otaczającego Ziemię z linii słonecznego smoka Ouroboros powiązanej z konstelacją Byka i z Aldebaranem jako Królewską Gwiazdą Wschodu w uniwersalnej koronie Maji Graala. Złoty Pierścień leżał uśpiony, dopóki nie został wskrzeszony przez tęczowego smoka ożywiającego oddech kosmicznych Założycieli i pokierowany przez autentyczny Szmaragdowy Zakon oraz obecność świętego Kosmicznego Ojca, aby pomóc zapoczątkować Złotą Erę Wniebowstąpienia w Doskonałym Pokoju.

        Tak, tak.. “Doskonaly Pokoj” pod znakiem Weza……
        BLA BLA BLA…



  2. June 7, 2021
    War Intensifies as Cabal Takes Aim at Returning Trump
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports
    The Khazarian Mafia tried on the Satanic day of June 6th (66) to overturn a grassroots movement to remove the fraudulently installed Joe Biden presidency. Following Donald Trump’s live GOP speech in North Carolina the day before where he claimed the fraudulent election was “the crime of the century,” the MSM tried to portray him as broken and incapacitated. By infuriating Trump supporters, it has had the opposite effect. This means the war to hunt down and kill all members of this cabal has intensified, MI6, CIA, and Pentagon sources agree.

    The Trump on display was the real one, and not his loose jowled body double, NSA sources confirm. The democratically elected president of the United States may be considering military action against the illegal Biden regime as the only option left.

    Trump tried to assuage supporters by hinting at running in 2024. He had also raised attention with comments about returning to the White House sooner than people expect and responded to interview questions about the “interesting” idea of joining the 2022 house race to become the speaker and impeach Biden. The cabal seems to be hoping any delay will give them time to permanently cement their satanic grip on the U.S. A growing body of evidence shows they intend to accomplish this by murdering most Americans with toxic vaccines.

    This has been confirmed by a whistleblower from Pfizer who contacted 5 eyes intelligence last week and described the detailed manner in which their vaccine is designed to kill people.

    According to MI6:

    “A peer reviewed clinical study from inside Pfizer raises serious concerns about the distribution throughout the body and the accumulation in multiple organs and the brain of the spike proteins created by the mRNA inoculations. The inoculation goes to the deltoid [arm] muscle to then be expelled by the local lymphatic system.

    The lymphatic system then spreads the residual (the so-called spike protein) to the lungs, liver, heart and brain. It is very highly toxic and is expected to cause widespread causality and death. The paper is expansive and highly detailed and technical. It would require an expert eye, which may well challenge everything we know to date.”

    “This is actionable military shoot to kill intelligence,” said an MI6 source, “Already seven death warrants have been signed and this is only the beginning.”

    “We have been watching you for years, at first we dismissed you as a conspiracy theorist but now we have the forensics to back your claim there is an element [in the ruling class] who is genocidal,” MI6 told this writer.

    The forensic evidence points to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, as is the enforcement arm of this genocide. Remember these logos of the murderous umbrella corporation, the Rothschild front company in Shanghai, and their resemblance to the Maltese cross? Breakaway members of the Knights of Malta confirm the SMOM is committing mass murder. In other words, the following individuals need to be hunted down and killed or taken in for interrogation if possible:

    Remember these are the people who replaced Pope Francis with a mask-wearing impostor who is calling for every human on Earth to be vaccinated. This call is going out despite multiple whistleblowers coming forth and warning that mRNA vaccines are dangerous. They are also pushing these vaccines even though freedom of information requests sent to 60 relevant government and international agencies, including the CDC, the WHO, and Health Canada reveals none of them has proof that COVID 19, the reason for the vaccines, even exists.

    Military authorities have concluded, “The various civilian governments are showing astonishing naivety in this entire affair and we strongly suspect many are under compromise and control duress or the recipients of inducements.” In other words, they are being bribed, blackmailed, or threatened.

    “It is like pulling teeth trying to get rid of these governments. They initially do not care they are committing high treason. The people running the world’s civilian governments need to be dragged into the streets and shot,” the sources add.

    Nonetheless, the military and information campaign against the pandemic vaccine pushers is being won. The revelations about Anthony Fauci financing the creation of pandemic-causing viruses are now being repeated throughout the information ecosphere.

    Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and many other criminals behind this scheme have already been arrested and or executed, CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Pentagon sources all say.

