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  1. The Illuminati Challenge the Elders of Zion
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 429 Comments

    After the Asian secret societies targeted the Western criminal elite, a total sh-t storm broke out among secret societies. Many of these societies have operated over millennia and mostly remain dormant. Now they all sprang to life and mobilized their members. I experienced this firsthand, as their members approached me or tried to destroy me.

    The real trigger for this was an interview I had with David Rockefeller in late 2007. Rockefeller had arrived in Japan to promote a Japanese language version of his autobiography. As a part of this promotion, some men in black arrived at a large bookstore and closed off all the exits before Rockefeller appeared and made himself available to sign his book. Somebody took a photo of this event and sent it to me with the note “Rockefeller is in town.”

    As a long-term foreign correspondent in Japan, I knew big wigs like him typically stayed at the Hotel Okura across the street from the U.S. embassy. So, I waited until 10 PM, when I figured his handlers would have left the room but he was still awake, called the switchboard and asked for David Rockefeller. I was put straight in touch with him. I told him who I was and my background, and asked him for an interview. He agreed.

    This interview took place the following morning. However, the fact that I was able to directly contact the head of the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission shortly after the Asian societies threatened the members of these groups let the world know this was the real deal.

    The “Elders of Zion,” i.e. the Rothschilds and their lackeys sent Michael Greenberg, the key man they used to control Japanese politicians to visit the Asian secret society bosses in Japan. Greenberg told them I was a woman-beating, amphetamines addict and that they should have me killed. When the Asians confronted me with this I suggested they ask my ex-wife or any other woman I had been intimate with to confirm this was complete slander.

    This was the first hint they were planning to use drugs to destroy me. It was around this time that Sasha Zaric, aka Alexander Romanov, approached me. Zaric said he was sent by a group known as…


  2. August 16, 2021
    The March 11, 2011 Attack on Fukushima and Its Aftermath
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 1,090 Comments

    After the Fukushima mass murder event of March 11, 2011 (3.11) the Rothschilds sent a representative to explain why Fukushima was attacked. He said they planned to move their Asian headquarters from Tokyo, Japan to North Korea. To accomplish this they intended to move 40 million Japanese from Greater Tokyo to North Korea. They even showed me a map of their planned industrial zone there.

    Prime Minister Kan Naoto, who was in power at the time of the attack, told a packed press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan that he had been encouraged to evacuate Tokyo in the aftermath of the attack. Not a single corporate media outlet reported this.

    The other thing that happened was that immediately after 3.11, Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Prime Minister Kan and told him that if Japan did not hand over its entire $7 trillion or so in foreign currency, then electro-magnetic weapons would be used to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt.

    However, at this point, something unexpected happened. Hundreds of earthquakes hit the Atlantic Island of La Palma immediately after 311. There was a very real danger that it would collapse into the ocean and cause a 100-meter tsunami to hit the U.S. Eastern and European Southern coasts. The earthquakes stopped only after the U.S. military contacted the White Dragon Society and promised that no further attacks would be allowed against Japan.

    Nonetheless, the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Switzerland succeeded in re-imposing a slave Prime Minister on Japan. Abe Shinzo was put in place via a fraudulent election. Following this, he was invited to be a keynote speaker at the gathering of Western oligarchs in Davos, Switzerland.

    At Davos, Abe told the international community that China was like Germany before WW1. What he was referring to was a plan by George Bush Sr. to have the G7, Russia, and Japan all gang up and attack China. The plan was to divide China into five or six separate countries to prevent it from ever again being a threat to Khazarian Mafia power.

    Abe set up an openly fascist government and proceeded to carry out a massive, secret military build-up to participate in Bush’s planned invasion of China. A huge amount of military equipment was secretly stockpiled in the Kumamoto region of Japan that is nearest to China. At the same time, Abe set up a biological warfare facility disguised as a veterinary school.

    However, the planned invasion of China was called off because both Russia and the Pentagon refused to go along. The Pentagon has done war game after war game simulating an attack on China and the end result is always the same. The war turns nuclear, 90% of humanity dies and the northern hemisphere of the planet becomes uninhabitable.

    In 2016, a series of mysterious earthquakes, each centered exactly on a Japanese military base, destroyed this equipment. The earthquake seismographs all indicated they were artificial earthquakes. Abe was also secretly poisoned and told that if he did not go along with China he would not be able to receive the antidote, Asian secret society sources say.

    At the same time, the White Dragon Society reached out to the global warming faction of the Western elite. If you recall, the year 2000 U.S. presidential election was a contest between the global warming faction under Al Gore and the Nazi fourth Reich faction under George Bush Sr.

