Antarctic – Cold Disclosure, part 3


Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In

Antarctica is Melting from Geothermal Currents, not from CO2 Global Warming or a Nuke…

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In

An anonymous wrote: I’m a civilian contractor for a defense industry company you’ve probably heard of. We sell advanced hardware and electronic gear mainly to the US Army and Marines.

I was enjoying a few brews this Saturday when I got called in for an emergency. I didn’t think much of it until I got there and there were some heavy hitter top brass there I’ve never seen.

We work closely with the military so when a bunch of Colonels show up I never met I knew some serious business was in the works. On top of that some of them looked really panicked.


Can’t divulge much but I can say there is an instant order to move a material ton of some badass state of the art gear down to Antarctica. And also found out all civilians are getting evacuated as soon as possible.

Whether the above report, which was published at Godlikeproduction, is just a rumor or not but according to the last confirmed report scientists of The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) stationed in East Antarctica are being forced to evacuate due to a big ice crack which suddenly appeared near their base.


Despite the U.K office has been moving the base farther inland to protect it from a different expanding ice chasm the crack threatens to cleave off the part of the ice where the facility sits and send the station adrift on an iceberg.

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said it was making a highly unusual move and closing its Halley VI Research Station during Antarctica’s winter season, which runs from March to November 2017. They will evacuate the scientists in March 2017.

Another interested detail is that the ocean research vessel of the Russian Baltic Fleet, the Admiral Vladimirsky, conducted a unique voyage to Antarctica for the first time in more than 30 years sailed 12,100 miles and entered the Lazarev Sea on January 20, 2016.


The location of the Lazarev Sea is right in front of Neuschwabenland also named as New Swabia Land (Queen Maud Land). New Swabia was explored by Germany in early 1939 and named after expedition’s ship, the Schabenland itself named after the German region of Swabia.

Meanwhile participants of the Russian expedition, military hydrographers, have successfully performed their tasks described as hydrographical and meteorological research of the water zones of the Antarctic. Currently the Admiral Vladimirsky is heading to Cape Town where it will arrive on March 3, 2016.

It is noteworthy the research expedition was conducted just a few months before the Patriach of Moscow paid a visit to Antarctica.

It is clear that something is going on at Antarctica because the next visitors are several ships of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, which are in the state of permanent combat readiness, will make several long-distance voyages this year, including a voyage to Antarctica.

With all the well known and important people who already have visited Antarctica, U.S. and Russian military involved, a huge unexplained ice crack next to New Swabia Land I can only assume that they are looking for something, eventually they already have found it and they want to take it out.

It reminds me the 2004 movie ‘Alien vs. Predator’ when a satellite detects a mysterious heat bloom beneath Bouvetøya, an island about one thousand miles off the coast of Antarctica.

After they discovered through thermal imaging that there is a pyramid buried 2000 feet beneath the ice they sent a team, includes archaeologists, linguistic experts, drillers, mercenaries to investigate the discovery. What followed was that they were caught in the middle of a battle between species and attempt to prevent the aliens from reaching the surface.

In the next video UFOmania talks about the alleged evacuations.


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Antarctica is Melting from Geothermal Currents, not from CO2 Global Warming or a Nuke… February 27, 2017

Russian Research Ship Admiral Vladimirsky to Reach Antarctica on January 20

Ships of Russian Baltic Fleet to make voyage to Antarctica this year


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Crystal Energy Flow and.. South Pole


Lira Mist, Witte Wieven & HollyLand

Livia Ether Flow 2017/02/25 at 6:28 pm

Wczoraj mialam pewne przypomnienie.. chodzi o sen ktory opisalam kiedys w notce Lira Mist.. w tym snie Belial w bestialski sposob zamordowal cala moja rodzine przebywajaca w starym zamku.. przetrwalam tylko ja.. poniewaz udalo mi sie ukryc w gestej mgle na lace. Bylam kobieta w dlugich jasnych wlosach.. miejsce tej strasznej tragedii oznaczone jest pomnikiem w ksztalcie czarnej odwroconej piramidy wykonanej z granitu.. z napisem ~ luna altair.. tak.. lunar anarchy mist emitter.. to historia zwiazana I z avalonem I z vega jak I ogolnie lirianska kolebka.. “ktos” to draco black sun.. “alicja” black sun grey.. oni ze soba wspolpracuja.. przesladujac I niszczac diamentowe slonca oraphim…

