Planetary Grid – SEPTEMBER 2017 (Vir-go)

Grafika z notki  Zawór Bezpieczeństwa i KRYPTY (autor nieznany)

graphic from post safety valve & crypts (author unknown)

zanim cos napisze odsylam do poprzedniego wpisu 

Operacja OMEGA Phoenix + IRMA

oraz komentarzy pod nia

watek Irmy i Tampy zaczyna sie od tego miejsca

Tampa nie dawala mi spokoju od ponad roku w zwiazku z dziwnymi snami ktore opisalam w notce 

Planetary Grid, MAY 2016

i przypomnialam w lipcu tego roku

czulam, ze jest to cos co sie dopiero moze wydarzyc, bedac poniekad pewnego rodzaju powtorka, choc  zupelnie nie  mialam pojecia o jaka date chodzi…. co wiecej wlasnie w zwiazku z TAMPA wyskoczylo na powierzchnie cos bardzo dziwnego, czym postanowilam  sie podzielic – sprobuje dodac to jutro,  a potem dodam cos o 23 wrzesnia 2017.. 





Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonise Mars


Cultocracy note :

Elon Musk’s central vision has always been to form a colony on Mars , he has made no secret of his ambitions , all of his other projects are key to this grand grand design . Elon Musk also has very close ties to various US government departments , he would not be where he is today without help from certain quarters . It is estimated that Musk’s various ventures have received around $5 billion in government incentives , in addition to this figure Musk has received around $5.5 billion in government contracts from NASA and the U.S. Air Force .

Assuming a space craft is eventually constructed that is able to travel to Mars , any colonists would face harsh and deadly atmospheric conditions . There are several ways to overcome these hurdles .

a) Transform the magnetosphere & create a more human friendly atmosphere via…

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Elon Musk , Transhumanism & Telepathy

Elon Musk is part of COBRA’s “Resistance Movement” and big NAA agenda.. Please, read and think ~ like HUMAN!!!


Cultocracy note :

More evidence of the plan that technophiles & transhumanists have for the evolution of humanity . This news follows hot on the heels of the announcement that Facebook is researching similar technologies . Neural networks are already here and are currently controlled by shadow military & intelligence organisations , they have been secretly tested & developed using hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting victims . More worryingly current research is directed towards the silent & invisible deployment of nano particles en masse to facilitate the growth of these networks .

As usual the keyword is control .


This week the mainstream media reported that Elon Musk is forming a startup company called Neuralink . The new venture is dedicated to developing neural networks & brain computer interfaces (BCI’s) , this is despite Musk warning about the dangers that AI & B.C.I technology pose to humanity . Musk intends…

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Large ImageVolume 2: Project: Soul Catcher Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed

Dr. Robert Duncan is honest and concise in his description of some of the most intrusive surveillance and behavioral modification technologies ever created. His latest work is a must read for everyone concerned with the future of human rights in the both the United States and abroad. His detailed description of the modalities used for hacking the human mind are both accurate and troublesome. Countless thousands have seen their lives ruined in the non-consensual experimentation phase regarding this technology. Finally, the reality of mind control is presented to the public in a factual and academic manner by a credible scientist with the curriculum vitae to back it up. The future of humanity is truly in peril when the abilty exist for the masses to be compltetely controlled by the whims of the…

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Dzieci bez Duszy?

Witajcie czy slyszeliscie gdzies by na Ziemie od 2011 nie schodzily nowe dusze w wykladzie ostatnio stwierdzila nelly radwanowska ze dzieci rodza sie bez dusz od 2011 wlasnie wydaje sie to nierealne
Pozdraiwiam cieplo

Postanowilam skopiowac tutaj komentarz Marty, jako ze w ostatnim  czasie dwie osoby zadaly mi na priva to samo pytanie. Niestety do tej pory nie obejrzalam nagran Nelly w ktorych o tym mowi.. odpowiem wiec wstepnie, ze jesli pani Nelly twierdzi, ze wszystkie dzieci po 2011 rodza sie bez duszy to jest to kompletna bzdura!!! Klamstwo rodem z Antrovisu i rewelacji ze strony pana E. Mielnika twierdzil ze juz w latach 80-ych zaczely sie rodzic jedynie ludzie bez duszy w zwiazku z czym zalecal aborcje!!!!!! Dodam tylko, ze pani Nelly podpadla mi juz na poczatku minionego roku i to mocno, choc wtedy o tych dzieciach bez duszy nie mialam jeszcze pojecia…..