    The global warming faction, centered around Queen Elizabeth, believed that the environment could be saved by putting a tax on carbon and using the money to pay third-world countries to preserve their forests. The Nazi faction wanted to kill 90% of the global population.

    This writer has a tape recording of an invitation to join this faction. They said that in order to preserve the environment it was necessary to eliminate the “useless eaters.” These were people like subsistence farmers who could feed their families but did not work at factories making things. They said that war did not kill enough people so that they would use starvation and disease to accomplish this goal.

    This is why the Bush Jr. administration set up biological weapons factories all over the world. They released SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, Mers, etc. in their attempt to kill people off. At the same time, they subsidized farmers in developed countries to use their grains to produce “biofuel,” instead of food.

    However, the plans failed because none of their bio-weapons were able to kill the intended billions of people. The attempt to starve people to death was also stopped after insiders blew the whistle and explained that biofuel subsidies were causing starvation crises in 33 countries. This put an end to those subsidies.

    A letter was sent via diplomatic pouch from the UK embassy in Tokyo to Queen Elizabeth asking for her blessing for a campaign similar in scale to World War III but this time the enemy would be “poverty, environmental destruction and everything else that plagues this beautiful but fragile planet we all share.”

    Following this, a series of countries, England, Germany, France, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, etc. decided to join the China Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The multi-trillion-dollar Chinese Belt and Road Initiative followed this. The money was spent building highways, ports, schools, railways, hospitals, bridges, and other such infrastructure around the world.

    Japan and the United States were the only major countries that held back from this initiative. They called it a Chinese debt trap. However, it clearly put the Bush Nazi faction on the defensive.

    The other thing that happened in 2016 was that the Gnostic Illuminati decided to form a temporary alliance with the British commonwealth to prevent Hillary Clinton (Rockefeller) from becoming president of the United States. A meeting was held in Antarctica on the November 8th, 2016 election day that was attended by Skull and Bones John Kerry and many other members of the secret Western elite.

    We have interviewed two people who were present at that meeting. They say a decision was made to flip the election so that designated loser Donald Trump would be elected president with the very votes intended for Clinton. This was accomplished after a firefight between Special Forces at the underground base near Denver Airport took over the election stealing computers on behalf of the Trump forces.

    It is interesting to note how in the 2016 election things seemed to be going Clinton’s way and then they suddenly flipped and went Trump’s way. The opposite happened when the Nazi forces regrouped around Rockefeller proxy Joe Biden in 2020 and flipped a real Trump victory into a fraudulent Biden victory. We will get back to that later.

    In any case, Trump became president of a bankrupt nation and there really was very little he could do about it. The $23 trillion raised for Barack Obama was running out. Trump tried many things, including tariffs to try to turn the situation around. Remember he also said things like China would buy $200 billion worth of goods every year, He also tried unsuccessfully to take over the World’s largest oil reserves in Venezuela and offered to “buy Greenland.”

    However, a nation with a GDP of about $20 trillion and over $200 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities really has no choice but to go bankrupt. The U.S. corporate government has external payment deadlines every September 30th and January 31st.

    In September of 2019, the U.S. was able to avoid bankruptcy only by stealing Japan’s national pension fund. In January of 2020, they failed to make their payments. They were given a two-week grace period lasting until February 16th, 2020 but were unable to make their payments.

    That is when all hell broke loose as we all know. The owners of the U.S. corporation lashed out with a massive 5G electromagnetic attack on Wuhan China. Remember, mass deaths began in Wuhan only after 10,000 5G transmission towers were activated, subjecting the population to deadly low-level electromagnetic attacks.

    The official story that it was a “coronavirus” is provable nonsense. That is because if it was a biological attack then the pandemic should have spread first to the suburbs of Wuhan and then to other parts of China. Instead, it was restricted exactly to the 5G zones inside Wuhan proper.

    After this, the spread of Covid-19 around the world coincided exactly with maps of where 5G networks had been activated. To understand 5G think of the defrost mode of your microwave. That operates at around 200 watts, while 5G is equivalent to about 30 watts. However, if it is transmitted 24 hours a day, it starts producing symptoms that resemble lung disease.

    Japan warned the world about this danger after they subjected 5,000 passengers aboard the cruise ship Diamon Princess to 5G and started getting multiple deaths. After this, all 5G was stopped worldwide.