P.s na miejscu zamku z mojego snu znajduje sie obecnie palac slubow.. jakie bylo jednak moje zdziwienie kiedy odkrylam, ze wczesniej faktycznie znajdowal sie tu zamek.. a wczesniej jeszcze inny, starszy… tyle ze wtedy to miejsce nalezalo do atlantydzkiej Lohassy ~ My HollyLand l

Do palacu slubow/bylego zamku przylega uroczy ogrod ziolowy na miejscu ktorego znajdowal sie kiedys moj atlantean garden.. w centrum ogrodu umieszczono srebrna kule.. zadedykowana Witte Wieven (White Ladies).. I ta historia rowniez polaczyla mi sie niesamowicie z historia Liry… Pierwszej nocy w Holandii przysnil mi sie dziwny sen.. o cmentarzu z duza iloscia czarnych maltanskich krzyzy.. byl niby w poblizu, bardzo blisko.. kiedy opowiedzialam o tym z rana Ra, ten nic na temat znajdujacego sie w poblizu cmentarza nie wiedzial, ale szybko okazalo sie ze a jednak.. chodzi o cmentarz znajdujacy sie na terenie tego samego parku, na terenie ktorego znajduje sie palac slubow/stary zamek… I altaire luna…

Witte Wieven to tez holenderskie okreslenie mgly ~ mist





Witte Wieven (1)

Witte Wieven (1)

Witte Wieven

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Illustration: O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory by Jan Toorop (1892)

In Dutch mythology and legends, the Witte Wieven (also known as Wittewijven) are spirits of “wise women” (or else elven beings). The mythology dates back at least to the pre-Christian era (7th century) and was known in the present-day regions of the Netherlands and Belgium and parts of France. In some places they were known as Juffers or Joffers (“ladies”), or as Dames Blanches (White Ladies) in French.


Witte wieven in modern Dutch literally translates to “white women”, but originally meant “wise women” in dialects of Dutch Low Saxon. “Wit” or “witte” meant wise in a way similar to the English “witty”. Witte wieven is still often translated to “white woman”, as the words come from the same roots. The association of wise women with the color white was either an accidental translation error, or a symbolic color association for wisdom (sources differ).

Historically, the witte wieven are thought to be wise female herbalists and medicine healers who took care of people’s physical and mental ailments. It was said they had the talent for prophecy and looking into the future. They had a high status in the communities, and so when they died ceremonies were held at their grave sites to honour them.

According to mythology, their spirits remained on earth, and they became living spirits (or elven beings) that either helped or hindered people who encountered them. They tended to reside in the burial sites or other sacred places. It was thought that mist on a gravehill was the spirit of the wise woman appearing, and people would bring them offerings and ask for help.

While many scholars[who?] believe Witte Wieven originated as above from honoring graves of wise women, others think the mythology of witte wieven come from part of the Germanic belief in disen, land wights, and/or alven (Old Dutch for “elf”) for several reasons: The practice of bringing offerings and asking for help from their graves is very similar to honoring disen, land wights and alfen in Germanic paganism. In addition, in some localities the mythological witte wieven were described directly as “Alfen” or “Alven”.