    According to agency sources, death warrants have also been signed for the following individuals:

    The remainder of this article is only available to members of
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  3. Thursday, June 17, 2021
    Planetary Situation Update

    Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The war between Light and dark forces for Chimera underground bases is at its peak, and the decisive battles ending in Light forces liberating the bases are expected to occur soon.

    The Chimera underground complex which extends below the central part of eastern Congo and below most of Rwanda and Burundi has not been liberated yet, and hostages captured there and in other bases still need our assistance with meditation:

    This underground war precipitates to the surface as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:

    Galactic Confederation fleet, especially Ashtar Command, Pleiadian and Sirian fleet, are moving closer to the surface of planet and Mjolnir (quantum cannon) weapons are now deployed in Near Earth Orbit in icosahedral formation to continue clearing quantum anomaly and all dark force exotic weapons in all surface and subsurface layers of the planet, physical and non-physical.

    Mjolnir is particularly targeting etheric scalar weapons grid which was created by the Orion dark forces during the invasion of 1996.

    Scalar waves are produced when two opposing waves of the same frequency exactly cancel out each other:

    They can be misused to create strong etheric fields that can capture souls after they leave their physical body through the death process, and this capture is exactly what happens to most humans on the surface and most hostages in underground bases.

    Also, scalar fields can be misused to attack Lightworkers and to induce emotional pain, energetic discomfort and also physical pain by triggering central nervous system.

    As Light Forces progress toward the surface, the dark are attacking key Lightworkers with those scalar weapons, falsely hoping that this will slow the progress of the Galactic Confederation fleet.

    The main thing slowing the progress of the Confederation fleet is the so called subquantum anomaly. Subquantum anomaly is the part of quantum anomaly which extends throughout the whole universe on scales smaller than Planck length (10 e-35 meters) and can not be detected by any means, according to the so-called trans-Planckian censorship conjecture:

    This practically means that the Light forces can not detect it, even in their Ascended state, they can only guess its effects after it begins to influence objects larger than Planck length, so basically all particles and waveforms in our universe. The Orion dark force scientists have learned through experiments spanning many millennia and sometimes even millions of years how to trigger subquantum anomaly to produce anomalous effects in our universe. Throughout the universe, this can only produce a very thin quantum fog, whereas close to the surface of this planet it triggers serious quantum anomaly which significantly hinders the progress of the Confederation fleet and also significantly decreases the efficiency of the Light forces in general. They are now fully addressing this problem and there are already signs of progress.

    The most dangerous phase of the planetary liberation war lasted from December 2017 to May 2021 and things are finally beginning to look a bit better now, although the danger is far from over.

    As a positive sign on the surface of the planet, the Syrian goddess vortex shows signs of healing:

    Drastic military escalation in Israel and Gaza was prevented, with the help of Egyptian positive factions, with the help of our meditation, and other factors:

    There are some signs of escalation again, and if they persist, you may continue with the above meditation if you feel so guided.

    Mainstream media are finally beginning to talk about the laboratory origins of covid:

    Which was created in cooperation between China and USA:

    It was created as a trigger defense mechanism against the progress of the Light forces in planetary liberation, and dark forces are threatening to release more viruses if Light forces continue to progress:

    Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others are being exposed for their role in the creation of the pandemic, and will answer for their crimes against humanity:

    Fauci threatening people wishing to expose him will not stop the exposure:

    Connections between Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are being explored:

    Here it is interesting to note that Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, was involved in the PROMIS scandal which included putting backdoors in all Windows based computers on the planet, feeding data to Israeli intelligence agencies:

    PROMIS software is now outdated and has been evolved further, livestreaming data about the surface population:

    This data is being processed by the Israeli Intelligence agency, called Unit 8200, at Urim base:

    And by NSA here:

    Both Urim base and Utah data center have been hacked by the Resistance on June 8th and that led to internet outages worldwide and to some speculations:

    Chimera-controlled DARPA and other agencies still keep developing nanotechnology biochips:

    And protein based bioweapons for mind control:

    And micro biochips:

    The spread of many rumors and disinfo on various internet sites has reached such proportions that some of those items need to be addressed.

    First, Ashtar is a being of Light, there is NO negative Ashtar Command and they are NOT involved in any kind of betrayal whatsoever.

