ALCHEMILLA (Summer Solstice 2021)

Znalazlam w nowym ogrodzie Alchemille… Pojawila sie nagle i to w takim miejscu jakby koniecznie chciala byc zauwazona… Alchemilli towarzyszy ziele Sw. Jana (w centrum) oraz (na obrzezach) Lebiodka.. ale to wlasnie ziele Sw Jana w towarzystwie Alchemilli zainspirowalo mnie do stworzenia ponizszych grafik.. Wiem ze moglabym ja po prostu nazwac po polsku Przywrotnikiem ale zdecydowanie bardziej pasuje mi do niej wlasnie nazwa Alchemilla – Al Kimiya… czyli Alchemia badz doslownie Kamien Filozoficzny…

‘Średniowieczni uzdrowiciele zbierali krople deszczu i rosy z liści przywrotnika i wykorzystywali je potem w rytuałach magicznych i leczniczych. … Wierzono, że woda zebrana z liści przywrotnika ma moc uleczania wszelkich chorób i przemieniania metalu w złoto.”

Litha 2021


4 thoughts on “ALCHEMILLA (Summer Solstice 2021)

  1. June 21, 2021
    Summer Solstice Turning Point as Military-Industrial Complex Takes on Medical Industrial Complex
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports

    A fundamental sea change has taken place at the highest levels of world power on or around June 21st, 2021. The world’s military and intelligence agencies have decided to treat the ongoing fake pandemic medical emergency as an act of war and react accordingly. To quote from MI6:

    “We know the whole Covid thing is a scam, a lie, a money-making con. Civilians who conducted an undeclared act of war have been now been well and truly found out. That allows us with military legal to actually deal with these people.”

    Mossad sources for their part report:

    “There is a clean-up operation taking place of the Octagon group in Switzerland. Since Yossi Cohen the Head of the Mossad stepped down as of June 1, Octagon has no more protection from the Mossad. David Barnea the new Mossad Chief, has been ordered to stand down.”

    As a part of this, a death warrant has been issued for David Rockefeller Jr. He is pictured below with his slaves Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko and Akie Abe the wife of former Japanese slave prime minister Shinzo Abe (we are not sure who the woman at the far left of the picture is).

    It is well-documented history that the Rockefeller family took over Western medicine by setting up and financing medical associations. These suppressed traditional natural-based medicine in favor of petroleum and chemical-based medicine. Since Western medicine has long been structured as a military organization headed by “surgeon generals,” it was easy to co-opt this system by taking control of its command structure. This is the WHO, the various medical associations, and assorted “surgeon generals.” Any doctor who dissents from this command structure will have their medical “license,” removed and lose their access to a lucrative salary.

    Since Rockefeller Jr. is ultimately responsible for the “pandemic” and the resultant campaign to vaccinate all humans with toxins this makes him one of the worst mass murderers in human history.

    Rockefeller has been fingered by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (who is now in protective custody) as the most senior member of the genocidal Octagon group. For this reason, a warning is being sent to the Swiss, to either hand him over for questioning or face the complete destruction of Octagon group headquarters near Lake Geneva.

    Rockefeller Jr. inherited not only control of the medical associations from David Rockefeller Sr., but also control of much of the so-called G7 power structure including most of the Fortune 500 corporations. This is what they refer to as the “[Rockefeller] rules-based world order.”

    The ongoing attempt by these corporation-owning families to turn Planet Earth into a giant animal farm is what the world’s military organizations have decided to fight against. The chart linked below illustrates the effects of fascism, i.e. when corporations take over government.

    Basically it turns the power structure into a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks the wealth from ordinary people and other living creatures into a giant black hole of oligarchy.

    We also have received reports from P3 freemasons, MI6, and Russia’s FSB about the summit meeting in Geneva last week between Rockefeller U.S. presidential avatar Joe Biden and Russian presidential spokesman Vladimir Putin. At the summit “Joe Biden” proposed…


  2. Friday, June 25, 2021
    A Short Message to the Surface Population

    There will be important operations of the Light Forces taking place both underground and on the surface of the planet on Monday June 28th. This might trigger drastic escalations.

    Therefore the Light forces are asking everybody who feels so guided, to do the peace meditation for Ukraine, as often as possible, starting from this Sunday:

    Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!


  3. June 28, 2021
    As Victory Nears White Hats Plan Yalta Type Conference
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 437 Comments

    Victory in the battle for Planet Earth is now within the grasp of the White Hats. For that reason, a Yalta-type conference is being planned for this autumn to determine exactly how to manage the transition to a new age, according to multiple sources involved. Participants in the conference will include representatives from the Dragon Family, from the Hongmen, from the British Commonwealth, from Russia, and from the P3 Freemasons who control the Vatican. Mossad and the Pentagon are also welcome to send representatives if they wish, according to the sources.

    During the summer, government agencies will be encouraged to run simulations of a jubilee-type event that would be used to start the new age. The goal would be to make sure that as a result of the jubilee, humans would have ownership rights to their current residence. Landlords would also be given compensation equivalent to their current rental income. There would also be a redistribution of assets stolen from the people via central bank fiat fraud, especially since the gold standard was dropped in the early 1970s. This is intended as a one-off reboot and not some new form of socialism.

    Also to be discussed will be a complete reform of existing institutions including the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS, the UN, the International Criminal Court, etc. An agreement has also been reached to finance the creation of a world future planning organization with an annual budget ranging in trillions of dollars.

    An ultimatum was given via the UN Security Council to the WHO, the Rockefellers, and Rothschilds to stop their depopulation vaccination campaign or their headquarters in Geneva would be vaporized in a flash. The world has awakened to their Satanic genocide plan.

    Another target is the Pirbright Institute in Woking, England headed by Alex Younger and Richard Moore. In addition, the Biden Residency shooting locations in Palo Alto California, Atlanta Georgia, New York City, and Amazon corporate headquarters will all be destroyed if this satanic political theater doesn’t get canceled.

    Also, in addition to the death warrant issued against David Rockefeller Jr., another one has been issued for…


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