De Vrouwe van het Meer neemt de pasgeboren Lancelot mee

to moja pierwsza notka w ktorej pisalam o witte witten

przy okazji znalazlam w niej opis snu ktorego nigdzie nie moglam odszukac

pozniej sprawdze zapiski na ten temat na wczesniejszym blogu livia space

Livia Ether Flow says:
March 5, 2017 at 15:30
A ja widzialam taki dysk.. I wiem jak dziala.. po prostu to sobie w jednej chwili przypomnialam.. Nie umialabym tego opisac, ale gdybym znalazla sie w srodku to wszystko dzialoby sie bardzo naturalnie… W notce Lira Mist Witte Wieven and HollyLand opisalam miejsce w ktorym obecnie mieszkam I w zwiazku z ktorym coraz wiecej sobie przypominam.. Co ciekawe nazwa parku na terenie ktorego znajdowal sie ten stary zamek zaczyna sie na kern/cern.. juz na samym poczatku sam park jak I nazwa skojarzyly mi sie mocno z druidami, ale dopiero ostatnio szukajac informacji na temat zaginionego plemienia dan.. zaskoczylam, ze calkiem mozliwe ze nazwa ta wywodzi sie od Cernunnosa.. tyle ze zostala nadana przez druidow juz po upadku ktory opisalam.. opisywalam kiedys pewna lirianska ceremonie. Ktora odprawilismy z Ra w tym wlasnie miejscu, starym swietym kregu.. majac na celu glownie oczyszczenie tego miejsca.. I wtedy wlasnie na moment wyswietlilo mi sie cos w rodzaju dysku… potem ujrzalam niesamowitu energetyczny kwiat, ktory nazwalam przebudzonym kwiatem Avalonu… ostatnio przypomnialam sobie jednak, ze w tym wlasnie miejscu znajdowal sie avalonski portal I jego wlasciwa struktura wygladala wlasnie jak ten kwiat.. przypominajac jednoczesnie krysztalowy generator.. to miejsce jesr swietym lacznikiem Ziemi z Avalonem, wiec I Lira.. cjoc oczywiscie nie jedyne.. I dla mnie tego typu przypomnienia sa wazne, choc nie najwazniejsze.. najwazniejsze jest samo zycie ~ tu I teraz.. I skarb cenniejszy od wszystkich diamentow ~ USMIECH DZIECKA 🙂

Kiedy mialam 13 lat zapisalam w pamietniku pewna niesamowita wizje ~ widzialam jak do miejsca w ktorym sie wowczas znajdowalam zblizala sie ciemba en ergia, ktora okreslilam mianem wscieklej cmy ~ wiedzmy.. pamietam jak energia ta zaatakowala cudowne drzewo ktore znajdowalo sie w iscie rajskim ogrodzie.. a miejscem tym bylo pewne konkretne miejsce na Bahamach.. w zwiazku z ktorym pojawilo mi sie hadlo ~ “zlamany klucz”.. co ciekawe w tym samym zapisku zanotowalam slowo BAAL.. I to powtorzone z duzych liter kilka razy.. wtedy nie majac jeszcze pojecia ani kim jest Baal ani ze na terytorium Bahamow znajdowalo sie Serce Atlantydy… co oznaczalo zniszczenie CUDOWNEGO DRZEWA mozna sie latwo domyslic patrzac na wykoslawiony czy wrecz wywrocony do gory nogami obraz DRZEWA ZYCIA w ujeciy kabalistycznym..

Maria Magdalena nazywala sie inaczej.. niektorzy twierdza ze jej oryginalnym imieniem bylo Marahari, ale moim zdaniem jak juz to MariHari.. ludzace podovienstwo do Mati Hari.. Magdalena to oczywiscie przydomek od miejscowosci w ktorej Mari przyszla na swiat, czyli od MAGDALI..

I jeszcze przypomnialo mi sie Megiddo z mojego snu. Ze gdyby zmienic nieco mazwe na MAGI…do… I co niesamowite ~ stamtad jest widok na TABOR!!!!!