    So the Khazarian Mafia was forced to resort to plan B. They went ahead with medical martial law and started renaming influenza, the common cold, pneumonia and tuberculosis, and all sorts of other deaths as being from “Covid-19.” At the same time, they used their access to fiat money printing presses to pay huge sums of money to doctors to diagnose Covid-19. Since Western doctors operate under a military regime, they were told to go along with the pandemic story or lose their licenses.

    The Khazarian Mafia also used their corporate media to spread pandemic fear porn 24/7. Also, since the KM failed to kill their planned billions of people with 5G radiation, and since all their bio-weapons had proved ineffective, they next resorted to vaccines.

    What has now happened is that the secret government of the West has been exposed by this campaign. The world’s military, police, and intelligence agencies began a counter-attack.

    Next week we will report on the status of that counterattack and also on plans for running the planet after the Khazarian Mafia have been ousted from power.


  3. Tuesday, August 24, 2021
    Hold the Light

    Light Forces have begun to clear the innermost layer of the etheric and astral dark force matrix with still tens of billions of Reptilian entities present. This practically means that the battle for the planetary surface on the non-physical planes is now reaching its peak. Dark attacks in the last few weeks have collapsed about 40 percent of the Light grid on the surface of the planet, and thankfully the grid is slowly recovering in the last few days.

    Non-physical dark forces are using their scalar technologies and entity possession to keep the surface population in a state of fear and induced mass psychosis:



    This fear is like a cloud around the planetary surface and even most of the Lightworkers have succumbed to it.

    Light Forces have communicated that it is of the utmost importance to go within, connect with the Light and hold the Light no matter what happens in the outside world in the next few weeks and months. If enough people hold the Light, this will ensure the most positive possible outcome in the current challenging situation.



  4. August 23, 2021
    Afghan Withdrawal Signals Start of New Anti-Cabal Offensive
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 1,250 Comments

    The collapse of U.S. rule in Afghanistan is the start of a major new offensive against the Khazarian Mafia, Pentagon sources say. The story being told to the public is that the U.S. military is withdrawing from Afghanistan and the Middle East in order to concentrate on China.

    However, Pentagon sources say the troops are actually being redeployed to the U.S. and Europe in order to deal with fifth columnists who took over civilian governments in the G7. In other words, the long-awaited 2021 autumn offensive has begun.

    Take a look at the picture of the jet taking off from Kabul Airport below. It has the opposite of 9.11 or 11.09 written on it to make it clear to the world the U.S. neocon policy of invading the Middle East using 911 as an excuse has been reversed.

    If you look at videos of the plane taking off you can also notice that no jet exhaust is blowing people over as would happen with a real jet. In other words, the entire airplane departure seems to have been staged to let the world know things have changed.

    Another sign the events in Afghanistan were not orchestrated by the fake U.S. Joe Biden regime is the fact their so-called defense secretary was forced to order civilian planes to evacuate drug dealers from Kabul airport after the U.S. military refused. https://mobile.twitter.com/SecDef/status/1429433762367131658

    This appearance of U.S. trained and equipped Taliban Special Forces patrolling Kabul is a sign…


  5. August 30, 2021
    More Rats Abandoning the Biden Ship
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 251 Comments

    The degeneration of the United States under the fake Biden regime has reached the point where many staunch allies are abandoning it. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan is turning out to be just one domino of many that will soon fall, multiple sources agree.

    The next dominoes are predicted to be Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine. However, the elephant in the living room remains Israel, Iran, and their Swiss-based sponsors. The Palestinians understand this, which is why they have announced they will no longer deal with the fake Biden regime. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/palestinians-no-return-to-peace-talks-under-us-leadership-677802

    When Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with the Rockefeller proxy Joe Biden on August 21st he repeated the mantra that “Iran is the world’s number one exporter of terror, instability and human rights violations.” However, a critical mass in the world’s military and intelligence community knows that Israel and Iran work for the same people. So the real question is when is this Swiss-based nexus of world terror finally going to be dealt with.

    When they fall, then puppet leaders like Biden, Justin Castro of Canada, Emmanuelle Macron of France, and Scott Morrison of Australia, etc. will also be removed.

    Already we are seeing signs that Germany, Japan, and other supposed allies of the U.S. regime are breaking ranks. The immediate trigger for this is a growing realization that the fake pandemic is a massive war crime.