    Second, Med beds will NOT be introduced to the surface population before the Event, and they are NOT related to Tachyon chambers whatsoever.

    Third, the only true Tachyon chambers are listed on website, and many other people claiming to build tachyon chambers or even handing out plans for those chambers are not telling the truth. On the surface of this planet, a functional tachyon chamber needs a quantum uplink to an orbiting satellite or a space station.

    There is a certain project involving tachyon chambers, and those owners of the tachyon chambers who wish to participate, can contact They need to be aware that in order to participate in the project, their chamber will not be available for regular healing sessions for at least a few months. Participation in this project is completely voluntary.

    Fourth, a brief disclaimer. I am not involved in any activities whatsoever of a person named Manuela Tayara, nor is she receiving any instructions from me.

    Fifth, Sisterhood of the Rose groups still need to be formed worldwide, to anchor as much Goddess energy as possible.

    And most importantly, the Light Forces have communicated that energies of wars that were fought on the surface of the planet through millennia finally need to be healed, and souls still trapped in the war trauma released.

    For this reason, cintamani stones need to be planted in the positions of all main past battlefields:

    Light Forces have also communicated that the timeline of Thirty Years War (1618-1648) needs to be healed, and cintamani stones need to be placed into the key areas and battlefields of this war, as this was one of the most brutal conflicts in human history:

    With this timeline node resolved, a lot of healing energy will be released on the surface of the planet.

    Victory of the light!


    • ”First, Ashtar is a being of Light, there is NO negative Ashtar Command and they are NOT involved in any kind of betrayal whatsoever.”

      to jest chyba odpowiedz Cobry na ten tekt:

      ” Wielu przywłaszczycieli Michała jest połączonych sztuczną inteligencją z klonami Wesa, więc kiedy channeler lub inna osoba stara się odebrać częstotliwości niebieskiego płomienia archanioła Michała, w rzeczywistości zwiążuje się z klonami cienia, które zostały wygenerowane w celu odwrócenia świadomości słonecznej prawdziwego Chrystusa Michała, który był na Ziemi w stazie. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, nauki archanioła Michała są powiązane z istotami Jehowy, które przeniknęły do nowej ery pod pseudonimem Federacja Galaktyczna i Dowództwo Ashtar, a ci oszuści w pełni wspierają lewiatanów totiańskich i biorą udział w galaktycznym handlu niewolnikami. Linie rasy Lewiatana stanowią większość wcielonych Lucyferian w grupach elit władzy, którym zadano wykonanie planu Wielkiego Resetu lub Jednego Porządku Świata. ”

      oryginalny tekst tutaj:

      a to przy okazj:

      ”The ongoing dismantling of the extensive artificial matrix of the Emerald Tablet system that was built by the Thothian-Zephilium as the result of the capture of the 11D holographic disc during the Essene Massacre and Essene Divide, has been the priority during this phase as the Emerald Order return…”

      TIME to WONDER!!!



      • Znam osobe.. oficjalnie bardzo niepozorna… ktora od dolu trzyma ten caly ***
        Ta osoba – mimo iz bardzo niepozorna – jest bardzo dobrze zaBEzpieczona…
        Czesc Livia
        W jaki sposob jest zabezpieczona?


  4. Hmm, ciag dalszy dziwnej historii z Golebica i Krukiem… Tyle ze tym razem to Golebica przetrwala a Kruk zszedl…
    Kilka godzin zajelo mi sprzatanie sypialni po tym co sie stalo… Po tym jak wczoraj z samego rana do sypialni wpadl mocno krwawiacy golab… Szybko zadzwonilismy po Pogotowie dla Zwierzat (Dieren Ambulance) przez ktore ptak zostal po kilkunastu minutach zabrany… W tym czasie kiedy golab wpadl do srodka ja bylam juz na parterze ale w sypialni wciaz przebywala moja coreczka wraz z tata… Golab wpadl bezposrednio na miejsce w ktorym sypiam, od strony okna… Uciekal przed goniacym go stadem krukow…
    Z kolei dzisiejszego poranka moj partner poczul dziwny zapach w altance i juz po chwili okazalo sie ze to martwy kruk… I w tym momencie zaczelam laczyc fakty… Przypomnial mi sie dzien 7 lipca 2017… Dziwna burza… Itd… Tyle ze wedy zeszla golebica a KRUK byl niefizyczny…


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