Livia Ether Flow 2017/03/12 at 7:26 pm

Msciciele Czarnego Slonca ~ Black Sun Asassins.. oczywiscie.. ktoz inny ma az takiego fiola na punkcie diamentow I rasy panow? Jest taka notka pt. Black Sun & Dark Flowering… przed kilkoma dniami przypomnialam sobie dalszy historii opisanej w lira mist witte witen & hollyland… to bylo tak zywe I niemal fizyczne przypomnienie, ze… mimowolnie zaczelam plakac……… wtedy na mojej sciezce pojawili sie TuaTha de DANaan.. Czarny Las.. Cern… M… Linia Diamentowego Slonca zostala skrzyzowana z Czarnym w bardzo dramatycznych okolicznosciach.. Czarne Maltanskie Krzyze ~ Crossroad… wiecej napisac w tym momencie nie moge…





The mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers – BBC News

Britain conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Poland in July 2016.


The mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers – BBC News
25 February 2017 Last updated at 00:48 GMT



Could Max Spiers’s last interview help explain his death?
25 February 2017 Last updated at 01:02 GMT



How fear and suspicion haunted the last days of Max Spiers
25 February 2017 Last updated at 01:03 GMT



Death of a conspiracy theorist: ‘What happened to my son?’
25 February 2017 Last updated at 01:03 GMT


Max Spiers main post


26 february 2017



One of the most suspicious person in this story is  KTOS..

He first called me Livia von Spiers.. he hate Max in extremely way, especially from reason Max bloodline ~ Charlemagne.. it’s connect with polish history.. that from reason Charles Martel ~ Charlemagne (Max pre grandfather) died polish queen WANDA.. Ktos have sub nickname ~ Mad Hatter and colaborate with Alice in Wonderland vel Lucy Alcy One.. Ktos is Satanist, he believe that real king of Poland is SATAN.. his older nick is Marduk DeStroyer

next (xxx suspicious) person

Lucy Alcy One vel Alicja in Wonderland..

main VOO  DOO DOLLS expert in this nazi project.. Lucy have my doll .. I have photo.. Max spoke about this person in interview with Alex.. this people and other writing on Mistyka Zycia.. They takeover this blog, are not owners.. author was possible killed by them.. and I especially added link to PAN FLUTE on MZ .. its important:


They are connect also with PROJECT CHEOPS and DARK  TEMPLARS..

Earlier I called them “polish bucegi team” because they are very interesting underground bases and portals/star gates..

so they are connect..

and in my opinion also with strange video from Poland, from WarSaw area… video was recorded in ex nazi psychiatric hospital.. this group is very agressive.. they are really happy when can tortured others.. 

Ktos is connect with woman nickname Ozyrys, which created ”list of marduk” – list of people to kill –  in her opinion people guilty against ARYAN RACE (die Herrenrasse)… list including my name.. she in oficcialy way wrote that she want kill me, and that is good news that Max Spiers is dead because he was dirty VIRUS!!!

adress her blog

Post about MS


Next important topic  in this story is GROUP CONNECT WITH GOLDEN TRAIN (XYZ), BLACK SUN AND NAZI MK ULTRA.. THEY USE ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES (codename KANNE), DREAM INDUCTION, OMEGA CODE, etc.. One of this  people have nickname Siola.. he is polish  but living in Germany, in Padeborn (Wawelsburg area).. RIGHT HAND of SIOLA is A58. Polish expert about GOLDEN TRAIN and FURTENSTEIN CASTLE ((German: Schloss Fürstenstein)).. He live there – in Walbrzych, close to Ksiaz and RIESE COMPLEX.. He called Siola ~ Silver Head.. his autenthic name ~ ANDRZEJ GAIK.. name which he used in contact with me on priv mean DAN.. in translation from polish on hebrew..

They believe that one of them is incarnation of John the Baptist and are sub group templars..