    In Germany, a legal team has been running an exercise for a new government structure with a priority to stop all Covid-19 injections because they are unsafe. https://www.bitchute.com/video/5Rf83cc8FDPB/

    German allies like Denmark are planning to end all Covid-related measures by October. https://freewestmedia.com/2021/08/09/denmark-abolishes-all-corona-measures/

    In Japan, Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao held a press conference on Japanese TV where he came out against vaccines and says he’s used #ivermectin as an early treatment for over 500 covid patients with a practically 100% success rate. Nagao has asked for nationwide use. https://www.bitchute.com/video/R1vBnnGUpzxh/

    Tokyo’s Medical Association chairman also went public noting how countries that distribute ivermectin to the public have far lower rates of Covid and mortality from illness. https://twitter.com/brenontheroad/status/1429624844379824129

    Around the same time, Moderna got busted for contamination with “foreign substances” that appear to be magnetic and the Japanese government started recalling 1.63 million doses of the mRNA jab. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/COVID-vaccines/1.6m-Moderna-doses-withdrawn-in-Japan-over-contamination

    Japan is reacting because during the Olympics, foreign agents…


    • Tuz po tym jak zatwierdzilam ten komentarz uslyszalam lecacego nad moim domem Antonowa… Mieszkam w tym miejscu od konca kwietnia i dopiero dzisiaj uslyszalam go po raz pierwszy i to wyjatkowo dosadnie… Tak jak to opisywalam w 2015 roku…
      Dla mnie to koincydencja


  6. Sept 18 2021

    Mr. Fulford:

    You’ve mentioned the Trump connection to the Rothschilds in your articles.
    In your report, you are concerned that Trump was offered a chance to act by the Military and he turned it down. You’ve heard the argument that if he had used the military then, nothing would have changed. Trump would be in office but the Deep State would still be in power. Worse still, it would look like a coup. All the Biden supporters would have believed the effort was indeed a coup . Instead he’s shown Biden’s supporters what life would be like under a totalitarian regime. As for the vaccines, he was between a rock and a hard place. If he hadn’t pushed a vaccine we’d still be under a lockdown. The fact that he’s still endorsing the idea tells me he may know more about the vaccine than we do. As you say, this is war. He may believe he’d lose less people from the Vaccine than the lockdown. General Flynn has said Trump is only one man. He can’t do it all. He can take care of the Federal level. However, we have to work from the ground up and change the local, and state political landscape.
    Trump may be trying to avoid a kinetic war.

    Thank You,
    Jeff Osler

    Hi Jeff,

    “Much as I wanted to believe in Trump, It is a matter of public record that Donald Trump was bailed out multiple times by the Rothschilds during his business career.
    My understanding is that he was offered protection from blackmail if he agreed to go along with a military move against Hillary Rockefeller Clinton.
    At first he seemed to be “draining the swamp” but something happened. My understanding is that he was unable to stop the US default on international payments that took place on February 16th 2020.
    After that the Rockefellers offered ASEAN, Japan, Australia and New Zealand to China in exchange for money to keep the USA Corporation afloat.
    What Trump should have done is formally declare bankruptcy and negotiate a restructuring of debt. He did not do that. Now the US is a dystopian failed state controlled by Satanic gangsters.
    The US military offered Trump the chance to overturn the stolen election. He failed to do that. He also strongly pushed vaccines for a disease that does not even exist.
    That is why the military needs to stand behind someone like general Mike Flynn who does not have skeletons in his closet.” – Benjamin Fulford

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  7. Biblical floods or world peace; which is it to be?
    The eruption last week of a volcano on the Atlantic Island of La Palma has the potential to trigger a 100 meter (about 300 foot) tsunami that would devastate the East Coast of the US, the Southern coasts of Europe, and large parts of coastal Africa and South America.

    This comes after the three gorges dam in China came under heavy pressure from “once in a thousand-year flooding,” earlier this summer. If the dam burst, as many as 600 million Chinese would be affected and countless deaths would be recorded.

    It is no coincidence these events are happening as the fake, criminal administration of Joe “rubber mask” Biden faces a September 30th fiscal year-end payments deadline it cannot meet.

    On the surface, this looks like high-stakes geopolitical poker between the US and China, each threatening to flood the other.

    These threats seem to be connected to financial warfare as seen in the widely reported (in the West) imminent collapse of China’s Evergrande Group and corporate propaganda reports about “budget deadlock” in the US government.

    The Evegrande collapse, if related entities are included, would affect $1 trillion worth of debt and could impact the Chinese economy almost as much as a Biden regime default would affect the US, CIA sources estimate.

    That is why this source initially suspected the La Palma and Three Gorges problems were linked to this US/China conflict.