They all looking for present incarnation Mary Magdalene.. especially looking for in Poland, what in them opinion is connect with old illuminati prophecy…

„To potężna organizacja, znająca tajniki magii. Ale mówił też o kimś, kto się wcielił gdzieś w Europie Środkowej, prawdopodobnie w Polsce, kto pomiesza ten cały plan na tyle, że nie będzie urzeczywistniony. Ta organizacja wie o tej osobie ale ona jest dobrze chroniona.”

 Igraszki 3

They writing that killed Max be protect one polish woman (they believe that she is incarnation of Mary Magdalene).. and protect Merovingians bloodline… & generally – POLAND.. in their opinion Max main mission was kill this important for them woman.. they claim that Max was dangerous killer.. they called him – black virus, etc.. to destroy…. they hate him especially from reason that he is Charlemagne bloodline what is connected with Merovingian (DAN) topic and old polish history (they believe that from reason Charles Martel died polish queen Wanda)

And in this moment i reminded Max post from 22 february 2016

Sun resonates Father energy.
Moon resonates Mother energy.

Unexpected unusual events will go on everywhere. I would suspect ‘they’ will pull some kind of Semiramis/Isis/Mary ritual of some kind in the main stream media to reinforce The Virgin/Virgo energy.

The mogul and ‘Shot caller’ Richard Branson (Branson/Brando and Brand all mean ‘Man of Dan’ ~ Tribe of Dan’) uses the dark mother as a sigil to power his Multiple ‘Virgin’ conglomerates.

We’re living in a dualistic frequency so anything that can be used for creation and the betterment of all, can also just as equally be inverted and used for destruction and the repression of all.

Without going into The Lost Tribe of Dan as a subject, as it’s an enormous task to undertake. I will say that as with everything on this plane there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ within it and this goes for The Lost Tribe of Dan also.

It’s how the abilities within this particular DNA are used. Energy is neutral until ‘will’ and ‘intent’ are thrown into the mix.

Tribe of Dan just means:-
Tribe of DNA. It’s the DNA that they are tracking and looking for. This specific ‘DAN/DNA stream of consciousness which incidentally pre-dates Israel by many many thousands of years has been tracked since the beginning of all this.
Many of the T.I (Targeted Individuals~Not all) are descendants of this particular line.
I will go into this topic in more depth in the talk that I’m going to do in Warsaw. I think it’s important at this point that people understand ‘WHY’ they are targeted in the first place.

There will not be another pure 222 master number full moon like this for another 20 years.

Make the most of it, it’s very powerful on all levels.

Finalisation of projects.

~Max Spiers

February 22, 2016

so in this story is few topics, but the all are connect..

In night when Max Spiers died.. I was extremely targeted.. I was not aware, that Max died, even that was in Poland.. nothing.. I woke up in strange paralysis state.. heard strange, very specific sounds (KANNE).. and observed metallic BLACK ORB with Alex inside looking on me.. I wrote more about this in post



Now they are even more angry on me.. but.. Ktos wrote that Max was eliminated be protect Kiara and Merovingians..

Merovingians are connect with The Lost Tribe of Dan.. their main god is PAN~ BAAL

13 Illuminati Bloodline


Livia Ether Flow

(New Nurymberg Project)

Sphenoid Butterfly Activation

Tekst Lisy Renee, ktory przed chwilka wpadl mi w oko. Jest w nim kilka informacji, ktore mnie zaciekawily, moze kogos cos z tego rowniez zaciekawi..

Currently, with the planetary magnetic shifts combined with the Capricornian alchemy of fermentation, many of us are having intense ascension symptoms while we are undergoing stages of spiritual activation. We’re having an embodiment of the higher level of the vertical channels and magnetism that is inherent in the female principle; and this has created potentially new activations in our Pituitary Gland, as well as adjusting a specific cranium bone which has mostly been dormant, manipulated, or implanted to stop its higher functioning. This is called the Sphenoid Bone. The sphenoid bone is the only bone that connects to all the other bones of the cranium and its movement is responsible for “milking” the Pituitary Gland to secrete its hormones. The pituitary gland is situated in the Sphenoid Bone at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland secretes nine hormones that regulate homeostasis. As the master gland of the body, it produces many hormones that travel throughout the body, directing certain processes or stimulating other glands to produce other hormones.

This also impacts the Pineal Gland that produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone, that affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms. With metabolic changes occuring from intense magnetic shifts, people are experiencing great changes or disruption in their sleep patterns and bodily rhythms. Heart rate, breathing, sleeping and eating patterns may feel they are changing.

Individually, the Pineal and Pituitary provide key influences in our Spiritual Awakening. To become awakened into sacred union or hierogamy, the sphenoid activates these two individual glands to merge their energies in the brain and alchemically produce a new hormonal substance. The merging of these glandular energies allows the Cosmic Heart energies from the Godhead to be transmitted into the Pineal Gland which communicates to the Pituitary, in order to merge with the physical earthly energies that the master gland regulates.

The activation potential in the human body is coming online with the pituitary gland’s higher functioning, which impacts the sphenoid bone’s alignment in our skull, which acts as the housing for the pituitary gland. This area of our skull is a cosmic resonator of the unified consciousness of Christ or Oneness. The cosmic energy is transmitted through the Sphenoid Bone, is also transmitted electro-tonally into the planetary grid pattern and instruction set, and this particular Blue Ray language appears on the ley lines as the etheric light blue butterfly pattern.

The butterfly pattern is seen in the shape of the actual Sphenoid Bone, which looks similar to our pelvic bone, except its inside our skull.


In the 3rd eye, or in the center of your brain, that is the area where the sphenoid bone is, and it is shaped as butterfly wings. This bone and this area of the inner skull is a receptor and receiver for cosmic energy. When a Gridworker is working with the planetary field or Ley Lines, or when communicating or connecting with the Earth elementals, this would be the area of the brain where you place focus. When focusing or directing energy, cosmic energy from the center of your 3rd eye into your object of concentration, this area is the point of reference for the location of the center of the sphenoid bone. The cosmic intelligence transmitted from the central sphenoid is capable to holographically project outwards into the field into a butterfly patterns, and this becomes imprinted upon the Earth grid. This intelligence field transmission is called Dorsi Scroll language. This was an edenic language that communicated with the nature spirits, elementals, fairies and the natural kingdoms on a planetary body, and this language was originally on the planet Tiamat.

Dorsi Scroll is a Krystic elemental language that re-encodes the morphogenetic field pattern with the Edenic state of energetic balance, which refers to holding the balance between the Mother and Father principle in union, as a trinity force. It is being used currently to restore the trinity balance into the earth grid through the restoration of the feminine principle of creation. It’s about creating the tri-wave patterns to run throughout the planetary brain and grid networks in order to produce what’s known as Chalice configurations. Chalice configurations are fountains of life force that exist on active portals, are the energy potentials generated between the white hole and black hole spin points, of which balanced energy current can be created in a grid network to directly exchange feedback loops with the zero point field. The butterfly pattern is what seals or stabilizes the grid by aligning the language between the elemental energies and local natural forces, creating multiple feedback loops, which allows the Chalice pattern to flow more life force energy into that particular area of the planet.

The chalice configurations in larger centralized planetary networks are also called Diamond Hearts, they are the central heart hubs that circulate life force into many different tributaries in the grid and run differrent frequency currents into specific areas. The diamond hearts in the earth grid network prior to Reptilian Invasion timelines, used to emanate life giving pranic and spiritual-energetic force into the human Collective Consciousness fields, nourishing all life forms on the planet, and were a source of free and abundant energy. Gradually, through the planetary hosting changes, the diamond hearts and chalice configuration are systematically being reprogrammed into the planetary grid networks, to be able to transmit Cosmic Divine Mother frequencies back into our planet and human bodies.