    However, fact-checking with multiple sources revealed a much deeper conflict involving the Thule Society, the French Grande Lodge de L’Orient freemasons, the Swiss-based Octagon group, the Italian P3 freemasons, and the Satanic pseudo-Jews who pull the puppet strings of most G7 so-called leaders. Parties such as the Chinese Lotus freemasons, the Scotts rite freemasons, the Russians, and others are also involved to varying degrees.

    The startling discovery was that according to MI6, the thousands of earthquakes followed by the volcanic eruption in La Palma were traced to a “Haarp array” based not in China, but


  8. First shots of WWIII fired on Polish/Belarus border as collapse of EU begins
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 1,066 Comments

    Events are unfolding at a blistering pace now with huge changes in Europe, Japan, China and elsewhere. This should lead to the liberation of the United States before too long.

    The most earth-shattering event was shots fired by the Belarus military against the Polish military at the two countries’ border. Here are some news quotes describing this:

    Anna Michalska, a spokesperson for Poland’s Border Guards, said Belarusian forces fired shots at Poland’s troops across the European Union’s eastern border Thursday…The area along the border is restricted as part of a state of emergency that Poland imposed in early September, They allege the Moscow-backed Belarusian government is organizing and encouraging people to enter EU territory as an element of “hybrid war” in retaliation for Western sanctions on the authoritarian government in Minsk.


    This is a move by Russian patriot forces to fill the vacuum being created by the fall of Angela Hitler and her Nazi European Union, Russian FSB and other sources say. It is payback for the Nazi overthrow of the Russian spiritual heartland of the Ukraine and countless other abuses against the Russian people, the sources say.

    Make no mistake, for Russian linked military forces to deliberately fire weapons against a NATO country is tantamount to a formal declaration of war. This is possible because the United States military is not going to fight Russia to protect the fascist forces who control the EU.

    A public sign of this can be seen in this news:

    The Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating a group of seven American fighters under the federal war crimes statute for war crimes [in the Ukraine] …no one, experts say, has ever been prosecuted, let alone convicted, under the US War Crimes Act.


    Without US backing, the continental European nations (not the UK) will have no choice but to accept Russia as their new protector. Russia is planning to use the 47 member Council of Europe,

    https://www.coe.int/en/web/portal -the continent’s leading human rights organization- as the basis for a new organization to replace the EU, Russian and MI6 sources say.

    There are many other signs the EU is collapsing. For example, there is now open talk of Poland leaving the EU or Polexit, after Polish courts declared themselves to be above the EU. Specifically -in a victory for democracy- Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled that key articles of one of the EU’s primary treaties were incompatible with Polish law.


    Another big sign the EU is collapsing is the near-simultaneous fall of governments in Austria and the Czech Republic. In something straight out of Hollywood, Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to a hospital after Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s ANO party lost the election there. The Pandora Papers investigation revealed Babis secretly moved $22 million through offshore companies to purchase an estate on the French Riviera in 2009 before he entered politics. Zeman was certainly put in the hospital in a move to delay the installation of a new government that would look into these criminal dealings.


    In Austria as well Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has stepped down because of a corruption scandal.


    What these nations have in common is that they were part of the Autro-Hungarian Empire. Remember, it was at the very first Davos World Economic Forum meeting that Austro-Hungarian would be Emperor and Habsburg family heir Otto von Habsburg introduced Klaus Rothschild (Schwab) as his frontman. Schwab is the guy behind the “great reset” and the fake pandemic.

    It won’t be long now before Rothschild henchman Emmanuelle Macron becomes the next domino to fall, French patriots promise. The guillotine was invented for people like him.

    It is interesting in this context that the EU has called off trade talks with Australia; allegedly because they are no longer buying submarines and helicopters from them. In reality, it means the Rothschilds are also losing Australia now.


    Here is one of many signs Canadians are waking up as well.


    Justin Castro’s days are numbered for sure.

    OK so now let us look at the situation in the US. Here we see open revolt in the form of pilot strikes, a military move into Facebook headquarters and much more.

    What people need to still realize though, is that Donald Trump is not the man to lead the US back to democracy and independence. Remember, open-source information in places like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal show he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt as a businessman. Trump is also openly calling for everybody to be vaccinated for the non-existent pandemic.

    General Michael Flynn has said the US military offered Trump a chance to overturn the stolen 2020 election and Trump betrayed them by refusing. For this reason, the White Dragon Society sent a representative to meet in person with Flynn last week. The idea was to offer Flynn the job of interim president of the US following the formal bankruptcy of the USA Corporation. According to this Dragon family member, Michael Flynn is



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