As a Krystic being, with an activated sphenoid, we’re able to transmit cosmic energy directly from our sphenoid and that particular aspect of the higher pituitary gland function which is unifying with our brain hemispheric processes, and that connects our pineal and pituitary glands into unified functioning. When our pituitary and pineal glands unify their higher hormonal functions, it generates a brain and consciousness elixir. Krystal Waters is also known in the eastern philosophy as Amrita, and is a fluid that can flow from the Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland when in correct relationship in the brain, in deep states of activated kundalini or meditation. With the fully activated sphenoid we have a Krystal Palace located in our brain space, and this performs this consciousness function, which potentially helps to reset the elemental patterns of the Earth grid in the Earth brain from the projections made from our own brain. At this level of heightened consciousness, it is possible to project the patterns of perfection from our own brain into the earth brain. The small amount of Oraphim on the earth currently, as well as Krystic people on the Christos Mission, are able to perform this service of creating unity fields for the earth.

The sphenoid is the highest link in the skull, as it is the keystone. This area in the skull is referred to as the Holy of Holies in the structure of God’s Temple. Our entire body is made in certain mathematical proportions which emulate the architectural pattern of the Krystal Cathedral or Krystal Palace. And within the body’s mathematical alignment, the sphenoid would be considered the Holy of Holies, the most sacred space. It’s where the Holy Spirit, the Cosmic Intelligence of the Godhead, is directed from the Holy of Holies, and through that particular pattern that is infused with the bright illumination of the God source, it configures into this butterfly pattern, like the shape of our own sphenoid.

I hope this is helpful to connect the dots as some of us are undergoing another intense integration phase with many metabolic changes impacting the physical body. Take good care and be well.

Love, Lisa

Dodam tylko, ze tekst ten zaciekawil mnie miedzy innymi z takich powodow jak – powrot swietego motyla czy doswiadczenia ktore opisalam w notce: mózg jako odfruwający motyl 


Greenery – colour of the 2017

Wczoraj odkrylam, ze kolorem tego roku jest wlasnie ten odcien zieleni



Jak dla mnie po prostu super.. chocby dlatego, ze wlasnie kupilam nowy wozek dzieciecy z dodatkami dokladnie w tym odcieniu, ale i tak ogolnie ~ uwielbiam takie odcienie zieleni.. jak dla mnie uosobienie swiezosci.. 

Dlaczego akurat Greenery?

W tym roku wybór padł na soczystą zieleń, kryjącą się pod nazwą Greenery. Według Pantone kolor ten symbolizuje nowe początki – nowy rok, nowe postanowienia, zdrowszy styl życia, coraz bardziej świadome podejście do odżywiania, rosnąca dbałość o środowisko. Ma być sygnałem dla konsumentów, dającym im do zrozumienia, że przyszła pora, by wziąć głęboki oddech, dotlenić się, wzmocnić, zadbać o zdrowie i samopoczucie.


Jak najprościej opisać Greenery?

Pantone opisuje go jako świeży, żywy, żółto-zielony odcień, który przywołuje pierwszy dzień wiosny.

Patrząc na ten kolor, od razu cisną się na usta przymiotniki takie jak: świeżość, wiosna, zdrowie, odnowa.

wiecej na stronie:

Jak powstal Greenery

Z technicznego punktu widzenia, kolor powstał z połączenia ciemnej zieleni i żółci (zobaczcie, jak to się robi). Jeśli chcielibyście skorzystać z tego koloru, to zajrzyjcie na oficjalną stronę Pantone, gdzie znajdziecie szczegółowe i przydatne wytyczne.

Greenery to kolor Peridotu


co ciekawe zwany szmaragdem dla ubogich – the poor man emerald:

choc ja spotkalam sie ze szmaragdem wlasnie w takim odcieniu i o bardzo specyficznym znaczeniu.. o takim wlasnie szmaragdzie wspominalam chocby w szmaragdowych wibracjach:

19 Marzec 2015

”Wczorajsza noc bardzo intensywna.. i jakby nie chodzilo tylko o sny… a raczej sny na jawie… cos w rodzaju lustra.. jakby szmaragdowego… choc w takim, odcieniu raczej nietypowym… jakby oliwkowego szkla, albo moldawitowym…. przynajmniej czesciowo… bo zapamietalam tez bardziej typowy, czy wrecz wzorcowy kolor szmaragdowy.. mam wrazenie, ze.. udalo mi sie… i doslownie wskoczylam w to lustro.. niczym w szmaragdowa wode..”

wiem, ze mialam wtedy nawet skojarzenie z peridotem, ale jakos o nim nie wspomnialam, no chyba ze gdzie indziej… ten odcien mialam tez na mysli w notce ”Turkusowe przypomnienia 2 and Emerald deLight”

22 Kwiecień 2015

”szukajac najbardziej zblizonego odcienia.. hmm.. chyba ‚dimensional doorway’ – song of the sea.. a troszke jak wody szmaragdowego jeziorka – Emerald Pool, Sa Morakot –  tyle, ze bardziej rozjasnione i rozswietlone”

‚Dimensional Doorway’ 


‚Song of the Sea’

I jeszcze wracajac do wozka.. na szczescie w pore odkrylam Urban Jungle.. jest nieco podobny do Thule, w ktorym jednak nie pasowala mi nazwa… nie wiem czy tu zagladaja jakiekolwiek mamy, ale jak zagladaja to naprawde polecam UJ.. dla mnie normalnie formula 1


piszac, ze greenery to kolor peridotu nie mialam pojecia ze to tak oficjalnie:


po prostu na widok tego koloru od razu przyszedl mi na mysl peridot


Planetary Grid February 2017


Mialam zaczac od Schumana ale zamiast tego tak na luzno o tzw. Prawie NieIngerencji, ot w kilku zdaniach.. Czesto mozna sie spotkac ze zdaniem, ze dobra strona nie moze ingerowac bo przestrzega owego prawa, a zla robi I tak co chce I ma to prawo doslownie gdzies. Komu wiec tak naprawde to sluzy? Bo moim zdaniem przede wszystkim ciemnej stronie mocy.. I w tym momencie przejde do Schumana… ktos mi zadal pytanie co sadze o ostatnich odczytach rezonansu I szczerze mowiac nie bardzo wiedzialam co odpowiedziec… mam swoj specyficzny odbior I odczyt tego typu zjawisk.. jak np. Dzisiaj.. postanowilam cos sprawdzic I juz po chwili ujrzalam przed soba pomaranczowe swiatlo.. jakby pomaranczowa woda.. zanurzenie.. w tym czasie uslyszalam tez nasilajacy sie I przyspieszajacy dzwiek, jakby swiatla.. I momentalnie sie unioslam.. przede mna, choc w dosc sporym oddaleniu.. znajdowalo sie niesamowicie czarne slonce.. doslownie jak smola.. albo czarna plazma.. dookola niego rozposcierala sie intensywnie czerwono rubinowa korona… wtedy tez otrzymalam przekaz na temat pewnych wydarzen.. slyszac miedzy innymi ze to czarne slonce jest zwiazane z falszywa eucharystia I jezuickim konsorcjum illuminatow.. tyle ze na kosmiczna skale… zobaczylam jak skrzyzowaly sie nasze drogi na polu VRIL I znacznie wiecej… ogolnie ciezka materia.. a niedziela taka piekna.. I Ksiezyc ~ wow, az podskoczylam na jego widok… meoww…

Zastanawia mnie tez jedna rzecz, a mianowicie.. jesli Black Sun DNA jest faktycznie najbardziej uposledzonym DNA posrod calego bozego stworzenia to jak to sie dzieje ze wlasnie to DNA rozprzestrzenia sie najintensywniej  po calym “naszym” matrixie? Choc jak wiadomo, bez wspolczucia latwiej dazyc ~ po trupach ~ do celu…